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“Built On eXperience”
“Built On eXperience”
“Built On eXperience”
“Built On eXperience”
“Built On eXperience”
“Built On eXperience”
mySolutions, as an IBM Premier Business Partner, has enjoyed
over a decade of successful growth and business. We focus on
the latest trends in business and are on the forefront of social
business development. We specialise in introducing,
implementing and maintaining these trends to our clients and
offer solutions that include training, administration,
development and consulting. We understand the integration
between Business and Technology, ensuring a complete
solution and a roadmap with our client's goals and vision in
mind. We pride ourselves in growing with our clients, tackling
the social world of business together to find the synergies
needed to be successful.
mySolutions offers various solutions. We offer a broad range of
solutions including:
Ÿ Lotus Notes Domino Administration
Ÿ Lotus Notes Domino Development
Ÿ Mobile Development
Ÿ System Migrations ( Exchange – Lotus Notes ; Lotus
Notes – Exchange)
Ÿ Business IT Consulting
Ÿ IT Support Services
Ÿ XPages Development
Ÿ Training on IBM Lotus Notes Software
For more information please contact mySolutions:
Tel: (+27) 12 361 0585
mySolutions as an IBM
Business Partner
mySolutions Training
mySolutions offers 5 courses which covers all
aspects of Lotus Domi no Support and
Administration. They are:
Lotus Notes Support
Lotus Notes Administration
Lotus Domino Administration Basics
Lotus Domino Monitoring and Maintenance
Lotus Domino Mail Administration
These courses vary between 2 and 4 days and form
the series of Domino administration training
courses. Follow this path to master all aspects of
administering the Domino Server, Lotus Notes, and
other clients:
This course will provide you with the basic functions
in Lotus Notes. We can include training on Lotus
Sametime, Document Management and Databases should this be required.
This course is a collection of standalone, advanced
topics that will enable you to use all the additional
features in Lotus Notes.
Training available on the NEW Notes Social -
newest version of Lotus Notes!
Lotus Notes Support and Domino
Administration Training
Lotus Notes End User Training
Lotus Notes Advanced End
User Training


This is a lecture/lab course that follows a task-
oriented approach. During the many course
exercises you will create a working application from
the ground up. As you learn about various aspects of
Domino Designer, you will immediately apply the
concepts and techniques as you work on your
Xpages is the development of a Lotus Notes
Application that is fully web enabled and allows
users to have all the functionality available as in the
Lotus Notes client.
mySolutions offers two courses for XPages
Development. There is a Standard Training course
for which the audience criteria must be met. This
will teach learners how to develop an XPages
Database from start to finish.
The Advanced Training course provides learners
with more advanced features that are possible with
XPages Development.
IBM Connections
IBM Docs
Notes Social
Lotus Notes Upgrades 6.5 or
7 to Version 8.5 or
Notes Social
Lotus Notes Applications
Xpages Development
Additional Products
Lotus Notes
Lotus Notes
Lotus Domino
Lotus Domino
Monitoring &
Lotus Domino
A plug-in that integrates with Microsoft Office,
Microsoft InfoPath, and Adobe acrobat. Available
as off-the-shelf, on-premises software application.
Manages the secure transfer and storage of
transferable records, such as promissory notes
and chattel paper, between e-vaults.
The e-Sign Suite of Solutions From Silanis
Whether you’re looking to add electronic signature capabilities to your call center, retail operations,
Website or internal processes, we’ve got you covered. Silanis offers a full range of solutions for any
process, budget or time-to-market requirement.
The Most Flexible and
Scalable Enterprise Solution.
A single platform that enables
electronic signatures to be scaled across all lines-of business, products and channels, transforming the
customer experience, mitigating risk while reducing operational
inefficiencies and cost. Available
as an on-premises solution.
Other Solutions
A Fast and Cost-Effective,
Dedicated Service.
Enables quick and cost-effective
integration of e-signatures with
e-commerce systems using ready-to-use, best practice
process templates. Available as
a dedicated, cloud-based service.
A Collaborative E-Commerce
SaaS Offering.
