LEAP Program Student and Guardian Handbook 2012-2013

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LEAP Program Student and Guardian



The LEAP Student and Guardian

Handbook contains
information students and guardians

need to help ensure success at the LEAP Program. The handbook is organized alphabetically
by topic. Throughout the hand
book, the term “student’s parent or guardian
” means parent,
legal guardian, or other person who has agreed to assume school
related re
sponsibility for a
student. In addition, pronouns used to reference students include males as well as females.

Students and guardians

are expected to be familiar with the College Station ISD Student
Code of Conduct which sets out expectations and consequ
ences for inappropriate behavior.
The Student Code of Conduct is required by state law and is intended to promote school
safety and an atmosphere for learning. This is a separate document available to each
student and parent.

The Stud
ent and Guardian

ndbook is designed to be in harmony with School Board policy
and the Student Code of Conduct adopted by the Board of Trustees. The handbook is
updated annually while policy adoption and revision is an ongoing process. Changes in
policy th
at affect the St
udent and Guardian

Handbook will be communicated by newslet
etc. to students and guardians
. These changes will generally supersede the provisions
found in this handbook and made obsolete by newly adopted policy.

In case of conflict between Board polic
y and Student Code
of Conduct or Student and

Handbook, the provisions of policy most recently adopted by the Board shall

The following information is prepared for student and
use and while it covers many
topics it would be impos
sible to cover all questions or issues
that arise. Students and
s are encouraged to contact the LEAP Program or Alternative Education Programs

for additional information.


The College Station ISD Disciplinary Alternative Educ
ation Program (DAEP), LEAP (age

through grade 6) is designed to ensure appropriate student behavior as defined by the
Student Code of Conduct and the Texas Penal Code. LEAP will instruct students in
academics and appropriate behavioral alternatives to assist students after returning
to the
regular campus.

The goal of the LEAP Program is to assist students with appropriate alternatives to problem
behaviors by working on socially acceptable responses to improve their chances of success
at the home campus. Socialization skills such as

starting and having conversations, joining
in, recognizing and expressing feelings, cooperative activities, solving problems, using self
control, resolving conflict, dealing with teasing, dealing with being left out, dealing with
anger and accepting “no”
will be emphasized. Counseling will be provided as needed.

Additionally, students will maintain basic academic skills including math, language arts,
social studies, science, physical education, and other subjects (as appropriate) by
completing work

red by the home campus


LEAP strives to provide students’ families with support through

involvement. This
the dress code
ing, signing, and returning

of the previous day’s
student evaluation as well as communicat

staff. Staff may contact guardian
s as
concerns arise during the day.

Program Overview

The LEAP Program is the district’s behavior management program for students age 6 to
grade 6. Campus administrators make assignments to the program consistent with
College Station ISD Student Code of Conduct guidelines for assessing discipline and
consistent with approved placement procedures. The District Review Committee will assign
the number of days to be completed by each student. Guidelines include the f

Grades K
6 assignment length



for first offense in a school year and 60
days for a second offense within a school year. Subsequent assignments to LEAP
be decided by the LEAP review committee.

Students may also be assigned to LEAP

for the remainder of the semester, depending
on the offense.

A Special Education ARD committee may adjust the number of days assigned based
on individual student need.

An assignment not completed at the end of a school year may be carried over to the
art of the next yea
r. This will be determined on an individual basis by
LEAP District
Review Committee

A copy of the
luation is at the end of this document

LEAP provides a structured setting for students. Each is assigned

to a


also be involved in small and large group activities.

Our district participates in the National Breakfast and Lunch Program. Mea
ls are eaten in
the classroom.

will have two scheduled restroom breaks. Depending on students behavior the
student may receive additional breaks. Health issues will be taken into consideration.

n intake meeting with the guardian
, student and staff shall take place before the studen
begins the assignment to LEAP. The
home campus

is responsible for
communicating with
LEAP Staff and Guardians of the student

to schedule the meeting. This is an interacti
session between staff, guardian

and student. The handbook is discussed and que
Guardians and student must arrive at intake meeting on time. Late arrivals will
be asked to return at another time.
Students and guardians must attend intake meeting
and fill out necessary paperwork before the student may start LEAP Pla


Attendance is mandatory.
Absences will be excused only when documented in writing by
medical or court personnel and must specify the date/time in which the student was seen.

shall call LEAP (764
) by
0 a.m.

each day a student is absent.
Students will not earn credit toward placement for time they are not in the LEAP class. If a
student refuses to check in properly by LEAP check in procedures, they will not be allowed


into the classroom and will be marked as

absent or truant until they are in compliance with
LEAP rules.

