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A bridge/router and multiplexer combined, the V150 offers
users full networking functionality as well as bandwidth
efficient multiplexed services such as voice, ISDN and serial
The V150 operates the same software as all the other Vocality
products in the range, delivering a wide range of router/
multiplexer functions for efficient transmission of network and
tributary traffic for email, internet and file transfer activities.

The unique design of the V150 offers some significant benefits
to the user, such as the ability to install 3 completely unique
routers, allowing three completely independent networks to
be transmitted over the single multiplexer link.
Integrated PEP Routers

Unlike traditional routers found in terrestrial applications, the
V150 offers integrated TCP Acceleration—a PEP– which
allows TCP traffic to be passed over high latency or high error
rate links with the maximum of efficient. No need for any third
party device to accelerate the traffic over a V150 link!

For the mission critical user, the V150 offers all the features
required to guarantee continuation of service in the most
difficult of environments : redundant power supplies and
redundant option cards. In addition to physical redundancy,
Vocality’s products all support secondary routing to allow the
automatic re-routing down a different WAN link in the event of
a primary link failure (such as a failed satellite link).
Ultimate Flexibility
The V150 is delivered as an empty chassis. However, the
installation of nearly any of the wide range of option cards
(page 2) allows the unit to operate in a number of
configurations. For example, the unit can be used to deliver
POTS voice circuits to a satellite news truck, whilst the same
device can be a tactical serial over IP delivery device, or a
multi-router welfare communications router.
There are almost no limits to the number of configurations
possible with a V150 and it’s compatible with all the other
products in the Vocality range. It’s no surprise that the V150 is
used in applications ranging from fixed VSAT networks and
international leased lines through to 19” rack mount flyaway
terminals used for rapid deployment communications into
warzones, disaster zones and problem regions being assisted
by aid agencies.
A Standard CPU Card plus the multi-function ISDN Module. This card offers a user
selectable range of ISDN functionality, including ISDN Terminal Adapter, ISDN Ex-
tender and ISDN Bonding functionality—for 1 or 4 sets of ISDN Basic Rate Interfaces.
This card also incorporates a bridge/router and serial data port.
Single or Dual E1/T1 Digital Voice Card
Once again, based on a Standard CPU Card base, this card offers with one or two full
24/30 channel E1/T1 voice compression cards, utilising ETSI QSIG Q.931 compatible
interfaces for direct connection to the digital connection on either a PABX or the
PSTN. Whilst this card connects a V150 to a PABX or PSTN, the remote site can use
the POTS Voice Card, SIP based VoIP or another Digital Voice Card. Like the
Analogue Voice Card, the Digital Voice Card can be expanded with the Secure Voice
Relay card to provide support for tactical encrypted voice on all channels.
All information contained in this document is for guidance only and does not form any part of a contract.
Full technical specifications are available in the technical
specification document - an extract from the product manual. Visit to download either document.

VoIP Capable
Maximum Ports
Maximum PortsMaximum Ports
Maximum Ports

Analogue Voice Ports (Max)
Digital Voice Channels (Max)
Serial Ports (Max)
Bridge/Routers (Max)
ISDN2 Circuits (Max)
TCP Accelerator (PEP)
SIP Gateway (2, 8, 16, 30 Channels)
Specification Summary

▪ 3 x Option Slots with Redundancy Features
▪ Single or Redundant Power
▪ 1U Rack Mount

Standard CPU Card
Standard CPU CardStandard CPU Card
Standard CPU Card
▪ 1 x Bridge/Router Port
▪ 1 x 5Mbps Serial Data Port
▪ Expansion Slot for Option Module
▪ Compact Flash for Logs, Software and Configs

Voice CardVoice CardVoice CardVoice Card
▪ Standard CPU Card plus Voice Module
▪ 4 x Voice Ports (2 wire and 4 wire)
▪ Expansion to 8 x Ports via Feature Key (2 wire)
▪ G.723.1, G.729A, ADPCM, PCM, Netcoder
▪ Echo Cancellation

▪ Standard CPU Card plus ISDN Module
▪ 1 or 4 x Basic Rate Interfaces
▪ ISDN Extender (Remote Delivery of ISDN)
▪ ISDN Terminal Adapter
▪ Bonding
▪ Compatible with Hub ISDN Card or E1/T1 Card

IP Switch CardIP Switch CardIP Switch CardIP Switch Card
▪ Standard CPU Card plus IP Switch Module
▪ Converts 1 x IP Port to 8 x IP Ports
Digital Voice CardDigital Voice CardDigital Voice CardDigital Voice Card
▪ Standard CPU Card plus Digital Voice Module(s)
▪ 24/48 (T1) or 30/60 (E1) Voice Channels
▪ E1: ETSI Q.931 QSIG
▪ T1: CCS

High Speed Serial Data CardHigh Speed Serial Data CardHigh Speed Serial Data CardHigh Speed Serial Data Card
▪ 4 Port or 12 Port Serial Data Card
▪ All Ports Individually Configured
▪ Aggregate or Tributary Ports
▪ 10Mbps Max Data Rate Per Port
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