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The Breast Augmentation Recovery is an integral part of the overall outcome of a breast augmentation
procedure. Even, surgeons believe that it is just as significant as the surgical procedure itself. If you are
considering of having a breast surgery you should adhere to the post-operative directions to get desired
results. Here are the best tips for breast augmentation recovery procedure. Have a look at these tips and
consider it:
The following time table describes the basic milestones of the recovery process. But yes, remember that
your experience may differ:
 2-3 Days Following Surgery: Most patients experience light to mild pain which can be endured
through pain medication. Swelling of the breasts and bruising in the chest area is also common
in such case. The use of a surgical bra and compression bandages will assist a lot in minimizing
pain and protect the wounds. Some women may feel nausea from the anesthesia applied in the
treatment. By the 2-day point, it will be normal to take a bath.

 1 Week Following Surgery: Most women will be able to go back to work and do the light
activity. However, you should strictly say no to lifting, bending, and other forms of vigorous
movements. At the one week mark, you’ll return for a post-op appointment to have your
breasts inspected.

 2 Weeks Following Surgery: Most women start feeling much normal and can do many normal
daily activities without any discomfort. Any strenuous exercise should continue to be shunned.
At the end of the second week, it’s normally possible to take shower.

 4 Weeks Following Surgery: At this point, most patients feel well enough to smoothly start the
usual exercise.

Right after the treatment, it is absolutely common for the implants to feel hard and sit in a high position,
seldom to the point where the nipples can point downwards. Over time, the implants will start to soften
and settle to a more comfortable position. At about the 6-week mark the breasts will start to take on a
more decided appearance.
Other Effective Tips for Quick Breast Augmentation Recovery
Follow all post-procedure instructions accurately.
Attend all post-op appointments.
Get full rest and sound sleep.
Eat light and healthy foods and drink lots of water.
Wear loose fitting clothing, particularly tops
Thus, these are the effective ways that assist you a lot in quick recovery!

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