Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG)

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Oct 28, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


Changes to the NSF
Proposal & Award Policies
& Procedures Guide

All NSF projects should be of the highest
quality and have the potential to advance, if
not transform, the frontiers of knowledge.

NSF projects, in the aggregate, should
contribute more broadly to achieving societal

Meaningful assessment and evaluation of NSF
funded projects should be based on
appropriate metrics, keeping in mind the likely
correlation between the effect of broader
impacts and the resources provided to
implement projects.

PAPPG Significant Changes

Implementation of revised Merit Review Criteria

Revised Biographical Sketch requirements

Indirect Costs

Proposals Not Accepted

increased clarity on
submission of required sections of the proposal

Project Summary

Will have text boxes in



Statement on Intellectual Merit

Statement on Broader Impacts

Only 4,600 characters allowed

Proposals with special characters may upload Project
Summary as a PDF document

Only if they have
special characters.
Do Not
use this method to
circumvent completing the text boxes.

Text boxes must be filled out or a project summary
must be uploaded or

will not accept the

Proposal Description

Must contain a separate section with a discussion of
broader impacts of the proposed activities; Results from
Prior Support (if any) must address intellectual merit and
broader impacts.

Annual and Final Project Reports

Must address activities intended to address the Broader
Impacts criterion that are not intrinsic to the research

Biographical Sketch

The “Publications” section of the

has been
renamed “Products”

This change makes clear that products may include,
but are not limited to, publications, data sets, software,
patents, and copyrights.

Proposals Not Accepted

This is a formally recognized new category of non
award decisions and transactions

Defined as:

will not permit submission of
the proposal if these components are not included

Data Management Plan

Postdoctoral Mentoring Plans

Project Summaries

Removal of PI from Budget

If no person months are requested for senior
personnel, they should be removed from the budget

Their names will remain on the coversheet

Role should be described in Facilities, Equipment
and Other Resources, NOT the Budget Justification

Facilities, Equipment & Other Resources

New format will assist proposers in complying with
NSF cost sharing policy and is a required component
of the proposal

Provides an aggregated description of the internal
and external resources (both

that the organization and its collaborators will provide
to the project

No reference to cost, date of acquisition, and whether
the resources are currently available or would be
provided upon receipt of award

If there are no resources to describe, a statement to
that effect should be included in this section of the
proposal and uploaded into

Current and Pending

Must include currently proposed proposal

this is not
an update, but a reminder as many Current and
Pending proposals do not include it.

Your Project Administrator is aware of these
changes and will let you know if you are not
compliant with the new guidelines. You will
then need to make the appropriate changes

or to the documents to be
uploaded before the proposal will be


When do these updates and changes go into effect?

January 14, 2013

So what do I do if I have a proposal to submit before then?

Complete your proposal as you have been to this point

What if I complete the proposal before January 14, but don’t submit until
after January 14?

You can take your one page summary and break it into the
Overview, Broader Impacts and Intellectual Merit components and
input into the designated text boxes, or:

You can let your one page Project
Summary be
uploaded into the
Overview text box. However, you will need to put information in the
Broader Impacts and Intellectual merit boxes or the proposal will
not be permitted to be submitted.

What if I don’t make the changes to my Current and Pending and
Biographical sketch?

We don’t believe the proposal will be rejected, but there is nothing
to tell us it won’t be so best to do it correctly upon submission

Questions continued

What do the text boxes look like in

We don’t know as they won’t be revealed until January 14

So what are the current Merit Review Criteria?

See Chapter III of the PAPPG

Where can I get a copy of the revised PAPPG?

You can find it here:

Additional questions? Contact your Project Administrator.