A new approach to Artificial Intelligence

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Oct 19, 2013 (5 years and 6 months ago)


A new approach to Artificial Intelligence

There are HUGE differences between brain
architecture and computer architecture

The difficulty to emulate one system on another
system increases linear with the number of
differences in architecture between the two

The brain is an interactive information carrier.

Computer Emulation Issues:

Making compromises in reduced neuron complexity

Simplify the thousands of connections between neurons

Simplify sensory devices (camera no match for the eye)

Learning by feedback

a computer has no hardware for
measuring timing differences between millions of input
pulses. Learning is compromised

No computer is capable of emulating the entire human brain in real time at
this present time

Simulation of the brain on an IBM
Blue Gene /P supercomputer:

Model 1.6 billion neurons:

0.15% of real time

0.5% of capacity

* Source: IBM publication “The
cat is out of the bag”



C3PO is an

R2D2 shows
initiative and

To create this type of behavior would take
approximately 4000 times the performance of
current super

IBM Blue Gene/P

emulation of 1.6 billion neurons
and 8.9 trillion synapses at 0.15%

of real time. Ref.
IBM publication ‘The cat is out of the bag’

IBM Blue Gene/p

emulating 900 million neurons and
9 trillion synapses at 1.2% of real time

Human brain: 88 billion neurons and an
estimated 100 trillion synapses at 100% real time




(© Toshiba)


Recreating intelligence by program control
involves a fundamental error in thinking:

The brain is not an analysis and control system

The brain is the only intelligent entity that we know
off, consisting of memory and integrating cores

Learning is a fundamental function of the brain

Artificial Intelligence systems need to learn to control
rather than being programmed to control

INTELLIGENCE is defined as the ability to acquire
knowledge and to subsequently apply this knowledge,
to combine it to form new solutions…

“Artificial Intelligence is the ability to perform
a task that would require intelligence if done
by a human being”


We only use 10% of our brain (anonymous)

Bigger brains means smarter, and humans
have the biggest brains of any animal

We have to emulate the entire human brain
create intelligence

A new way to do Artificial Intelligence

The brain is an interactive information carrier.
Information is stored in synapses

Synapses are everywhere in the brain, therefore
memory is everywhere


Learning is essential, it is how intelligence emerges
and how the synapses are ‘programmed’, within a
built Framework

A digital architecture that is similar to the cells that
make up the brain, with analog synaptic parameters
expressed as multi
bit digital values

Wired as a cortical column, a single chip contains
10,000 neurons and 500,000 synapses

Consists of digital cells and synaptic memory

A Synthetic
Anatomy will function like
the brain when its neural cell emulation is
sufficiently realistic and the network is the
same as the biological model

The model needs to operate at real
speed to allow learning to take place, in sync
with the real world around us

Learning is the method by which a neural
network acquires function

How To Create An Artificial Brain