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Nov 12, 2013 (5 years and 4 months ago)


12 Preparation

CPG Chairman / fournier@anfr.fr

World Radio Conference

Conference for the revision of the Radio Regulations
legal instrument of the International
Telecommunication Union (ITU) having a treaty status

WRC are held each 3
5 years with around 3000
delegates from the 192 ITU Member States

12 will be held from 23
January to 17


WRC Agenda are defined at previous WRC and are
strictly listing items for revision of the RR

Any ITU Members States can submit proposals for
modifications of the RR in response to this Agenda

ITU process for WRC Preparation

Proposals are generally made through Regional
Organizations recognized by ITU (CEPT, RCC, CITEL,
APT, AMSG, ATU) and resulting from their own
preparation process (including cooperation between

Each agenda item is subject to technical, regulatory and
procedural studies made in ITU
R working parties:

Starting immediately after the previous WRC

Resulting in many technical ITU
R Recommendations and

CPM (Conference Preparatory Meeting), held 6 month to 1 year
before WRC, adopts a report with summary results of the ITU
studies and methods to satisfy each agenda item

Radio Regulations

Radio Regulations deal with
questions of worldwide character
, ie the right and
obligations of ITU Member States respectively to each other:

International operations : satellite, maritime, aeronautical, HF bands …

border issues, in particular in case of large interference potential (ie, Broadcasting)

Objectives of the RR :

ensure equitable access to spectrum and orbital resources

avoid harmful interference between the radio services of


each administration keeps the right to use spectrum as it wishes inside its national borders
provided that there is no interference or constraint to other countries

Article 5 of the RR : Table of allocations to radiocommunications services

Other provisions : coordination and notification procedures (in particular for satellites),
technical conditions to protect services of other countries, procedures for international
services and in case of harmful interference …

Harmonisation of spectrum use is normally
dealt with through RR but through
R Recommendations. Cases of

references to certain applications
for encouraging harmonisation (eg, IMT

International Mobile Telecommunications)

Coordination of EU interest in WRC

294 Opinion on the preparation of ITU World
Radiocommunication Conferences, recommends:

That the EU and CEPT make all possible efforts to identify, early in the
WRC preparation process and in consultation with stakeholders, the
corresponding policy objectives and associated priorities, in order to
facilitate the involvement of the political level for decision at the earliest
possible stage

To develop and adopt an RSPG opinion for each WRC, proposing to the
European Parliament, the EU Council and the European Commission
“Common Policy objectives”

Debate in the EU on the policy approach for WRC


European Parliament resolution on the European Union’s policy approach to the
ITU world Radiocommunication Conference 2012 (WRC

Common Policy objectives

Process of development of Common Policy objectives for WRC

Two RSPG Opinions (09
295 & 10

Joint EC/CEPT workshop in June 2010

Commission Communication (2011)180 of 6 April 2011

Council conclusions 27

May 2011

This development has:

taken into account the consensus between EU MS already achieved in

reflected that in some items there are diverging EU interests (and with
other interests of EU Member States)

resulted in fostering consensus between EU Member States (ie,
inclusion of a mobile service / IMT agenda item for WRC15/16)

Common Policy objectives are reflecting have given a clear direction
to EU Member States

EU interests in WRC
12 Agenda

Digital Dividend band: cross
border coordination procedure of
mobile service with broadcasting and aeronautical radionavigation

International regulations applying to aeronautical services:

New spectrum for safe operation of unmanned aerial systems in non

Conditions applying to spectrum used by air trafic management project under the
SESAR project to ensure compatibility with FM broadcasting, radionavigation,
satellite radionavigation (Galileo)

Effectiveness and transparency of the priority for aeronautical mobile satellite in
the «

L band

» (eg, for the development of the satellite component of SESAR)

Ensuring flexibility and rights of administration (or EU) in using

Harmonisation for electronic news gathering through ITU
R Recommendations,
not RR

Harmonisation for short range device through ITU
R Recommendations, not RR

R Studies for Cognitive Radio and Software Defined Radio, but no

EU interests in WRC
12 Agenda

Space services:

No «

a priori

» planning of the broadcasting satellite band 21.4
22 GHz and new allocation for associated feeder links to
facilitate the development of satellite in this band

New worldwide allocation in the band 2483,5
2500 MHz for
satellite radionavigation (Galileo)

Improvement of the procedure for satellite declaration to ITU:
12 is an opportunity for clear level playing field for satellite

Scientific service: new allocations and technical
conditions for the protection of some existing bands

Inclusion in WRC15/16 Agenda for the development of
wireless broadband service, seeking new mobile service
allocation and IMT identification

What else at WRC

Maritime communications : ship and port security and
introduction of digital/data communications in HF and
VHF bands

Radars (oceanographic, detection of space object,

Amateur radio

European Common Proposals (ECP)

The Conference Preparatory Group (CPG), within
CEPT/ECC is responsible for developing ECP and briefs
and for negotiating European positions during WRC

CPG has adopted 22 European Common Proposals in
July :

Already posted on the ITU website

Under process of signatures by CEPT administrations

The ECP are in line with the EU Common Policy Objectives

Last CPG meeting in November for about 10 «



European Common Proposals (ECP)

During WRC
12, each ECP will be presented and
negotiated by a «

CEPT coordinator


Involved in the preparation in CEPT and ITU
R since 2008

Generally from an administration having specific interest in
defending the ECP

During WRC
12, CEPT coordination is led by CPG
chairman and Vice
chairmen with CEPT Heads of
Delegation meeting on a daily basis, in particular for:

Any significant change in position (e.g. for the digital dividend
band at WRC

Any need to trade
off between various proposals


CPG is on its way to complete the WRC
12 preparation
and WRC
12 negotiation has already started with other
Regional Organizations

This 4 years preparation relies on the technical and
regulatory work of CEPT experts, in ITU
R and CEPT

ECP, which are proposing revisions of the Radio
Regulations, are supportive (when relevant) to EU
common policy objectives

12 preparation in Europe is, so far, very
successful …