Perfect Online Data Visualization with HTML5 (JavaScript) Gauges?


Nov 5, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


Perfect Online Data Visualization with HTML5 (JavaScript) Gauges?

Online data visualization is very popular nowadays since it offers such advantages as getting data in real
time and access from any location and device. More and more companies move their
monitoring and dashboard apps to web. And here they face some problems including what technology
and software to use to migrate to web.


The oldest technology that is a recognized standard for online data visualization. Some time ago Fla
was the only alternative for Rich internet applications no matter data visualization or not. This is also a
great platform with great tools and features, but it has some vital limitations. The first one is that most
likely you will need to hire a dedica
ted team of experienced Flash developers as the technology is very
specific. The second one is that even the most stunning Flash data visualization app with high
interactivity won’t work on iPad and iPhone and other mobile platforms that became more and mo
popular among users including corporate employees.


This a very powerful technology featuring great tools for multimedia and data visualization that became
very popular among .NET developers. Its cross platform compatibility providing equal

performance from
all available devices and browsers made it a real promising candidate for data visualization base
technology. But after Microsoft Corp. announced that they are not going to develop and promote
Silverlight with the same effort interest to
this amazing platform became not so intensive. Less and less
developers get approval to use Silverlight in corporate applications taking into consideration
development and maintenance issues that may arise.

Moreover, yesterday May 29, 2012 Xamarin (
the com
pany behind the Mono open
implementation of Microsoft’s C# and the Common Language Runtime
) announced abandonment of
the open
source implementation of Silverlight for Linux and Unix


Slowly developed, but still the most promising w
eb technology for real
time data visualization. While it
features improved support for the latest multimedia abilities, it is easily readable by humans and clearly
understood by all computer types (desktop, laptops, tablets, mobile devices) and software ut
ilities (IE,
Firefox, Safari, Chrome, various parsers, etc.). So, the problem with accessibility from various locations
and devices is eliminated. Taking into account that data visualization elements are inserted in the web
page as simple JavaScript code,
i.e. convenience and speed of development, HTML5 is a good fit for this

Available HTML5 gauge components?

Perfect Widgets

offers a library of 50+ pre
designed gauges that can be easily adjusted. It is possible to
edit, remove and add separate ga
uge elements or modify the whole gauge by applying the pre
or newly created styles. Just get JavaScript code of the designed data visualization element and insert it
anywhere on the web page. The controls are interactive; users can change value, d
efinite events can be
handled in JavaScript. No need to say about cross platform compatibility

gauges work and can be
accessed from anywhere.

So, online data visualization based on HTML5 comes to new level with extended multimedia features
and ability to

be understood by all devices and software.