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Oct 30, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


voipGATE PBX Versions
The voipGATE PBX G4 provides one Ethernet
interface and 4 ISDN interfaces.
The voipGATE PBX G8 provides one Ethernet
interface and 8 ISDN interfaces.
Both exist in flexible TE and NT versions.
The Concept
The voipGATE PBX allows enterprises to:

migrate to low cost VOIP based
communications without scrapping the
existing ISDN PBX voice communication

Use the existing Internet connection to
carry toll-free communications among
VOIP users and cheap national and
international calls

connect unlimited sites, home offices
and users
The Business Case
To save money you add voice to your existing IP
data infrastructure. With voipGATE hardware
and service the investment is very limited.
If you have sites in other countries the phone
bill tends to get very high. By interconnecting the
different sites, your inter-site company calls will be
By connecting your PBXs to voipGATEs growing
network you can benefit from our very low call
rates and reach more than 100 million phone
numbers worldwide for free.
Reliability and Interoperability
voipGATE PBX is capable of integrating with any
ISDN PBX in any country with the EURO ISDN
services. Besides connecting to the PBX and
the LAN or WAN, the voipGATE PBX are
configured to connect directly to the ISDN
network and thereby offering re-routing options
via ISDN. This is relevant in case the VOIP or
IP access is temporarily unavailable due to
lack of bandwidth or high packet loss, etc.
VOIP Features
Codec: ILBC
IP-link supervision: seamless re-routing of calls
when IP link is down or poor
IP signaling: IAX2 (UDP 4569)
Average IP Bandwidth: 30 kbits per call
Number of IP calls: 2-16
Fully compatible to SIP and the following codecs
(gsm, G711 (alaw/ulaw), G729, ILBC) through our
service at voipGATE
Call routing:
Call-by-call routing:
0001+Number (ISDN) / 0002+Number (VOIP)
Change default policy:
000998711 (ISDN) / 000998722 (VOIP)
FAX detection and routing via ISDN
Centralized configuration via an easy CLI
Our G4 and G8 gates have been tested with
Panasonic, Siemens, Auerswald, DeTeWe,
Nortel PBX’s
Height: 1 unit (44 mm)
Width: 19” rack mountable (438 mm)
Weigth: 3,7 kg
Power Supply
Switch mode power supply built-in
Input voltage: 115/230 VAC, 47-63 Hz
Power consumption: 6A/3A
Data interface, physical
Ethernet, 10/100 BaseT auto-sensing
RJ45, with Rx/Tx and Link indicator
ISDN interfaces, physical
4 ISDN Basic Access Interfaces (G4/X/Y)
8 ISDN Basic Access Interfaces (G8/X/Y)
ISDN interfaces variants (flexible)
G4/1/3 (1NT, 3TE) G4/2/2 (2NT, 2TE)
G4/3/1 (3NT, 1TE) G4/4/0 (4NT, 0TE)
G8/1/7 (1NT, 7TE) G8/2/6 (2NT, 6TE)
G8/3/5 (3NT, 5TE) G8/4/4 (4NT, 4TE)
G8/5/3 (5NT, 3TE) G8/6/2 (6NT, 2TE)
G8/7/1 (7NT, 1TE) G8/8/0 (8NT, 0TE)
ISDN Signaling
Euro-ISDN protocol according to ETS 300 102
Point-Point and Point-Multipoint
Line hunting
Echo cancellation
Supplied Accessories
Power Cable
Quick Install Manual
Pictured: voipGATE PBX