CHILI Publish Reveals drupa Launches


Nov 5, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


CHILI Publish Reveals drupa Launches

Lisbon, 7 March 2012

CHILI Publish will present the third generation of its online document
editor CHILI Publisher 3.0 at drupa Düsseldorf, May 3

16, Hall 7A, stand

The market is moving very fast and as such

we want to be able to
support our customers with the latest functionality which is why we have
made some exciting additions,
” explains

CHILI Publish’s
Managing Partner

Bram Verniest

A few highlights of the latest release are 3D Folding, Tables and CHILI
Mobile reader HTML5 version.

3D folding

provides a 3D visualisation of CHILI Publisher documents.
This makes it very useful for end
users to understand what the printed
output will look like. As a result service providers can now visualize their
3D produc
ts and folded papers while end
users can rotate the product
and see their content on the material in a browser.

We believe this will
again push web2print experiences to a new level,
” says

The ability to offer
layouts in the online editor
is a much requested
feature. CHILI Editor makes it possible to use tables to present numbers
in a table
like structure but also to use table structures for page layouts.

Each table cell can hold any resource possible in the CHILI Editor
including text, ima
ges, barcodes, vectors and tables.

Finally CHILI Publish has added
CHILI Mobile reader HTML5 version
, a
second generation mobile application. Built on web technology, the mobile
reader allows users to view and navigate through CHILI documents. It
can be
offered to partners, for own
branding and adjusted to the needs of
their end

Verniest concludes:

CHILI Publish is a technology company and wants to
keep up with new technologies and market demands.

Drupa 2012

You can find CHILI Publish at drupa
2012 in Hall 7A, stand C15. CHILI
Publish will not only demonstrate CHILI Publisher but will also host demos
given by existing customers / partners to show how CHILI Publisher is
being used in their solution.

About CHILI Publish

CHILI Publish was establis
hed in 2010 by three entrepreneurs with a
passion for the Publishing world.

The main activity of CHILI Publish is the development of its powerful web
based CHILI Publisher software and the sales of the software through a
value added partner channel or dire
ctly. CHILI Publish also provides
instruction and training.

CHILI Publisher (the hottest online document editor) is the Flagship
product of CHILI Publish. CHILI Publish has its offices in Erpe, Belgium.
Distribution is covered by partners around the

CHILI Publish bvba

Evenbroekveld 8, box 1

9420 Erpe
Mere, Belgium

+32 2 888 65 11