Genetic Engineering Opponents Gather in Philadelphia to Expose Biotechnology Hazards


Oct 22, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


Philadelphia, PA— This June 18-21 people from across the country and around
the world will unite in Philadelphia to demonstrate their opposition to health care
profiteering, bio-weapons proliferation, and poorly tested, unlabeled genetically
engineered food. This mass gathering, “BioDemocracy 2005,” will coincide
with the annual meeting of BIO, the Biotechnology Industry Organization,
which will hold its convention in Philadelphia from June 19-22. BIO is the
world’s largest convention of biotech and pharmaceutical executives.
“BioDemocracy 2005,” which is being organized primarily by local Philadelphia
activists, will bring in people from around the world to expose deadly corporate
experimentation with biotechnology and to celebrate healthy alternatives.
“BioDemocracy 2005” will highlight the growing movements for food safety
and sovereignty, along with the devastating impacts of biowarfare, and the haz-
ards of biotechnology in pharmaceutical research. “With BioDemocracy, we are
continuing a series of international grassroots events that began seven years ago
in St. Louis,” says Brian Tokar, director of the Institute for Social Ecology’s
Biotechnology Project. Featured at this year’s event will be a festival of alter-
natives and children’s events, a comprehensive 3-day counter-conference, and a
variety of colorful and inspired actions to highlight present injustices, as well as
our vision for healthier and more secure future generations.
This historic series of events began in 1998 when grassroots opponents of genet-
ic engineering gathered in St. Louis, the home city of the biotechnology firm
Monsanto, now infamous for creating Agent Orange, polychlorinated biphenyls
(PCBs), bovine growth hormone (BGH), and genetically engineered corn and
soybeans. With eighty percent of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies
within a 50-mile radius of Philadelphia, the issue of health care and medical
safety will be very prominent at “BioDemocracy 2005.” The recent news con-
cerning Merck’s resistance to withdrawing its harmful drug Vioxx demonstrates
that corporations all too often put profits ahead of public health. “The corporate
sponsors of the BIO convention include many of the large pharmaceutical com-
panies who are responsible for the high cost of prescription drugs at a time that
many Americans cannot afford basic healthcare or medications. The pharmaceu-
tical industry has vigorously opposed any rational health system reform because
it would cut into their profit margins,” says Adam Tsai, MD, of Physicians for a
National Health Program, who points out, “precisely because we all eat food and
take medicine, we need to raise questions about biotechnology.”
Since 1998 these questions have been put forth at annual gatherings in locations
as diverse as New Delhi, Seattle, Boston, San Diego, Toronto, Sacramento, and
San Francisco. Clarissa Rogers, a coordinator for BioDemocracy 2005 relates,
“The 2004 event in San Francisco was the first to take up the theme of “Reclaim
the Commons,” which goes beyond biotechnology and examines the roots of
dangerous corporate influence in pharmaceutical research and bio-weapons.”
Rogers explains that, “Philadelphia activists are doing the same this year to
explore the theft and privatization of the physical, intellectual, and now, biolog-
ical commons.”
For more information on the BioDemocracy Mobilization:
Visit and
To be involved:
Contact or (215) 531 2475.
Genetic Engineering Opponents
Gather in Philadelphia
to Expose Biotechnology Hazards
Bikes Not Biotech is a project to provide loan-
er bikes for out of towners during the conver-
gence, operating out of LAVAZone at 4134
Lancaster Ave. To get a bike or for more info,
call (978) 460-2074.
*Bikes Not Biotech Critical Mass: Friday, June
17, meeting 6 pm at Rittenhouse Square.
*Community Gardening Work Day, Sunday
June 19, 9 am - 4 pm (or longer) Meet up 9 am
at a West Philly community garden TBA.
*Skillshare for Post-Capitalist Urban Life will
be Sunday-Monday, June19-20 @ The Ethical
Society, 19th & South Rittenhouse Square.
