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XPages –
Introduction to
C Cu us st to om m C Co on nt tr ro olls s
Michael Sobczak
Aktion Associates
©2011 IBM Corporation & Aktion Associates
Aktion Associates is proud to be an IBM Premier Business PartnerAbout Me
• Developing Notes/Domino applications since ’97
• President of the DNP since ’99
• Started with Aktion Associates in Feb. 2009
• Lotus Advisor contributor
• MWLUG 2010 presenter
©2011 IBM Corporation & Aktion AssociatesWhat are Custom Controls?
• Similar to subforms
— Cannot be opened directly
— Can contain other custom controls
— Work in both the Notes client (XPiNC) and web browsers and mobile
• Create shared functionality
— Shared form header
— Shared fields
— Form actions
— View actions
• Create a user interface for your application (framework)
— Blue Print
— OneUI (IBM)
©2011 IBM Corporation & Aktion AssociatesForm Header
• One custom control for multiple XPages
• Determine the title of the Form Header at design time
• Can you do that with subforms?
— Yes, but not as elegantly
©2011 IBM Corporation & Aktion AssociatesDemo
Create a shared form header Custom Control
©2011 IBM Corporation & Aktion AssociatesForm Actions
• Close, Edit, Cancel and Save
• Similar to sharing actions by way of a subform (pre R5)
• Similar to using a subform to share links (or hotspots) across
multiple forms
• • T Th he er re e a ar re e n no o “ “s sy ys stte em m a ac cttiio on ns s” ” iin n X XP Pa ag ge es s
©2011 IBM Corporation & Aktion AssociatesDemo
Create a shared form actions Custom Control
©2011 IBM Corporation & Aktion AssociatesView Actions
• Expand, Collapse, Create New Document
©2011 IBM Corporation & Aktion AssociatesDemo
Create a shared view actions Custom Control
©2011 IBM Corporation & Aktion AssociatesShared fields
• Use a custom control to share fields on several XPages
• How you add fields depends on where you define the data source
©2011 IBM Corporation & Aktion AssociatesDemo
Create a shared fields Custom Control
©2011 IBM Corporation & Aktion AssociatesOpen Source Custom Controls
• Functionality delivered as Custom Controls
• OpenNTF.org
• Copy/paste Custom Control and associated file(s)
• • J Ju ulliia an n B Bu us ss s’’ Y Yo ou u@ @N No otte es s N Na am me e P Piic ck ke er r
©2011 IBM Corporation & Aktion AssociatesDemo
Incorporating the You@Notes Custom Control to your
XPages application
©2011 IBM Corporation & Aktion AssociatesCustom Control visibility
• Can show/hide an entire custom control with one visibility formula
• Can you do that with traditional Domino Development?
• You can use a computed subform, but that requires redrawing the
entire page
• • N No ott w wiitth h X XP Pa ag ge es s!!
©2011 IBM Corporation & Aktion AssociatesDemo
Show/hide a custom control dynamically
©2011 IBM Corporation & Aktion AssociatesXPages User Interface
• XPages do not include framesets, pages, outlines
• Use a framework to create the UI
• OneUI – the underpinning of IBM/Lotus applications (Quickr,
• • B Bllu ue e P Pr riin ntt – – o op pe en n s so ou ur rc ce e lla ay yo ou utt d dr riiv ve en n b by y C CS SS S
©2011 IBM Corporation & Aktion AssociatesBlue Pages UI
©2011 IBM Corporation & Aktion AssociatesDemo
Add a user interface with Blue Print
©2011 IBM Corporation & Aktion AssociatesQuestions
Fire away!
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• Michael Sobczak
• Aktion Associates
• 800-425-8466 x2522
• msobczak@aktion.com
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