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Douglas Debate Web Resources

Recommended by David Kay, LaGrange High School.

Please email additional ideas to

The first two resources are available to Louisiana students for free.

World Book Encyclopedia

The World Book is a

great easy to understand source of background information on philosophy,
philosophers, and the specific issues of many LD topics (law, government, euthanasia, capital
punishment, Constitution, free speech, etc.). It also includes the World Book Dictionary

for definitions.

At home:

At school:

Login: louisiana

(shouldn't need a

Password: highschool

*Note: at school you can bookmark the World Book main
page, but at home you will have to bookmark the login page and type the password each time.

Infotrac for High School Students

This database contains millions of artic
les from hundreds of major magazines (not all, but many
of the magazines that you would like to use). Students should probably use the
Student Resource
, which also has the
Webster's Collegiate Dictionary.
You can also print articles for
extemp file and research your oratory topic

password: pelican

One excellent article for LD you can find here is "Values in America" by Phil Su
do in

Feb 22, 1999. You can find it by clicking on
Student Resource Center

then click on
"advanced search" at the bottom right. Then in the first box type

leave the box to the right of that
one set on "Title/Headline." On the n
ext line type
Phil Sudo

in the empty box and change the box on the
right to "author." When you search you will see the article "Values in America."

Other web sites:

The Louisiana Library Connection

Anyone with a library card from a Louisiana public li
brary system
can access this resource, which includes the EBSCO magazine database (possibly better than Infotrak)
and Facts.Com (great for current events). It also gives you another way to access Infotrak and the World

. You must have your library card number with you.

A web site maintained by a former debater (now college student) that contains discussion
boards, debate cases on the current and past deba
te topics, and theory articles (particularly about

Douglas Value Debate: A How
To Guide

by Isaac Gottesman

A basic guide written by a high school coach who has run
summer workshops at the University of
Oregon. ue.html

National Forensic League Rostrum Articles

The Debate Central web site has archived many past
articles from the NFL magazine. The index page can be found at
. Two of the better LD articles are below.

"Selected Philosophy Topics that Arise Frequently
in Lincoln
Douglas Debate."

David M. Shapiro,
Rostrum, March, 1998. Includes discussion of social contract, utilitarianism, categorical imperative, and
John Rawls.


"Seeking Clarity Through the Fog: On the Use of Valyes & Criteria in LD Debate."
Courtney J.
Balentine and Minh A. Luong, Rosrum, January, 1999.

Victory Briefs

A commercial site that sells evidence and how
to books, it also has some free articles
(debater written).

LD Debate Made Easy (sort of)

Using Values in LD Debate (Scott)

Using Values in LD Debate (Berryhill)

Liberalism, Values, and Lincoln
Douglas Debate

Excellent book of articles about LD from the mid
1990's prepared by the Free Enterprise
Institute, now available free as a pdf document. It includes articles by philosophers, college
debaters (at
the time

one is now a professor of philosophy), etc. and topics include things like applying logic to LD,
defining terms, analysis of various values and topic issues like justice and rights. Articles are very short
and to the point. valuesld.pdf
A great site for you and your students (complete works of Shakespeare, King James
Bible, complete text of classics no longer copyright prot
ected, and much more) The reference works
include the Columbia Encyclopedia (short articles) American Heritage Dictionary , Roget’s II: The New
Thesaurus, and several quotation books.


Along with the above site, these are some of the best quotation sites on the web. In
addition to topic specific terms, build a file of quotes on frequently used terms like "justice" and "rights."

On Liberty

by John Stuart Mill

This link contains the complete text of one of the most used documents
in LD. It is relatively short but some of your students will have some difficul
ty with the slightly archaic
writing style. Great ideas, though.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Detailed (and very complex at ti
mes) explanations of various
philosophical terms written by experts.

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Not as good as Stanford, but still useful (with
shorter articles).

White House Web Page

Speeches and press releases from the executive branch.

Government Printing Office

GPO Access disseminates official information from all three branches of
the Federal Government.


Links to web pages discussing over a 100 philosoph


Free access to articles dating back to 1998 from over 300 magazines.

One Look Dictionary

Type a term in the resolution once and receive definitions from potentially dozens
of dictionaries and web glossaries.