(schedule below is subject to change)
Sunday, June 19
4 - 5 pm ::
* Yoga
* Action Health and Safety Training
* Intentional Communities as Alternatives to
the Dominant Food System Paradigm
(Federation of Egalitarian Communities)
4 - 6 ::
* Anti-Oppression and Deconstructing
5 - 6 ::
* Security Culture & Patriarchy
* Radical Education and Unschooling
* Bicycle Maintenance Basics (Firehouse
Monday, June 20
11 am - 12:15pm ::
* Economics of Earth Rights Democracy
(Alanna Hartsock, Earth Rights Institute)
* Going Feral: Primitive Skills & Radical
Homesteading (Wild Roots NC)
12 - 2 pm ::
* Radical Urban Sustainability (Rhizome
12:30 - 1 :45 ::
* World Bank/IMF and GMOs (Mobilization
for Global Justice)
* Sexual Assault & Community Conflict
Resolution (Philly Stands Up)
2 - 3:15 ::
* Biofuels (Mike Ewall, Energy Justice
* Permaculture Theory and Practice
* Alternatives to Corporate Psychiatry
(Freedom Center / Icarus Project)
3:30 - 4:30 ::
* Do-It-Yourself Solar Energy
* Radical Gardening & Food Security (Winter
Cache Project)
* Radical Child Care and Theater (Green
* Freeganism/Urban Foraging (Wendy,
4:30 - 5:30 ::
* Soccer in Rittenhouse Square
5:30 - 6:45 ::
* Short Films Fest
* Optimal Nutrition for Activists (Kind Cafe)
8 - 9 ::
* Intro to Food Not Bombing (North Philly
* GBUG 2 Visioning Session: Planning the
Next Gathering?
Green and Black
Urban Gathering
BioDemocracy Teach-in and
Conference Program
BIO Conference
Saturday, June 18
8:30am-4:30pm: Biotech primer
Philly Marriot Salon K
Sunday, 19
10am-12:30pm: The Basics of Biotech
Pennsylvania Convention Center Level 100,
Room 108 A/B
Monday June 20
9:30am: Grand Opening of Exhibit Hall
Pennsylvania Convention Center Hall AFoyer
Tuesday June 21
All Events Listed Below Are At : The
Pennsylvania Convention Center
7:30-9:15am: Breakfast
Grand Ballroom
8:00am-5:30pm: Business Forum: Partnering
and Investor Forum
Hall D
9:00am-4:00pm: Innovation corridor
Hall D Foyer
9:30am-5:30pm: Breakout Sessions
Level 100
12:15-12:50pm: Lunch
Grand Ballroom (luncheon program follows
until 1:45pm)
1:45-2:00pm: BIO Annual Membership
Grand Ballrroom
For Full Schedule of both Day and Night
Events for BioTech visit:
Day-Time Events
SAURDAY, June 18
2 - 9:30 pm at the Friends
Center (1501 Cherry St, 2
blocks north from LOVE
Park) Suggested donation:
$5-50 (No one turned away
for lack of funds)
Feature event:
7 - 9:30 pm:: The Future of
Food Special film screening
with filmmaker Deborah
Koons Garcia, and Ignacio
Chapela (University of Cal-
ifornia) Percy Schmeiser
(Canadian farmer suedd by
Monsanto) Shepherd Ogden
(Rodale Research Institute,
moderator) Cosponsored and
introduced by Media Tank.
