Innoviti Launches trueServer – An Online Biometric Authentication ...


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MAY 2008
Innoviti Launches trueServer – An Online Biometric Authentication Server
Bangalore, May 2008: Innoviti Embedded ne. “trueServer ideally complements Innoviti’s
Solutions, a leading provider of transaction biometric product-line of enrollment and verificati
processing solutions today announced the launch on solutions to provide for a complete suite of
of trueServer, a state-of-the-art online biometric solutions. A transaction processing company can
authentication server. use these solutions to easily and cost-effectively
integrate biometric authentication in their transac
trueServer is a sophisticated real-time biometric a
tion processes”, said Saket Pandey, Assistant Vice
uthentication server that can be used for storage of
President – Sales, Innoviti.
fingerprint template data for online enrollment and
verification. Addition of biometric authentication in trueServer allows for online enrollment through any
any transaction process such as p ayment, micro- ISO8583 compliant terminal, such as Innoviti’s
finance, insurance and presence monitoring Vx610-trueID. Typical templates types s tored are
requires three key process additions to the ISO 19794-2, proprietary types can be supported if
transaction application. These are enrollment, required. Security of templates is addressed
storage and verification. effectively through a 128/256-bit AES encryption.
The server additionally provides f or seamless
Enrollment is a one-time activity of enrolling and
integration with mobile and Internet networks for
storing the customer fingerprints against their
reporting and alerts on enrol lment, verification and
identity. Verification involves authenticating a l ive
fraud attempt events. The server runs on a Linux
fingerprint against the stored identity. Storage of
environment and is avail able for sale as well as on
fingerprints is typically carried out lo cally on smart-
a pay-by-use ASP model.
cards provided to the customers during enrollment.
During verification the live fi ngerprint is matched
against the fingerprint retrieved from the smart-
Innoviti Embedded Solutions is a leading provider
o f transaction processing solutions for various
verticals such as financial inclusion, payment, pre
Smart-card storage of fingerprints leads to a subst
sence monitoring and loyalty. It has won several
antial increase in the cost of the biometric solution
awards for its products, including the Best
due to increased costs from card distribut ion and
Consumer Electronics Product Award, Red Herring
management. trueServer allows for transaction
100 Asia Award and CTIA Wireless Innovation
processing companies to do away with ca rd
Contest Award.
distribution for biometric enrollment and
verification, by managing the fingerprint data onli
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