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Present Technologies is committed to research and develop Flash Lite based applications
focusing the simultaneous evolution of the mobile Flash platform and an ever-increasing
array of devices that support the technology.
Our mobile products focus real world demands and concerns, building upon a growing
knowledge, creativity and intensive experimentation.
As the Flash Lite platform proliferates in the handheld market and phones increase their
processing power, we are keeping a constant eye in scaling correctly our applications
for already available devices and new, upcoming ones.
mobile development with
Present Technologies began to apply Flash Lite technology
building front-ends and gaining an invaluable experience in
producing quality client interfaces for large dynamic content
management & delivery systems already deployed and serving
over 50 million users.
Content Delivery front-ends
Valuable experience and scalability know-how
With a phone, users can track almost every aspect concerning
the current soccer season. This includes: live games, news, team scores,
game outcome and results, goals, players and stadium information.
Viewing a game's goals wi t h video on-demand has also beenapplied to this mobile application.
Flash Lite soccer league tracking application
Upon logging in, players can choose from a list of available poker
tables, participate in various - play & real money - games at the
same time or simply sitout and watch a hand taking place by fellow
online players.All of this, from a phone, enabling users to interact all over the globe:in real-time.
mPoker represents one of our most promising products in scaling
a game for a wide mobile audience of players, using already available
devices in today's consumer market panorama.
mPoker also features:
a classy and embracing design;
sound & vibration effects;
personal avatars for players;
integration with different server systems.
Multiplayer poker game for Flash Lite enabled phones
Using Adobe's Flash Lite, we are now adding
a refreshing and valuable new user experience
to mobile applications and leveraging networking
capabilities between enabled devices.
Our products allow multiple users interacting through
network services using a Flash based front-end
on each handheld.
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