All absences will be reported to the home campus. The home campus will use this
information along with previous attendance information to pursue failure to attend issues

with the leg
al system as appropriate.

For the protection of students and staff, the following criteria will be used to determine
when a student may be sent home from the LEAP Program due to illness:


100 degrees or higher


Suspected contagious


Others by discretion of staff and parents

Bonus Days

A student
is not eligible for bonus days until they achieve Silver Level in the LEAP level
system. At Silver level they may earn ½ of their total daily success as a bonus day and on
Gold level they may earn up to 1 full bonus. Thus a student may be able to leave LEAP and
return to their home campus
before the full term as long as bonus days and days complete
equals the days assigned.


At the LEAP intake, Guardians will fill out

a transportation request form. If “Bus needed” is
checked, transportation will be requested from the transportation department. Bus
transportation is set up depending on approval from transportation, and could take up to 2
to 3 days before

students may begin receiving transportation

in LEAP if approved.

Students may ride the bus only if he

lives more than two miles from LEAP and the
discipline referral did not involve bus behavior.

Students who live within the 2 miles of LEAP
may be al
lowed to ride the bus if circumstances require, and or it is in the best interest of
the student, and whether the transportation center allows.

The student is expected to stay
on the bus in the event the bus goes to the home campus to pick up or drop off
students. Any bus referrals during the LEAP placement will result in removal from the bus
for the remainder of the LEAP placement.

School buses are considered an extension of the classroom and students are expected to
conduct themselves
accordingly. Students being transported in school owned vehicles should
comply with the Student Code of Conduct. Students are expected to sit facing forward while
on the bus. Students may engage in school appropriate conversation.

Behavior which is


for LEAP students includes, but is not limited to, the

Failing to abide by dress code expectations

Being disobedient or disrespectful to the driver or staff

Standing or moving around while the bus is in motion

Sticking the head, han
ds, or any part of the body out of a window

Throwing object(s) out of a window

Inappropriate/loud conversation

Possessing/using tobacco or tobacco products

Scuffling or fighting

Using obscene and/or unacceptable language or gestures

Littering the bus

rbing others


Eating or drinking on the bus

Tampering with the bus and/or bus equipment

Possessing or being under the influence of marijuana, alcohol, a controlled substance,
a dangerous drug, or a “look
alike” (something represented to be a prohibited

Exiting at an unauthorized stop

Written permission from both sets of parents is
needed for one student to get off at another student’s bus stop

The bus driver is responsible for the safe operation of the bus. Students must abide by the
ons of the driver and the staff in order to insure a safe transportation system. If a
student refuses to abide by the instruction of the driver or staff member, the following action
will be taken by the building principal:

First Offense
Student will be removed from the bus for the remainder of his LEAP placement.

A student,


willfully creates a disturbance or deliberat
ely disobeys the bus driver, will

refused transportation by the school’s principal. A student, who enters the bus

after being
excluded by the principal for willful misbehavior, will be excluded from riding the bus for the
remainder of the current LEAP assignment.

Dress Code

Each morning a dress code check will be conducted.
Student must be in dress code to enter
the LEAP classroom.
Failure of the student to
comply with the dress code may

result in a
student correcting the violation

before being allowed to start the day.

Students not in dress
code will lose credit for dress co
de during the check in part of the day.
If the student

dress code items

from LEAP and

fails to return the clothing at the end of the day
the guardian


be charged up to $15 dollars for each clothing item until the item is

Refusal or
persistent failure to conform to the Dress Code Policy can result in
disciplinary action up to and including suspension.

Pockets should be empty. Pocket and sock checks may be conducted multiple times during
the day.

Students shall dress according to
the following standards:


Solid color five pocket jeans

shall be fitted at the waist and in the crotch and
worn at the waist, not below the waist.
Pants shall be free of designs
. Sweat
pants are not appropriate.

No loose fit sagging or baggy jeans

shall be permitted.

Pants shall be hemmed at the appropriate length with no frays or torn areas.

A black or brown belt shall be worn if pants have belt loops with
buckle no
bigger than 2 x 2 inches.

Only one set of undergarments and pants shall be worn.

(Shorts under pants are
NOT permitted.)


, crewneck T
shirts are to be worn.

If an undershirt is worn underneath the shirt, it shall be white or grey and short

No shirts with logos shall be worn.

Shirt tails shall be tucked in
at all times; midriffs shall not be exposed.

Arms shall be completely through the shirt sleeves at all times.


