E-Commerce at Williams-Sonoma


Nov 20, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


ECT 589: E
Business Management

Commerce at Williams

Case Analysis

Set the Stage

Who is Williams

What sets WS apart from its competitors?

What is its core competency?

Who are key players in this WS case?


What barriers did WS encounter on its
crusade for change?

How effective were Pat Connolly and the e
commerce leaders at overcoming them?

Pilot Projects

Connolly dealt with the first set of barriers
effectively through pilot projects that
offered proof of concept.

Why were the pilot projects, specifically
Weddings, valuable to WS?

What are key characteristics of a pilot
project to make the e
commerce projects
easier to eventually sell?

Lessons from the Pilot Phase

What were the main benefits and risks
involved in instigating the change process
via pilot projects at WS?

Building the E

Once the pilot phase was over, how did the
new e
commerce head, Shelley Nankeolyar,
get e
commerce up and running as a new
channel for WS?

What issues did Nandkeolyar face?

What did he put in place operationally to
make things work?

New Challenges

What should Nandkeolyar do next?

What should be on his agenda now that new
roles are in place and its possible to turn to
systems, structures and procedures?

Should there be a new company
compensation system? Should WS rethink
its structure divisions?

Sonoma and CRM

What objectives does WS expect to achieve
through the Web channel?

What roles does CRM play in WS growth?

What are its CRM strategies?

How successfully is its CRM


What are the critical success factors and
lessons learned from this case?