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Nov 18, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


SEO Terms

A few additional terms

Search site:
This Web site lets you search
through some kind of index or

directory of Web sites, or perhaps both an
index and directory.

Search system:
This organization possesses a
combination of software,

hardware, and people that indexes or
categorizes Web sites


build the index or directory you search through
at a search site

More terms

Search term:
This is the word, or words, that someone
types into
a search
engine when looking for information

Search results:
Results are the information returned to
you (the
results of
your search term) when you go to a
search site and search for something

Natural search results:
A Web page can appear on a
page two
ways: The search engine may
place it on the page because the

paid to be
there (pay
click ads), or it may pull the page out
index because it thinks the page matches the search
term well.

More terms

Search engine optimization (SEO)
: Search engine
optimization (
also known
) refers to
“optimizing” Web sites and Web pages to
rank well
in the search

Why Bother with SEO

The proportion of visits originating at search
engines is significant.
Not so
long ago, one survey
put the number at almost 50 percent. Sure,
it’s not
80 percent, but it’s still a lot of traffic

According to a report by

published early
in 2005, 21
percent of
American Internet users use
a search engine four or more times
each day
Internet estimated that 38 million Americans use
search engines
every day.

Why bother?

A study by

in the summer of 2005 found
that 40 percent
of people
do online research prior
to purchasing products

visits come
through the
search engines

that is, search engines are the single most
important source
of new visitors to Web sites

The search engines represent a cheap way to reach
people. In general
, you
get more bang for your buck
going after free search
traffic than
any other form of advertising or marketing

List of Top Search Sites

big kid on the block. Lots
of people
search the Google index
on its
own search site, and
feeds many
sites. Obviously, Google
has to
stay on
the list

New kid on the block. Will probably never
pass Google.


Yahoo is loosing ground
and MSN creates its own index

Search engine Magic

Half of the class go to bing and half go to
. Type in
personal injury lawyer. Google results 29,000,000. Bing
results 109,000,000. W

What happened?

SEO from this point of view makes it easier
to understand
how the
search engines try to evaluate
and compare pages. If the keywords are
in the
pointing to the page, the page must be relevant to those
if the
keywords are in headings on the page,
that must be significant; if the
keywords appear
frequently throughout the page, rather than just once,
that must
mean something.

Geek or no Geek

Business people
who don’t plan to do
the search
engine work themselves (or, in
some cases
, realize
that it’s a lot of work and need
to find
with more time or technical
skills to
do the work).
you can have the skills to understand
more about search
engines and be
in a better
position to find and
direct someone

There’s a lot
of snake oil in this business,”
so classes like this can
help you understand
basics and
ask the right
questions of search
engine optimization

Web Site Makeover

Is your site indexed?

The search engines haven’t found your site yet. The
solution is
relatively easy
, though you won’t get it
done in an hour

The search engines have found your site, but can’t
index it. This is
a serious
problem, though in some
cases you can fix it quickly.

Invisible Site

The site is using some kind of navigation structure that the
search engines
can’t read, so they can’t find their way through
the site

The site is creating dynamic pages that the search engines
choose not
to read.

Why can’t the

find their way through? The
system may
have been created using JavaScript,
and because search engines
ignore JavaScript
, they don’t find
the links in the script. Look at this example:

<SCRIPT TYPE=”javascript” SRC=”/menu/menu.js”></SCRIPT>

Two things to try

Create more text links throughout the site.
Web sites have a
main navigation
structure and
then duplicate the structure by using
simple text
links at the bottom of the

Add a sitemap page to your site.
This page contains
links to most or
all of
the pages on your Web site.
Of course, you also want to link to
the sitemap
from those little links at the bottom of the home

Session IDs

Search engines may choose not to index pages with
session IDs. If the
search engine
sees links to a page
that appears to have a session ID, it doesn’t
the URL will change between sessions or
whether many
different URLs
point to the same
page. Search engines don’t want to overload the
site’s server
and don’t want garbage in their indexes

Picking good keywords

Point your browser to


Test some of your own keyword ideas and share
the class