Students may
be allowed to wear a solid
grey colored pull
over, crew neck
, if the LEAP staff permits

No Torn Clothes

Shall Be Worn


Solid white, black, grey, or brown s
ocks and black or white tennis/running shoes
shall be worn.

Shoes with laces shall be tied
. Laces must match each other.

Sandals, house shoes, flip
flops, thongs, steel
toed shoes, and boots are not


No jewelry shall be worn. This includes, but is not limited to earrings, necklaces,
watches, rings, bracelets, and body piercing mechanisms. If jewelry is found
during the dress code check,
or during the day, the items(s) shall be placed in an
envelope and
shall be returned to the
student at the end of the day and the
student will lose a percentage of his successful day

Hair shall be neat and conservatively worn without distracting designs including
shaved designs.

Unnatural hair colors will

not be permitted, such as pink, blue, green, etc. That
includes hair extensions.

Beads are not allowed in hair.

No caps or hats shall be worn.

Hair tie, if worn, shall

be black or brown.

Only 1 hair tie, head band, or clip may
be worn at
a time.

Pocket and sock checks shall be conducted daily. Pockets should be empty.
Shoes will be checked daily.

Any other dress judged to be inappropriate would not be allowed.

Exit Criteria

Before a student returns to the home campus, he must do the followin

omplete the number of days assigned

minus bonus days accumulated.

Comply with program rules and regulations

The guardian

shall come for the exit interview with his child on one of the last three days
the child is at LEAP.

Home Campus Listing

following list includes elementary (PK
4) and intermediate (5
6) schools in College
Station ISD:




Academic Coor.

Phone #

College Hills


Jane Rankin

Robyn Jones


Creek View


Tami Laza

Jeff Durand


Forest Ridge


Terresa Katt

Patty Chenault


Greens Prairie

4 Donna Bairrington Stormy Hickman 694

Pebble Creek


Annette Roraback

Connie Wood


Rock Prairie



Rebecca Hannath

South Knoll


Laura Richter

Marla Ramirez


Southwood Valley


Kristiana Hamilton

Josh Hatfield


Cypress Grove


Kelly Kovacs

Omar Espitia





Kate Schoen

ason Hawkins


Kids Klub

If a student who is assigned to LEAP also attends the after school program Kids Klub, the
LEAP Review Committee will determine if it is appropriate for the student to continue Kids
Klub during LEAP placement or not based o
n the individual facts of the placement and input
from the campus Kids Klub staff. If it is determined not to be appropriate for the student to
attend Kids Klub, the money the parent has paid for Kids Klub during the LEAP placement will
be refunded or cre
dited to

account. Information on other after school care options will
be provided to the parents.


No medication (prescription or non
prescription) may be given to a student unless hand
delivered by the
to a staff member and a medication consent form is completed.
This form is available from a staff member. A note from home is not sufficient. Prescription
drugs shall be in the original container with the child’s name and dosage instructions printed
the label. The staff is unable to accept any medication in a small sack, plastic bag,
envelope, etc.

Students shall have no medication in their possession.

In the event that the
student arrives to LEAP with medication in hand the LEAP staff will confisca
te the medicine
and the guardian will be called. If the guardian wants to administer the medication the
guardian may come to LEAP and do so.

If the student needs to be removed due to illness or
disruptive behavior a parent is expected to pick the student




A team approach is used to

work with students. The guardian

is an important part of this
team assisting the student to understand the rules and expectations of LEAP. T
his role is
important as guardians
have a great deal of
fluence on their child and their

future. This
influence cannot be duplicated at school and therefore it is impo
rtant that the staff and

work together in the continued de
velopment of the child. Guardians

are asked to
help staff reinforce the dis
trict’s efforts to modify student behavior for success.

The guardian

is expected to
review, sign, and return the previous day’s evaluation

Failure to return contracts results in loss of credit for the check in procedures for students,
and repeated issues could result in a teacher
guardian conference.

The guardian must provide the LEAP staff with current, working contact phone numbers. If

phone number changes or becomes disconnected,

must provide LEAP with a
current working number for that guardian or an emergency contact.

If students are not riding the bus, guardians are expected to drop off students no earlier than
8:00 a
.m. and no later than 8:30 a.m. They are also expected to pick up students at 3:15
p.m. when they are released. If a student needs to be emergency removed from campus,
guardians are expected to pick up, or arrange for pick up of the student within a reas
time frame from when they are contacted.





