Technology Funding

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Oct 29, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


Technology Funding

So you’ve decided that technology really can impact your teaching and you’re ready to add the newest technology to
your classroom but now you need the money. Where can you get funding for technology in your classroom?

might start by asking your school and district administration if there are any funds available. Most likely they will say
no and you will need to turn to grants.

The largest amount of money available
for integrating technology in education
exists t
hrough grants. These grants
can be federal, state, or from the private sector. The following are some places to start looking for each of the
categories. Grant sources listed under the private sector are probably the most common for sources of funding a
applicable to a single class or program within a school.


The U.S. Department of Education is responsible for dispersing
billions of dollars towards funding things such as
education in K
12 education.
- has a great search function that will allow easy access to current grant opportunities that are
federally funded.


The National Science Foundation also awards money for research in many areas of science.


There are various educational grants put forth by the

Oregon Education Association.

Oregon State’s government also provides money for certain educational projects. A list of

some of these grants can
be found on their website

Private Sector

The list of smaller sources of funding from the private sector is almos
t indefinite. Here are some guidelines for
finding funding from the private sector as suggested by the
National Association of Elementary School Principals

Here are some tips that can he
lp to find private sector funding:

Ask staff, board members, and parents if th
ey know foundation or corporate
representatives personally;

Contact past donors in your school district;

Obtain access to the state foundation directory; and


the purposes and funding patterns of area foundations and corporations.

Grant Writing Resources

After you find appropriate opportunities for funding through grants the only other thing you need to do is write the
grant itself. Here are a few online
sources regarding grant writing:


An article by Simon Peyton Jones and Alan Bundy


An article by Joanne Fritz


This Community Toolbox site provides an outline for writing
a grant.