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Nov 17, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Voice Solutions
No matter what business you are in, you’ll agree that there
is no better substitute for in-person customer service than
a friendly and helpful voice. In an increasingly competitive
environment, your need to stay in touch easily and efficiently
with all your stakeholders is critical.
Is your business still working with legacy voice communica-
tion systems? Don’t miss out on valuable business opportu-
nities! Upgrade your business phone system to choose from
the wide variety of communications options available through
LiveTouch.net. We will analyze your business needs to offer
you only the best. Get in touch for a cost effective commu-
nication solution that will help your employees, customers,
and suppliers communicate and collaborate in a variety of
efficient methods across a wider area.
LiveTouch.net has been serving businesses and government
agencies for over 20 years. Features that were once available
only to large enterprises are now accessible to small
businesses. We’ll help you address your phone system, design
the right solution, and provide the education required to fit
your business needs. Stay connected simply and efficiently
with LiveTouch.net — it’s the way business communicates.
Give us a call for a demo or free, no obligation estimate.
Toll free: 1-800-821-7245
Direct: 1-510-748-1500
Or visit us on the web at www.livetouch.net
LiveTouch.net’s future-proof solution offers
just the right level of collaborative capabili-
ties to fit your company’s needs, including:
multiple extensions•
voice recognition•
voice mail to e-mail conversions•
visual voice mail•
web call monitoring•
find-me/follow-me services•
Boost operating efficiency by giving your
business a VoIP phone or communications
system an upgrade to a rich platform at an
affordable price. LiveTouch.net strongly be-
lieves in a hands-on approach to your busi-
ness’ communication needs. Our approach
Initial business phone system deliv-•
ery along with follow-up support,
Delivering a turnkey voice commu-

nications systems that coordinates
the right level of dial plans and
telecommunications carriers to
ensure wiring is correctly installed,
Providing an easy-to-use system

combined with training programs
and operating manuals as well as a
knowledge base to help you address
questions and problems.
Stay ahead by staying in touch