Report for Secretary of Energy

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Nov 8, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


Mala Saied



American Government


for Secretary of Energy

Mala Saied,
Secretary of Energy



are going to use alternative energy and we will try to clean the air and the water. For wind
energy we will use windmills, and if they can’t use a windmill where they live, then we can also
use hydro
energy. Clean water from the wel
, And for solar energy, we will use solar panels.
Since this school is using solar energy, we can change all the
schools energy to solar energy. We
will make some
use solar energy
, to reduce the cost of energy bills.


We are not going to let the

market decide what kind of energy we are going to use. We are
going to do that by convincing people that alternative energy is good. Like in advertisements,
since our society is already being bribed to buy new things as it is, why don’t we use this to our

advantage? I will try and work on a bill for this. As for how much this should cost, it should cost
the exact
same that regular energy cost.


We are going to ban offshore drilling by

shutting down all of the

offshore factories. We will
only have oil f
actories on land, and not out in the ocean. We have already seen the offshore
drilling is not safe. So that is why we should ban it.
We should enhance

the clean air act, when
we change to alternative energy, then it will help the air pollution very much.


idea for the major energy crises starts with changing the energy itself.
I plan to try and
change the regular energy (Oil, Gas, and Electricity) to Alternative energy (Solar, Hydro, and
Wind). We will still have the other energy, but we will just

switch school, work, and house
energy to alternative energy.
I plan to change the energy for a few schools from each state to
solar energy.
We will use natural substances to clean the water so that it’s safe to drink, and use
reusable water bottles so tha
t we don’t make more plastic water bottles for landfills.
We already
have wind energy farms, so we should have wind energy to even the houses.
For the water
energy, we will build dams and
use alkaline based water, which will reduce the amount of

We are not going to let the market decide what energy we are going let the people and
ourselves decide what energy we will use. We will convince the people that

alternative energy is
good, by making facts, such as it would be a really big boost for the planet. Also we should use
advertisements, since our world is being brainwashed into buying new things every day, we
would use this to our advantage. I also will m
ake the energy cost the same as regular energy.
are going to ban offshore

for one thing, if another mishap happens again, it would be
even worse for the planet and for all of the
animals. We will shut down all of the factories that
are out in
the ocean. Even though that is one of the best scientific
, we need to think
the planet itself. I know that oil is still very important so we will have oil factories only on
the land, since we have seen that
offshore drilling is not safe,
so we need to ban it. We should
enhance the clean air act when we change to alternative energy. We really need to literally clean
up our act, by cleaning each polluted city in the U.S.

Thank you.