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Dec 10, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Michael A. Diefenbach, Ph.D. & Kevin Durr

Mount Sinai School of Medicine & LLC

An app designed to make cancer screening and its
making process simple and reliable


Early detection is an important component to the
Nation’s cancer control efforts.


Not every person benefits from screening

Screening can be distressing

Not all cancer screening procedures reduce Cancer

Screening recommendations vary across organizations

Thus, patients need to be

informed about their options

involved in the screening decision process

Aims of the App

Provide tailored cancer screening recommendations based
on recorded cancer family history and demographic

Educate users about screening procedures & cancer
prevalance & mortality data by US state

Provides Pros and Cons of screening

Provide decision tool to aid in the decision making process

Testimonials from people who did/did not screen

Provide action plan to assist in identifing physicians,
communicating ones decision to provider, provide
information about screening for the non

Provide reminders about screening appointments

Offers mental health resources for emotional distress

Theoretical Framework

regulation framework (SLR) guides the development.
SLR has these key elements

Cancer relevant expectations, beliefs, including self
beliefs and beliefs about screening and treatment

Cancer relevant affective states

Perceived competencies

The app will speak to each of these 3 key components, by:

Addressing beliefs and expectations

Providing reassuring messages and resources to cope with

Offering detailed action plans

Use of public available data

Screening recommendations and screening information
will be generated from NCI’s PDQ and Medline+.

Prevelance data by state and county level for all major
cancers from

on these Platforms

The app will be available:

on the web

On mobile platforms

iPhone, Android, Blackberry & Windows Phone 7 , and the
Web (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari )

Key Technologies

HTML5, CSS3, jQueryMobile, PhoneGap


to watch an interactive video tour of our prototype