Saturday panels:
2 - 3:45:: Communities
Resisting GMOs Ignacio
Chapela University of
California) Brian Tokar
(Institute for Social Ecology)
Carmelo Ruiz (Journalist,
Puerto Rico) Javiera Rulli
(Grupo Reflexión Rural,
Argentina) Noli Hoye (GE
Free Hawaii) Lucy Sharratt
(Ban Terminator Campaign,
3 - 5 :: The Health Care
Crisis and the
Pharmaceutical Industry
Pedro Rodriguez (Action
Alliance for Senior Citizens)
Beth McConnell (PennPIRG)
Adam Tsai, MD (Physicians
for a National Health
4 - 6:: Sustainable agricul-
ture roundtable Shepherd
Ogden (Rodale Research
Institute) William Weaver
(Gourmet Magazine) Judy
Wicks (White Dog
Foundation) Nelson
Carrasquillo (Comite de
Apoyo de Trabajadores
Agricultures) Lisa Mosca
(Pennypack Farm CSA)
Saturday workshops:
2 - 3:30 pm:: Playing God
With Genes? Interfaith
3:40 - 5 pm:: ASilent
Forest: The Threat of GE
SUNDAY, June 19
11 am to 2 pm:: National
Organizing Summit for Anti-
GE Activists Sponsored by
Genetic Engineering Action
Network (GEAN) The
Ethical Society (19th and
South Rittenhouse Square)
2 - 9 pm:: BIODEMOCRA-
CYTEACH-IN at Friends
Center (1501 Cherry St, 2
blocks north from LOVE
Park) Suggested donation:
$5-50 (No one turned away
for lack of funds) Free food
shared by Food Not Bombs
and Seeds of Peace.
Keynote event ::
7 - 9 pm:: Panel on
Panels ::
2-3:45 PM:: Medical
biotechnology: Cure or catas-
trophe? George Annas
(Council for esponsible
Genetics) Evelyne Shuster
(University of Pennsylvania)
Pete Shanks (Center for
Genetics & Society) Mike
Susko (Citizens for
Responsible Care and
Research) Rajani Bhati
(Committee on Women,
Population, and the environ-
4-6 PM:: Biotechnology in
the Global South Anuradha
Mittal (Oakland Institute)
Javiera Ruilli (Friends of the
Earth Argentina) Invitee from
7-9 PM:: Bioweapons, US
Militarism, and the Myths of
‘Biodefense’ Medea
Benjamin (Global Exchange)
Inga Olson (Tri-Valley
CARES) Laura Kahn
(Princeton University) Susan
Hammond (Fund for
Reconciliation &
Development) Susan Gracey
(Women’s International
League for Peace and
Freedom) Barry Kissin
(Frederick Progressive
Action Coalition)
2 - 3:30:: GMOs in Latin
Ignacio Chapela (University
of California) Carmelo Ruiz
(Puerto Rican journalist)
Javiera Rulli (Grupo
Reflexión Rural, Argentina)
2 - 3:30:: Biotech basics:
What is genetic engineering
and why should you care?
Ellen Kittredge (Center for
Food Safety)
3:40 - 5:: Corporate
Lawsuits vs. Farmers (Rufus
Jones Room) Percy
Schmeiser (Canadian farmer
sued by Monsanto) Ellen
Kittredge (Center for Food
3:40 - 5 :: Alternative
Medicine and the Politics of
Healthcare (MLK Room)
Eliot Tokar (Tibetan medi-
cine practitioner, New York
9 pm :: East coast premiere
of ASilent Forest, video on
GE trees, featuring David
Suzuki (At the Ethical
Monday June 20
11 am - 9 pm ::
BioDemocracy Teach-In and
Conference Ethical Society
(19th and South Rittenhouse
7 pm:Biotechnology and
the Corruption of Science
Workshops ::
11 am - 12:15 ::
* Scientific Controversies in
Genetic Engineering (Ricarda
Steinbrecher, EcoNexus, and
Michael Hansen, Consumer
Policy Institute)
* Corporations and
Militarism (Susan Gracey,
Women’s International
League for Peace and
12:30 - 1 :45 ::
* Fallacies of Genetic
Reductionism and Risk
Assessment (Sheldon
Krimsky (Tufts University,
Council for Responsible
* World Bank/IMF and
GMOs (Mobilization for
Global Justice)
2 - 3:15 ::
* Biofuels (Mike Ewall,
Energy Justice Network)
* Biotech Corporations and
Global Trade (Ricarda
Steinbrecher, EcoNexus,
Brian Tokar, ISE, and Lucy
Sharratt, Stop Terminator
3:30 - 4:30 ::
* Carlyle Group: Merchants
of Death (Jacquelynn
Cunliffe, War Resisters
5:30 - 6:45 and 9 - 11 pm::
Films TBA!
