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Dec 6, 2012 (5 years and 5 months ago)


Genetic Engineering:

Redesigning Life


Genetic Engineering

Heirloom Varieties



genetically engineered host organisms
are used to make pharmaceuticals or
other medically
important proteins

proteins can be isolated from milk (e.g.,
cows, goats) or seeds (e.g., safflowers)
and used

Transgenic Organisms

Why transgenic (GM) animals and plants?

usually cheaper to maintain than
transgenic bacteria

have the ability to produce larger more
complex proteins

Transgenic Plants

GM canola and other field crops are
usually engineered to resist herbicides,
reducing the farmer’s costs

great potential to provide food in
developing countries, but cost of seeds
can be prohibitive

Knockout Mice

engineered to have
at least one gene
turned off

useful for studying
effects of specific
genes on human

Societal Concerns?

interbreeding and/or competition with
native plants or animals

may contain toxins that harm
consumers (e.g., GM safflower)

regulation? patents?

Biotechnology & Health


Genetic Screening

Ontario Newborn Screening

metabolic disorders

endocrine disorders

blood disorders

cystic fibrosis

Hereditary Disorders

early identification of some
hereditary disorders can help to
allow for treatment to minimize
symptoms through:

controlled diet

providing missing proteins


Gene Therapy

offers the possibility of correcting the
genetic defect

line gene therapy

somatic gene therapy