Custom ArcGIS Mobile Development for Field Data Management

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Nov 12, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


Custom ArcGIS Mobile Development
for Field Data Management
Ron Bruder
Applied Data Consultants, Inc.
Eau Claire, WI
Session Agenda

Business Problem Definition

Applied Mobile Solution

Component Overview

ArcGIS Server configuration

ArcGIS Server/Map Cache Extractor Customization

ArcGIS Mobile Customization

Lessons Learned
Business Problem Definition

Existing agricultural infrastructure assets covering a
broad geographic area

No current mechanism in place to show location, type
and age of assets

Field verification necessary to facilitate accurate logging
and attribution of assets

Primary geo-data needs to be housed at a single,
centralized corporate location for analysis

Field updates executed through satellite office staff
pushed to central data store
Business Problem Definition

Concerns with:

Data privacy between satellite offices

Data security on mobile devices (data theft)

Mobile device assignment and tracking
Applied Solution

ArcGIS Server 9.2

ArcSDE/MSSQL backend

Trimble Nomad 800L PDA

Web Management Portal

Map Cache Extractor customization

Custom authentication web service

ArcGIS Mobile SDK customization
ArcGIS Server 9.2

Single-tier configuration

Combined SOM/SOC hosts map services

Also hosts authentication web service

Mobile access-enabled map services created for
each regional office

Created and published MXDs containing only assets
for each specific office

Common base layers, only assets differ

No specific WebADF applications
ArcSDE/MSSQL Backend

MS SQL Server 2005

Two databases:

ArcSDE Geodatabase

Simple base layers

Asset point layers

Not Versioned

Administrative database

Mobile device assignment and tracking

Data check-out and check-in management
Trimble Nomad 800L

Integrated GPS

Processor speed (806MHz)

1GB Flash Storage


Secure Digital expansion slot

Full VGA Display

Integrated Bluetooth

Windows Mobile 6.0
(ArcGIS Mobile compatible)
Server-side Administration


Authorize only specific end users access to select
map services

Allow map service administrator to limit data
extraction only to authorized PDAs

Track PDA check-outs

To whom and when

Track data check-outs and check-ins

To whom and when
Web Administration Portal:
Map Service Permissions

Identifies ArcGIS Server Map Services
registered with IIS, populates drop-down

User allowed to add/delete/edit users
Web Administration Portal:
Map Service Device Assignment

Authorized devices defined for individual
map services
Web Administration Portal:
Device and Data Tracking

Track specific user holding device

Trace data check-in and check-out history
System Configuration
Map Cache Extractor

PC-based application (ESRI sample) that allows check-
out and check-in of *Mobile Map Caches*

Required when direct connectivity between PDA and
AGS is not possible or desired
Map Cache Extractor:
Custom Configuration

Authentication (user and device) through custom web
service and Management database

Application will only launch when an authorized PDA
device is attached
Map Cache Extractor:
Data Extraction

Based upon authentication, display and extraction is limited to
assigned service for user/device

Storage card on Nomad accessed directly, through custom coding,
for ease of use and security

*.BIN file transferred directly to storage card

Eliminated need for two-step transfer, including ActiveSync
Map Cache Extractor:
Data Check-In

After edits, data changes are pushed back to the Map

Two step process – Nomad > PC , PC > AGS Map
ArcGIS Mobile SDK Application

Base ArcGIS Mobile application
template applied, supplying:

Navigation tools

GPS Information

Customized controls and




NMEA stream/GPS Driver
ArcGIS Mobile SDK Application
Navigation Tools

Quick Zoom To:

Current GPS Location

Sales Area


ArcGIS Mobile SDK Application
Editing Tools

Add New Asset:

Add as offset with
distance and bearing

Supply attributes via
domain selection

Edit existing assets

Update attributes

Updates location
ArcGIS Mobile SDK Application
NEMA stream/GPS Driver

Encountered severe problems with the map refresh
rate within the Mobile application

Problem isolated to ESRI Driver collection NMEA
stream from integrated GPS

Bypassed ESRI driver and wrote our own

Refresh times reduced from minutes to seconds
Lessons Learned

Much care must be taken in developing MXDs

Must be designed for PDA display and low data
transfer rates

Be ware of symbology scaling

Utilize scale-dependent thresholding

ArcGIS Mobile SDK solid development environment

IDE integration

Windows Mobile 6 ESRI display driver inadequate

Overview and summary……………………..