Food Not Bombs Gathering
Monday June 13
Food Not Bombs Serving - Free Library,
Vine St between 19th & 20
Time- 7:00 PM
Tuesday June 14
Food Not Bombs Serving – Jobs With
Justice Rally, City Hall
Time- 3:30 PM
Rally and march for health care organ-
ized by Jobs With Justice at City Hall.
Wednesday June 15
Food Not Bombs Serving - 50th &
Time- 6:00 PM
Thursday June 16
Food Not Bombs 25
Gathering, Day 1 - LAVASpace, 4134
Lancaster Ave.
Time- All day, exact workshop schedule
Friday June 17
Food Not Bombs 25
Gathering, Day 2 - The Ethical Society,
Rittenhouse Square & LAVASpace,
4134 Lancaster Ave.
Time- All day, exact workshop schedule
Food Not Bombs Vs. Hugs For Puppies
– Soccer death match!, Clark Park, 43rd
& Baltimore
Time- 4:00PM
Saturday June 18
Food Not Bombs Cooking- The Ethical
Society & LAVASpace
Time- All day
Food Not Bombs Serving - Reclaim the
Commons Festival and Farmers Speak
Out in Clark Park, 43rd & Baltimore
Time- 10:00AM-2:00PM
Food Not Bombs Serving - Philadelphia
Anti-Vivisection Congress, The Ethical
Time- 12:00PM-6:30PM
Food Not Bombs Serving -
BioDemocracy Teach-In & Conference -
Friends Center, 1501 Cherry St.
Time- 2:00PM-9:30PM (and will be
serving everyday of the BioDemocracy
Sunday June 19
Food Not Bombs Cooking- The Ethical
Society & LAVASpace
Time- All day
Food Not Bombs Serving - Picnic For
Peace, Rittenhouse Square
Time: 12:00PM
Food Not Bombs Serving - Free Library,
Time- 5:00 PM
Food Not Bombs Serving - BioTech
UN-Welcome Reception, National
Constitution Center, 6th St. and Arch St.
Time- 6:00PM
Monday June 20
Food Not Bombs Cooking- The Ethical
Society, Rittenhouse Square & LAVA
Space, 4134 Lancaster Ave.
Time- All day
Food Not Bombs Serving - Free Library,
Time- 7:00 PM
Tuesday June 21
Food Not Bombs Cooking- The Ethical
Society & LAVASpace
Time- All day
Food Not Bombs Serving: Solstice Day
of Action, begins at Love Park
Time- 12:00PM and again at 6:00PM
Food Not Bombs Serving: Jail
Time: Night, probably starting June 21
and going to the 22
Food Not Bombs will be there waiting
with a good meal for any arrestee when
they are released. Generally
Philadelphia Police send arrested protes-
tors to the Round House, 8
and Race
Streets and we will have a presence
there until they let everyone go.
Hugs for Puppies
of Events
Sunday, June 19, 7 - 9 pm :: Welcome Reception
National Consitution Center, 5th and Arch St
"This event is meant to be a memorable kick-start to
the convention, an opportunity for delegates to net-
work, enjoy the surroundings, and feel welcomed."
Monday, June 20:: Open Night
"BIO is offering attendees a free night to organize
private parties, host intimate dinners or take advan-
tage of the wealth of restaurants and cultural attrac-
tions that Philadelphia has to offer."
Tuesday, June 21::7:30 - 9:30 :: Gala Reception
Philadelphia Museum of Art, 26th St and Benjamin
Franklin Parkway "An evening under the stars, this
reception will take place outside on the terrace
amidst the grand architectural setting of the museum
and panoramic views of the city, this will be an
evening you won't want to miss. The event will have
... tented food stations, a huge bar set-up
surrounding the permanent fountain, many street
performers creating small cells of entertainment vir-
tually everywhere ... from unicyclists to jugglers,
caricaturists, street magicians, mimes, fire-eaters,
musicians, and singing waiters..."