Combines electronic signatures
with online collaboration and
business networking. Available
for a low monthly subscription
fee as part of the IBM LotusLive
e-Sign Desktop Application™
Digital & Electronic
Signature Solutions
An for
Any process, Budget or Time-to-Market
Electronic Signature Solution
Enterprise strength disaster
recovery for IBM i
High Performance Replication
Ÿ Uses 100% native IBM i Remote
Journaling for highly efficient replication
that reduces the load on the production server
Ÿ Unlimited concurrent apply processes
easily process high transaction volumes
and minimise replication latency easily
process high transaction volumes and
minimise replication latency
Simple to Use
Ÿ Intuitive GUI and green
screen facilitates daily
management in minutes
Ÿ Remote or on si te
installation saves time
and costs
Ÿ Mobile device support
allows you to monitor
and manage your HA
Solution from anywhere*
Always Role Swap Ready
Ÿ Easily see the replication
synchronisation status via
the GUI or green screen
Ÿ Constant data checking
ensures data integrity
Ÿ Self-healing technology
detects and fixes issues
Maxava produces the world’s premier business
continuity and replication products for IBM i. Our
performance levels have been proven in the
toughest environments for the most demanding
Maxava supports a global client base directly and via a
network of strategic alliances and partnerships.
Maxava is dedicated to IBM i, and focused on
delivering the highest service levels to IBM i customers
across all major industries.
* depends on Maxava HA solution selected
Maxava offers High Availability software that uses
the full native functionality of the IBM i operating
system. Maxava HA Suite provides real-time
replication, unlimited concurrent apply processes,
constant data checking, easy to use GUI and
remote monitoring and management from a
mobile device.
Whether you operate a Fortune 500 enterprise or a
small business, whether you are ensuring business
continuity for packaged or home-developed IBM i
applications, Maxava has a solution for you. Cost
effective and scalable, the Maxava HA Suite provides
the highest levels of usability, performance and
High Availability Suite
Access Maxava HA and key IBM i system
resource information – anywhere, anytime, from
a remote web device.
Ÿ maxView Manager; monitor and manage
key features of your Maxava HA Enterprise+
and IBM i environment remotely and in real
time from a web access device.
Ÿ maxView Monitor; monitor your Maxava
HA SMB environment and easily check and
report on HA readiness and key IBM i
system resources.
Ÿ maxView Lite; easily check on common
IBM i system information in real-time.
Maxava HA SMB provides
cost effective High
Availability to protect your
IBM i business critical applications and data. It incorporates advanced
autonomics, and offers
enhanced auditing and user administration tools.
Maxava HA Enterprise+ offers the most
comprehensive high availability and
disaster recovery readiness for an IBM i
application. Designed for complex
environments and for organisations
serious about their business continuity,
Enterprise+ includes all the functionality
of SMB plus advanced replication,
monitoring tools and maxView Manager - the ultimate in remote monitoring and management, with the ability to perform
a role swap from a mobile device.
Maxava HA Data Stream is
a highly efficient data
replication solution that ensures business critical data is backed up in real time and fully recoverable.
Lotus Domino - Sametime - Traveler – Quickr
BES - Microsoft Exchange - Microsoft SharePoint
Watch and manage your collaborative,
messaging and mobile environments
GSX Monitor & Analyzer is a powerful and intuitive
solution that allows IT managers and administrators
to proactively manage the entire collaboration
environment of their organisation. GSX Analyzer
extends the powerful functionality of GSX Monitor
by enabling you to create extensive automated
reports based on the results, statistics and user
perspective collected by GSX Monitor.
GSX Analyzer uses the data captured by GSX Monitor
to generate a range of Trend Reports and
performance metrics that help you to understand
the usage and performance of your servers. By
highlighting changes and patterns, the reports
enable you to pinpoint potential problems and
prioritise them for attention before your service is
impacted. The extensive reporting features allow
you to identify trends, manage capacity
requirements, forecast and understand the overall
health of your collaborative environment. You can
generate consolidated, consistent reports for all the
components in your infrastructure regardless of
GSX Analyzer includes a wide range of pre-
configured report templates that you can use as they
are or customise them to align with your
organisation’s specific requirements.
Ÿ Identify and understand key
trends and performance metrics
Ÿ Manage capacity, forecast and
ensure maximum efficiency with
minimum overhead
Ÿ Check the overall health of your
messaging, mobile and collaborative environments
Ÿ Keep track of your Key
Performance Indicators (KPI)
and your Service Level
Agreements (SLA)
GSX Analyzer Profiles
GSX Analyzer Environmental Health
This feature enables administrators to filter,
organize, manage and distribute information.
