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Speech Recognition Call Routing
Increase your businesses productivity immediately by utilizing
speech-enabled applications from Press8.
Speech Recognition Call Routing can be used to collect
valuable information about your customers and their
specific needs, allowing you to focus your sales and
support efforts for maximum gains and exposure.
Press 8 provides a highly tailored design by integrating
with existing applications, such as a back end data base
containing client account numbers and associated
records with that client. Conversely, data can be gathered
and exported for use elsewhere, such as the results from a
voice-enabled survey being inserted into an existing
marketing analysis application.
Founded in 2007, Press8 Communications is dedicated to
bringing small and mid-size businesses the best in VoIP
hosted phone services available. Our fully-managed PBX
phone systems provide the finest in internet telephony at
an affordable price. Using VoIP phone technology, our
service provides digital communication at a fraction of
the cost of standard phone service.
Press8 speech recognition with robust call
routing capabilities, provides highly customized
voice applications for your business.
free trial
free trial
The Press8 Speech Recognition
While many flavors of speech recognition
engines exist, few provide how voice is
actually detected and speech synthesis
trained. Press8 employs a powerful
speaker-independent core:
• Detailed dictionary of the English
• Phonetic acoustic composition
• Effortless accuracy when listening for
voice activity
• Processes voice recognition results with
text supplied
• Speech session outcome is aided by
confidence scores for accuracy guideline
• Virtualized server environment
• Guaranteed set of resources
• Highly scalable as demand increases
For more information, visit our
website www.press8.com or call:
For more information, visit our website www.press8.com
or call
Press8 Communications
3267 Bee Caves Rd, Ste 107-191
Austin, Texas 78746
Phone Number

888-6PRESS8 (888-677-3778)
Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm, CST
Managing an inbound call
center can be a complex and
time consuming task with
regular phone equipment. The
Press8 hosted PBX streamlines
this process and greatly
reduces the time spent
managing your call center
Cell center managers will
appreciate the ability to record
calls for training purposes
and deep reporting features.
Quickly learn the average
hold time for your customers,
how many calls an agent takes,
and how long they spend
on the phone
Speech Recognition Call Routing
Call queues are setup and
managed through your web
browser directing callers to any
group of agents you assign
Employees simply login to
their assigned queue
when they are ready to
accept calls
The PBX strategically
distributes calls on a first
come-first serve basis
Callers are asked questions by the
system and are routed to their
destination according to
speech-based responses.
© 2008 Press 8 Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. Products and service prices and specifications
are subject to change at any time without advance notice.
Speech Recognition Call Routing Pricing
Monthly Based On Plan Type (shown below)
Setup $249
Speech Concurrency $100 for first, then $80 per port thereafter
*scripting not included
VPS Extension $149
(customized integration)
Custom Programming $100 per hour
Business Business Business Business
Lite Silver Gold Platinum
Monthly $14.95 $29.95 $49.95 $99.95
Setup $25 $25 $25 $25
Domestic and Canada 50 500 1000 2250
(Minutes Included)
Domestic and Canada 4.9¢/min. 4.9¢/min. 3.9¢/ min. 2.9¢/ min.
(Cents Per Min.) overage overage overage overage
Toll Free Inbound Usage 4.9¢/min. 4.9¢/min. 4.9¢/min. 4.9¢/min.
(Toll Free Cents Per Min.)
Extensions Included 1 3 6 15
Mailboxes 1 6 12 30
IVR (Auto-attendant) Included 1 3 8 Unlimited