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IdeaJam Version History
Version 1.5 (Spring ʼ09) - May 4, 2009

Quick Login
- You can now login from the sidebar, rather than having to load the full
login screen

Flash Charts
- The Statistics page now defaults to use Flash charts. If you use these
new charts, then the scheduled agent BuildCharts can be disabled.

Support for Danish Characters in search field

Improved handling of Replication/Save Conflict documents

- New Dashboard Page for authenticated users that highlight suggested
ideas and the most recent activity for the user's ideas

New RSS Feed for following all comments in a specific IdeaSpace

- Added simple Twitter integration a new "tweet" is posted whenever a new
idea is added to the IdeaJam. (Only supported on Domino 8+ servers)

Lotus Connections iWidget
- The CSS for the Lotus Connections iWidget is now
customizable via a CSS file

Blog and Web Widget
- The CSS for the Blog and Web Widget is now customizable
via a CSS file

Google Gadget/Notes Sidebar Widget
- The CSS for the Google Gadget/Notes
Sidebar Widget is now customizable via a CSS file

Lotus Connections Icon
- There is now a Lotus Connections icon for the IdeaJam

- The default help page now has more detailed help information

Version 1.4 (Winter ʼ09) - February 28, 2009

Advanced Search
- Search by IdeaSpace, Sub-IdeaSpace search, dates, tags and

- Export search results to Excel, CSV or XML.

Web Administration
- manage, configure and customize your IdeaJam from a web

- Rules based archiving allows you to have one or more rules that
determine when and which ideas get archived.

Delete Ideas from the Web
- IdeaJam administrators can now delete ideas from the
Elguji Software, LLC

Custom IdeaSpace and System Messages
- You can now provide custom text
messages that appear below IdeaSpace names to assist users. These messages can
be easily dismissed by the user. System administrators can create new messages
where they have the option to force them to re-display to users who have dismissed

Improved Tag Clouds
- Tag clouds now appear on all pages. The XPages version tag
cloud will show tags on an IdeaSpace by IdeaSpace basis.

IBM Lotus Domino XPages Support
- For customers running IBM Lotus Domino 8.5
they can choose to run IdeaJam using XPages or classic Domino HTTP.

Color Coding of Comments
– Comments made by System Administrators or by
IdeaSpace Administrators will now be highlighted.

Comments Allowed After Status Changes
- Comments can now be added to an
Idea even after it has moved into the In progress status.

Status Changes Recorded In Comment History
- When the status changes on an
idea, it is recorded in the comment history of the idea.
Version 1.3.4 - December 20, 2008

Added IdeaJam license checking, including expiring trial license feature

Added User Profile security recalculation agent
Version 1.3.3 - October 31, 2008

Added language files for English (GB), Dutch/Flemish, French, German and Italian.
Version 1.3.2 (Fall ʼ08) - October 12, 2008

Added ability to sort and filter ideas on a user's profile.

Unvoted now allows users to select an IdeaSpace

Added "LinkJam This" button on idea form.

Added "Favorite Ideas" function.

Added new admin view for User Profiles to allow easy deletion of user profile
documents for IdeaJam Administrators.

Allow users to choose which language labels should be displayed in. The default is
still controlled from the Contol Panel, but now users have the ability to choose from
other languages you may choose to offer by editing their Profile.

Added choice for users to receive emails when a comment is added to an idea that
they have commented on.

Added Company / Location fields to the User Profile.
Elguji Software, LLC

Added new RSS Feed for Favorite Ideas, which monitors the favorite ideas and any
comments added to them.

Added support for multiple attachments on an idea including non image based files.

Added "Internal Description" field to Idea form in the Notes client.

Changed Control Panel save process to allow non Managers to update the ACL

New Agent (UpdateACLRoles) must be signed by an ID that has manager access to
the database.

Changed tags to be comma separated rather than space separated (this allows multi
word tags).

Added iPhone support for IdeaJam. (Requires the iPhone.css stylesheet to be copied
from the template into your IdeaJam database).
Version 1.2 (Summer ʼ08) - July 9, 2008

Added configuration to control the number of items in What's Hot on the sidebar

Added configuration to control Statistics, Tags, Unvoted and My Profile in the header

Improved uniqueness of statistics chart names

Added configuration to control where temporary files for statistics get saved (requires
edit and save of control panel document)

Added validation to force Description to be added to a new idea

Added Change Password button to user profile (requires addition of
Version 1.1.5 - June 22, 2008

Added new version of "Who Has Voted" when reading an Idea (requires new Entries in
Languages and CSS docs, and a design replace of Votes and Main Database). These
changes apply to IdeaJam version V1.1.4 and earlier:

Language Doc: Add New Line for LANG_FORM_VOTING_HELP="Show who has

CSS Doc: Add New Line for #showwhohasvoted {cursor: pointer;}
Version 1.1.4 - May 26, 2008

Added ability to create a new Reference Data document to support addition of
IdeaSpace sub categories
Elguji Software, LLC
Version 1.1.3 - May 18, 2008

Changed votes by date and week charts to only count Promotes and Demotes
(ignoring No Opinions)

Made the display of Header Stats configurable in the Control Panel
Version 1.1.2 - May 4, 2008

Allowed the configuration of where the user gets sent after logging out of an IdeaJam

Added the DenyNotesAccess feature to the IdeaJam Votes Database

Changed the In Progress, Complete and Rejected statuses of Ideas to only be
available to Administrators

Added full CoExEdit support for the Notes client interface

Added Change Email Feature (Requires LANG_GEN_CHANGE_EMAIL_ADDRESS
be added to the language file)

Version 1.0 - March 21, 2008
Initial release of IdeaJam

Elguji Software, LLC