Profiles ensure that the right information is shared
with the right people in a secure and structured
manner. Profiles can be used to filter information by
company, by customer, by location, by server or by
any other user-defined “tag”. You can share Trend
Report templates across all your profiles. You can
also disable obsolete profiles, while still retaining all
the reports associated with that profile.
This feature provides an overview of the health of
your entire collaborative environment. Use
Environmental Health to compare the performance
of SLAs and KPIs across all the servers in your
environment. With Environmental Health Reports
you can instantly and easily compare key metrics
across all of your servers. This means that you can
rapidly identify issues with servers and prioritize
them for attention.
GSX Analyzer Trend Reports
This feature enables administrators to track the
performance of selected statistics over a period of
time. Trend Reports can be created on demand or
scheduled and delivered automatically to one or
more recipients, to an FTP server or a local folder.
Trend Reports highlight changes and patterns,
helping administrators and managers to understand
the past performance of the servers and
services. In addition to understanding past
performance, you can also use Trend Reports to
predict future performance.
GSX Analyzer’s powerful forecasting feature
eliminates the need for manual operations and
enables you to plan future capacity requirements.
Administrators and IT managers can identify
potential future problems and take action
Download a free trial at
© GSX Solutions
Social Project Management
for IBM Social Software
Social everywhere
Robust and rigorous professional project
ProjExec 5.0 does not stop with the IBM social
collaboration platform. It brings the social project
experience to where you work today. It enables
teams to innovate and execute projects better and
faster using familiar tools like email and mobile
devices. Email integration – sidebars for Notes,
iNotes and Outlook simplify task management and
reporting Mobile support – work on the go with
Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Nokia, Android Calendar
Social project management doesn't mean sacrificing
the robustness and rigor of professional project
management. ProjExec 5.0 is first and foremost an
industrial strength project management solution.
With ProjExec 5.0, there is no rip and replace for
project management professionals. Compatibility
with existing PM tools – complete bi-directional
integration with Microsoft Project and other popular
PM tools. Scalable and secure - scales to
accommodate large waterfall projects with
thousands of tasks and users.
Embedded professional PM tools - visual Gantt
editor, Resource management and Financial
management modules insure that ProjExec 5.0 is
complete and robust project management. Cross-
organisation resource management - locate
qualified and available resources with seamless
integration with Lotus Connections.
Accelerate project execution
Socialise the project experience
Engage through the Project Wall
ProjExec 5.0, winner of the 2011 Lotus Award for
Enabling Innovation through Social Collaboration is
the first and only social project management
solution built on top of IBM social software as a
seamless extension of the IBM Lotus collaboration
platform. Social project management accelerates
projects by getting people engaged, accelerating
information sharing and making work observable
across the enterprise social network. Time, cost and
quality gains can be as high as 30%.
What sets ProjExec 5.0 apart from other project
management solutions is that it delivers an
enjoyable social experience that people truly want to
use. ProjExec 5.0 turns projects into social business
activities with defined goals and commitments. It
gets everyone in the enterprise social network
involved and enables participants to share and learn
by giving them visibility into what others are doing
and by freely exchanging ideas and knowledge.
ProjExec 5.0 includes the Project Wall - a unique
innovation that gives a voice to everyone in the
project community - from team member to project
manager to partner or stakeholder. Contributions to
the project community become a living project
history that is visible to all. With a design
purposefully similar to the Facebook user
experience, the Project Wall empowers user
engagement while ensuring that security and
business constraints are managed with equal
The Project Wall makes all project work and
communications visible and accessible to the entire project community across the enterprise social network.
Operations in eight countries with 11 delivery centres worldwide
Seamless global delivery model with unified processes, global security
standards and built-in redundancy
14 years of experience in delivering excellence across services
6000+ quality resources and growing
150+ Referenceable customer engagements worldwide
Backed by Goldman Sachs, Sierra ventures and SAIF Partners
Innovative, Collaborative, Social
“Built On eXperience”
“Built On eXperience”
30 Snowdrop Avenue, Newlands, Pretoria 0181
Tel: +27 12 361 0585 Fax: +27 12 361 0583