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Florida’s Asset Management Program


April 29, 2005
Florida Department of Transportation
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Asset Management is a performance driven method of contracting for the routine maintenance
and management of Florida’s Transportation Infrastructure. Asset Management includes the
planning, administration & management, performance, and inspection of routine maintenance
activities using contracts with durations ranging from 6 to 10 years, and fixed lump sum
monthly payments. Cost savings and performance improvements have been realized by
transferring the daily management, inspection, maintenance and evaluation of the
transportation system to Asset Management Contractors.

Asset Management offers many benefits to the Florida Department of Transportation, (FDOT),
including fixed long term prices, cost savings, risk reduction, fewer contracts to administer,
savings in administrative staff & resources, program stability, and performance results.

Asset Management offers many new opportunities to the contracting industry to apply
innovative management and maintenance techniques to cost effectively maintain the
transportation infrastructure, while meeting statewide FDOT maintenance performance

FDOT and Industry have executed contracts for four types of asset management contracts
since July 1, 2000, including road corridor contracts centered around a core roadway such as a
limited access facility, geographic contracts containing multiple transportation facility types
within a region, facility contracts including rest areas, weigh stations & welcome centers, and
fixed & movable bridge contracts.

Highway Asset Management Contracts typically include the performance of traditional
maintenance activities such as mowing, sign & guardrail maintenance, pavement striping,
raised pavement marker replacement, fence repair, shoulder maintenance, and drainage
system cleaning. In addition, Highway Asset Management Contracts include compliance with
environmental requirements, incident response, natural disaster preparedness & damage
repair, permit application review & evaluation, highway lighting & call box maintenance,
customer service complaint resolution, formal inspection of bridges & safety features, and
motorist aid service patrols.

Currently, FDOT and Industry have executed asset management contracts totaling $517
Million, and equating to $69 Million annually. The total savings for these contracts is $105
Million, or 17%, throughout the life of the contracts.

By July 2008, FDOT plans to have 28 active asset management contracts totaling $929 Million,
and equating to $121 Million annually.

FDOT Asset Management Contracts are advertised through the State of Florida, Vendor Bid
System at http://fcn.state.fl.us/owa_vbs/owa/vbs_www.search.matching_ads_page
, as Asset
Management Requests for Proposal. A request for proposal allows the contractor to submit a
written sealed proposal detailing the Contractor’s plans for conducting the work, along with a
written sealed price proposal. Asset Management proposals are evaluated by a minimum of
five FDOT evaluators. Contractor selection is based upon technical proposal and price,
typically with 60% of the weight being given to the proposal, and 40% of the weight being
given to price.

Florida’s Asset Management Program


April 29, 2005
Florida Department of Transportation
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The Florida Department of Transportation has developed a long range Asset Management
contract award plan to provide information on the future direction of asset management.
This schedule is updated periodically, and may be accessed along with other pertinent asset
management documents directly at the following Internet address: