J2EE vs. Microst.NET

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LaRonda Howard

July 20, 2005

J2EE and Microsoft.NET

J2EE vs. Microst.NET

The world of technology is forever involving and with all of the new software
development happening the business environment is truly grateful for what it has to offer.
One of

the main goals to focus on while constructing a business is the relationship that
the business has with its customers but some businesses tend to leave out the interactivity
that the business has with other businesses as well. In order for a company to r
smoothly and satisfy its customers it must also have that well rounded communication
with the other businesses. This is extremely important when it comes to business
business e
commerce because they must communicate with each other as well.
ses that rely on electronic commerce to conduct their business must also rely on
resources that will help them solve their problems and allow for their businesses to run
smoothly. Two of the most technologies that are used by businesses today are J2EE and

Microst.NET. Each technology is different and depending on what a company wants
his/her business to provide will depend on which one is better suited for the job.

J2EE is a platform that supports server
side enterprise application development
which is b
ased on modular components. This form of technology provides services to the
components and handles the detail of application behavior automatically without
involving the complex programming. This is a good resource for businesses because it
based also o
n the Java programming language which allows you to write code once and
use it anywhere. Since many businesses have their own intranet this technology is a great
choice because it can be developed quickly and it can also support many different
s. J2EE platform also handles security within a corporation as well as having
the ability to the JDBC API for database access. Since the majority of the companies
today have their own databases then this is a great tool for accessing their databases
in their company

Another major component of the J2EE platform is the use of Java Server pages
(JSP). Java server pages are used to help combine HTML with the server
side dynamic
content generation. On the flip side, with the use of databases, J2EE also

supports JDBC
API for access to databases. JDBC
enables applications to manipulate existing data from
relational databases and other data repositories.

Using this platform would greatly
benefit every business but don’t not forget about the popular softw
are development,

Microsoft is the most popular software that is used by everybody today. Not only
can this software be used within the privacy of y
our own home but with Microsoft.NET
businesses can also use this for productivity within their c
This platform
servers to host Web services, development tools to create them, applications to


Information provided by

use them, and a worldwide network of more than 35,000 Microsoft Certified Partner
organizations to provide any help you need.

Microst.NET use
s active server pages to
have access to their databases on the web or within a company’s intranet.

Active server
pages will allow you to
combine HTML pages, script commands, and COM components
to create interactive Web pages and powerful Web
based applica
tions that are easy to
develop and modify.

J2EE has JDBC but Microsoft has something up their sleeves as
well when it comes to database connectivity. Microsoft has developed a system that
allows for acceptance of application programming interface for dat
abase access. This
system is called the ODBC. The ODBC was mainly designed for interoperability which
will suffice especially within a large corporation that uses its intranet for various tasks.

After reading upon several different websites that conta
ined information about
both of these platforms, the conclusion came to me that it really depends on what a
company’s needs are and how they should met.
Of course many enterprises rely on
Microsoft technology and with the use of Microsoft.NET then this pla
tform would be
widely used. Microsoft’s resources are user friendly and most people have come across
the software so popularity will win this one. However, this software might be popular
but it is also great to use and it becoming more and more popular e
veryday. On the other
hand, J2EE is compatible with many different kinds of software and as mentioned above
it can be written once and used every where.