Wednesday, June 22, 6:30 - 9:30 pm :: Closing
Reception Philadelphia Cruise Terminal at Pier # 1
(Delaware Ave & South Broad St) No joke: "BIO
2005 will close with a theme night located on the
site of the former Philadelphia Naval Base. The
theme this year is 60s, 70s, 80s and for the first time
ever attendees will be encouraged to come
dressed to suit. We will be turning the spotlight on
these decades-and the mood will be all fun-huge
scrim backdrops, vintage cars, disco balls, lava
lamps, look-alikes such as Madonna, John Travolta,
Cher, and all the styles of the era!"
Night-Time Events



















Featuring — Philly REALLYFREE Market (bring gifts to give and share
the bounty!), Green Circus, films from Chiapas (“Water and Autonomy”
and “Zapata’s Garden”), Farmers Market and Speak-Out, games, juggling,
noise-making, fire-throwing & much more!
Performances by:
* Erik Petersen/Mischief Brew (awesome folk-punk,
inspired by anarchist punk roots and Irish folk)
* Art Carnivolution (a simultaneous, all collaborative, jamtastic
assault on the senses, guaranteed to open your six eyes wide)
* Agri-Kulture Revolution Tour (songs about life,
justice + organic food by singer Marly Hornik)
all FREE
come early!
Saturday, June 18
12 - 6:30 pm :: Philadelphia Anti-Vivisection
Congress at the Ethical Society Building
(19th and South Rittenhouse Square)
Join animal rights activists and renowned speakers
from across the contry for an afternoon discussing
the most effective ways to bring down the animal
research industry. Speakers include: Dr. Jerry
Vlasak, trauma surgeon and Animal Liberation Front
spokesperson; Kevin Jonas, former president of
SHAC-USA, currently on trial facing up to 23 years
in jail on charges of “Animal Enterprise Terrorism”;
Michelle Rokke, undercover investigator who
exposed Huntingdon Life Sciences; Lawrence
Carter-Long of In Defense of Animals; Joel
Capolango, founder of the Animal Defense League;
and many more. Event is FREE and open to all,
food cooked + shared by Food Not Bombs. For
more info, email
Sunday, June 19
12 pm - ?? Home Demonstrations against Bio Execs
Meeting at LOVE Park (15th and JFK) Join animal
rights activists to take it to the doorsteps and
neighborhoods of the suit-and-tie powerbrokers who
direct the biomedical industry. Come with us as we
expose their grisly practices to their neighbors and
families. For activists of any cause who have
not yet incoporated home demonstrations into their
repetoire of tactics, come learn from the best how
it’s done! Some will be walking distance, others will
be driving distance, so bring a car if you have
Monday, June 20
11 am - 1 pm :: SHAC-7 Support Rally
at Trenton Federal Courthouse, Trenton, New Jersey
(easily accessible by Septa’s R-7 train from Center
City Philadelphia) The SHAC-7 represent the gov-
ernment’s harshest attempt yet to squash free speech
and imprison those who combat the Bio industry. 7
activists are standing trial on federal charges of
“Animal Enterprise Terrorism” and facing up to 23
years in jail for their work to close the notorious
animal testing lab Huntingdon Life Sciences. Their
crimes? Maintaining a website, publishing a
newsletter, and organizing legal demonstrations, that
happened to be successful in financially decimating
the lab. Come support the SHAC-7 and free speech
as we rally outside the courthouse.
Welcome to our fine city of Philly. Have fun while you’re here and stick
around to find out what it’s all about. Check out the resource guide on
the back cover for places to visit while you’re here. It is just a beginning
list, as a comprehensive guide to radical/alternative spaces and groups
in Philly would take a whole book, so also explore beyond it if you like.
Remember the people of this city while planning your actions and find-
ing your beds. Keep in mind that people will be living here, making it
their home, just like before you arrived, and long after you leave.
These are the grass roots we’re always talking about and without each
other we’ll never move beyond the alienation and isolation that allows
capitalism to flourish while communities, neighborhoods and cities are
left to rot. Have a Blast! and Respect People’s Neighborhoods!
Thanks for coming.
“If you can do no good, at least do no harm.”
