“Systems Connected. Password Input…” “Moonlight Shadow” “Voice ...

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Nov 17, 2013 (4 years and 5 months ago)


Systems Connected.
Password Input…

“Moonlight Shadow”

Voice Recognition Approved

System Recovery in Progress
Zero files found on the hard drive
All date has been erased
System Recovery Failed
How would you like to proceed?



Input for Termination…”

“White Ghost”

Voice Recognition Approved
Termination is now in progress

Termination of all systems is

“Shut down for the night,

” he said placing the tips of his fingers along the rims of his glasses.

His eyes moved
to the corner of his eyes and watched as B removed its connector cords from the main
system of the terminated soul less being that he had just terminated.

Before B’s

ut down would the doctor want B

to dispose of…”

“No,” replied he as he leaned back in t
he slightly cushioned chair. “I will have one of the staff do
that. You have done enough today.”

He was frustrated that the very machine he had designed could not
decipher the systems of the device discovered in the laboratory of a deceased co
worker. As a

he wanted to take B apart, reconfigure everything and try it all again.

It gave a bow, strands of hair f

past its shoulder. “Yes, doctor.”

B gathered up the cords,
letting them slip back inside the confines of its body. With a solemn glan
ce to the doctor, a glance fille
with curiosity and worry, B

d and left the doctor to his studies. B worried about its creator and
master. Worried…

“Good morning, B.”

B nodded. “Good morning, Doctor Eiza.”

“It’s six

in the morning,” he commented. “Wh
y are you still awake?

Your master still doing
research? He really should learn to get some sleep or he’ll never have enough energy to think correctly.”

Doctor Eiza slid a hand down his
face, the pickles of his unshaven beard scratching his coarse
ed fingers.

B gave another nod. “B has been ordered to shut down for the night by the doctor.”

“Ah, I see. Rest well then


“Thank you, Doctor Eiza. B will put in an effort to prefer shut down.”

The middle aged doctor

gave a slight laugh. “An effort to
prefer it,” thought the doctor. He could
r get used to th
e r
ealism of B’s appearance but the

lack of emotions inside of her was

a remin
that she was only a machine

it was only a machine. He headed down the gray concrete corridor,
stepped into the la
rge laboratory of the doctor who had not only created B but also created the
scientific division Doctor Eiza worked at.

said Doctor Eiza.

The doctor rolled his eyes to
the entrance way, glared with acidic annoyance, and then turned
back to the

data before him.

He stared into black screen, the pulsating black line and the ominous words
“No Data”.

Doctor Eiza gave a sigh. “My my, still haven’t been able to crack the code, old man?”

“There is energy emanating from this device…” muttered the doctor
. His thoughts trailed away.
He thought if he tried just once more perhaps something
would appear on the screen and he would
finally understand the strange round metal object.

“Let me have a look at it doc.”

“No,” he replied getting to his feet. “I simply
must view th
is from a different perspective.
Perhaps B isn’t strong enough to break through. I’ll get B and a few others to connect to its system

the strength of them combined can hack into it

Alexander rushed back Eiza without even giving him a
nd thought.

Doctor Eiza gave a witty confident smile. “I’m that new perspective. A new set of eyes.” He
walked across the lab,

metal tables lined with various flasks and cords.
He wondered himself what
this odd thing was. He knew the doctor was incred
ibly intelligent and even if Eiza attempted to learn the
secrets of the device, he wouldn’t even get close to the answer.

Even so, he could not resist taking the
strange device with him to his office. Perhaps it would give the
doctor a reason to head home
to sleep.
He would hide the device in the desk drawer of his office at least until he could convince Alexander to go
home and get a few hours of rest.

Eiza let the softball
sized object drop into his coat pocket. Surprisingly the thing was light. He

noticed it was there while heading down the hallway, humming a tune stuck in h
is mind that he
usually hummed on days like this. He couldn’t help having the notion that something positive would
happen and he hoped it would happen sooner rather than later.

He slipped into his office but the sound of Doctor Edom’s sweet youthful voice caught his
attention as it usually did. Eiza stealthily removed the device, placed it on his desk and met Edom half
way down the hall. “Doctor Edom, it’s a shock to see you roam
ing outside your dark lair.”

The young blonde sneered, handing over the small touch pad. “That dark lair happens to be my
office,” she grumbled. “And, leaving it is only so that I can prove to you that I was right about my

Eiza gave a wide sm
ile. He enjoyed their arguments. “Their constructive discussions” she would
call them. Eiza and Edom conversed and argued so much that they did not notice that the small round
foreign device was rolling right down the hallway away from them. It had rolled
off the table slowly but
surely and rolled down the hall’s cold tile, through a doorway and down the emergency steps.
It had
rolled all the way to the first floor before any human eye had caught sight of it.

“Damn scientist,” grunted the older gentleman. “
Never learn how to clean a room.” He tossed
the metal object into the trash bag and continued his duties throughout the building. After he had clean
the last of the rooms on the first floor, he carried the trash bag out into the cold night’s air and into t
overflowing dumpster. Once the heavy metal door slammed shut, the metal device was shaken loose. It
hit the asphalt hard but it was undamaged. Again, it began to roll. It rolled past cars, past the feet that
crowded sidewalks, past barking dogs, and
n an alley where it slowed down to an ominous halt.