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Dec 10, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


PhoneGap’s open source mobile application development framework
enables developers to quickly and easily create HTML5 apps that run on
all of the leading platforms. Leveraging this technology, the ROAMpay
PhoneGap Plugin was created to provide developers a way to seamlessly
integrate ROAM’s native payment acceptance capabilities directly into

their HTML5 apps. The end result is a cutting-edge, hybrid point of sale
(POS) app that combines the flexibility of PhoneGap with the security
features and native functionality of ROAM’s mobile commerce platform.

Enable seamless Integration of payment capabilities into new

and existing HTML5 apps


Design a mobile POS app once, deploy across multiple devices

and operating systems (OSs)


Create a hybrid POS app, leveraging the benefits of HTML5 and

native functionality

Increase speed to market and reduce development costs

PhoneGap Plugin
Cross-Platform mPOS App Development
PhoneGap Plugin
Eliminate device-specific coding using a Javascript interface for both Android and iOS
Easily integrate with any backend system to create customized payment apps

Design a hybrid POS app once that’s not only accessible on multiple platforms, but also
utilizes the unique capabilities of each device
Gain access to ROAM’s fully encrypted mobile card readers and full suite of mobile

commerce management tools
Enable secure, PCI compliant mobile payment capabilities, including cash and credit
transactions, voids, refunds and more
Leverage ROAM’s mobile terminal security model with transparent, secure and encrypted
communication between the application and ROAM services
Maintain a consistent UI across OSs and devices, minimizing developer skills and

speeding time to market
Create standards compliant apps that are future-proofed to work with browsers

as they evolve
Eliminate upfront and future costs associated with cross-device native app development,
deployment and updates
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ROAM™, an Ingenico company, helps merchants get to market quickly with secure, cost effective and powerful mobile point of sale solutions, regardless of the technology environment.
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