Students are involved in academics/socialization activities

Students shall arrive between


a.m. dressed according to code and ready to
begin work.
However, if the student is not in dress code by 8:30 and the LEAP staff has to
provide clothing for the student, then the student will not only lose dress code, but will also


lose their check in procedure points for the day, as well as counted tardy.

dress code
approval and check
in, each student is to go to the assigned area

and begin bell work
Students are expected to work on academics and socialization activities until leaving at the
end of the school day.

Students shall receive full credit on
his section of
their daily student evaluation sheet for
compliant check in by arriving on time and being dressed according to the dress code.

who arrive

after 8:

a.m. will be
considered tardy and will lose the first 10% of
their day.

Failure t
o attend school will be filed by the home campus.

riding the bus
shall walk to the bus at the end of the day. Violations of bus rules
will impact the student’s evaluation for the


day. Students are expected to sit in
assigned seats faci
ng forward while on the bus.

Student Expectations

Students are expected
abide by the rules and regulations outlined in this handbook, as
well as those stated in the College Station ISD Student Code of Conduct and Board policies.
Students are expected

to take responsibility for individual actions and develop a positive


devices, cell phones,

etc. shall


be brought to LEAP.
possession of an electronic device will result in confiscation and a $15.00 fine ac
cording to
CSISD policy.

Electronic devices when confiscated will only be returned to you, the
guardian, upon payment of the $15.00 fine.

2. Coats, jackets and “hoodies” may be worn to and from LEAP when appropriate weather
conditions exist. These sha
ll be hung in the

designated area at the classroom entrance
before the dress code check is done.
Students may
be allowed to wear a grey crewneck pull
over, weather permitting.
There shall be no items in the pockets.

3. Students shall not bring food, drinks, candy, gum, etc. to LEAP. A standard school
breakfast and lunch will be available to all students to be eaten in the classroom. Breakfast
and lunch costs are $1.25 and $2.00, respectively for students through gr
ade four.
Breakfast and lunch costs are $1.25 and $2.25, respectively for students grades five and
six. Lunch account numbers from the home campus shall be honored.

may pay
for meals by cash or check.
If food is brought, the LEAP staff will
throw it in the trash

upon arrival. Guardians are NOT allowed bring students any food during the school

4. Students shall not go to any College Station ISD campus or event unless authorized until
satisfactorily completing the LEAP assignment. Fail
ure to adhere to this shall result in

additional assignment to LEAP,

as well as possible charges for trespassing.

5. Students assigned to LEAP are not eligible to participate in extracurricular activities or
attend school
related activities during o
r after school, evenings, or weekends.

6. Student

who have not completed their
assignments to LEAP
by the end of the school
year may be carried

to the following year as determined by the campus principal in
conjunction with the LEAP staff.


7. Studen
ts are expected to maintain a positive attitude. Any obscenities (written, verbal
or non
verbal) shall result in discipline consequences
. This may also result in a complaint
ing filed with the legal system, and possibly an additional placement.


Students who are suspended must have a parent/teacher meeting prior to student
returning to school. The meeting must be scheduled during the teacher’s conference period.
If a parent fails to meet with staff, student will face an unexcused absence.

Students shall show respect and courtesy at all times. Use of proper manners is

. Students shall participate in the daily pledge of allegiance to the United States and
Texas flags unless the parent specifically requests in writing that his c
hild not participate.
All students will observe a moment of silence following the pledges. During this time they
may reflect, pray, meditate or engage in any other silent activity that is not likely to
interfere with or distract other students.

. Stu
dents are expected to remain seated, sitting up and facing forward. Students shall
not lay their heads down or sleep while at the LEAP Program.

. Students shall raise their hands to receive permission to speak with staff/students or
take a restroom/wa
ter break.

. Students shall complete class and homework assignments on a daily basis as well as

ibit acceptable behavior
according to LEAP expectations

. Students shall complete all assignments neatly and correctly.

. Students shall properly maintain all classroom equipment.
Students are expected to
clean up, repair or pay for any damage they cause.

. Students shall abide by the dress code.

. Students will follow all rules, expectations, and standards set by

LEAP staff.

. Students who fail to follow LEAP, College Station ISD Student Code of Conduct and Board
policy expectations may receive additional consequences. In addition, law enforcement
agencies and probation officers may be notified as necessary.

Students may be recorded by
audio/visual means in the LEAP classroom.


P handbook Signature Page

I have read the handbook. I understand what is expected of me. I will do whatever it
takes to accomplish, master, and succeed while here at LEAP.

Student Signature:__________________________________________________

Parent Signature:__________________

LEAP Staff Signature:________________________________________________

Signing this tells the LEAP staff that you
understand the expectations that are set by
LEAP and you agree to work at your best effort to reach thos
e expectations and earn