— Hippocratic Oath
There are thousands of people, men and
women, mothers, fathers, wives and husbands,
grandparents, who have died in the past 5
years, who would be alive today, if they hadn’t
taken the anti-arthritic drug, Vioxx.
Make that tens of thousands?
Recently, Dr. David Graham, associate science
director at the FDA’s Office of Drug Safety,
estimated that between 26,000 and 56,000
patients may have died since 1999, when the
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) declared
Vioxx safe for public use. (In fact, more recent
reports suggest that the numbers of the dead
may be closer to over 130,000!)
Before declaring it safe, FDAresearchers knew
of serious health problems associated with
Vioxx use. Recently released internal docu-
ments show Merck chemists knew in 1996 that
Vioxx increased heart attacks and strokes.
Indeed, a year before Vioxx’s release, a Merck
researcher gave the company scientific results
showing the problem: the drug reduced the
body’s natural release of an anti-clotting agent,
thus increasing the risk of potentially deadly
blood clots.
Indeed, the FDA’s own medical officers found
a study in 1999 showing that Vioxx use
increased the likelihood of strokes or heart
attacks, *three times* more than patients taking
a placebo, or a pill with no medicine.
Yet, with these facts in hand, Merck sought
FDAapproval to release the drug, and the FDA
dutifully granted it.
Indeed, in May 2000, when Merck’s own stud-
ies confirmed the much higher heart attack
risk, over that of the safer anti-arthritic,
Naproxen, Merck continued to peddle Vioxx.
What did the FDAdo? It requested Merck add
a notice to the warning label.
Some 18 months later, they came up with the
wording for the label.
Vioxx use would continue to cause heart
attacks and strokes among thousands of people,
for three years, until Merck pulled the plug.
Recently, Dr. Graham told the Senate Finance
Committee that the U.S. public is “virtually
defenseless” against deadly medicines.
This is an amazing thing for an FDAofficial to
state in the well of the Senate. According to
Dr. Graham, there were five drugs still on the
market that could cause serious complications:
Bextra, a Vioxx-like painkiller; Crestor, for
high cholesterol; Meridia, for obesity;
Accutane, for acne (which some reports note
may lead to suicide); and the anti-asthma drug
These drugs, approved despite FDAwarnings,
are but a tip of the iceberg of a process that
claims to serve the public health interests, but
actually only serves profit.
FDAwarnings or recommendations mean next
to nothing against the wealth, influence, and
power of the big pharmaceutical companies. It
is precisely the business interests that pushes
Congress to speed up FDAreviews, and the
FDAin turn, follows political pressures. Who
loses? The average consumer, who, dazzled by
chemical commercials on TV, hounds their
doctor for the latest miracle drug.
When politicians bow down to the cash gods of
the Big Pharma, it’s the health and safety of the
people which pays the costs.
From the corporate Right have come incessant
calls for “deregulation”, and this is the logical,
untenable result.
Drugs, marketed to save patients from the pain
and discomfort of arthritis and rheumatic ail-
ments, have, in fact, become, for tens of thou-
sands of people, bringers of death, or greater
disability, due to strokes.
‘First, give no deadly drug’, was the core of the
Hippocratic oath. Under the present system, it
should be changed, to: ‘First, get paid...’ Let
the patient look out for herself.
Copyright 2005 Mumia Abu-Jamal
Our futures are not for sale :::
We will plant seeds of resistance to BIO dreams of control!
On Tuesday,June 21st,2005,unite in the streets of Philadelphia,and
in solidarity actions around the world,to plant seeds of resistance to
BIO dreams of control! The Biotechnology Industry Organization
(BIO) is holding their closed-door June 19-22 annual international con-
vention in downtown Philly.As biotech corporations suck resources out of our communities,
leaving us sick and impoverished,and spread Terminator seeds,Frankenfoods,pesticides,
Roundup Ready crops,bio-weapons labs,and killer drugs like cancers around the world,join us
to plant seeds to rebuild our communities and cultivate health,peace,justice,freedom and sus-
June 21st,2005


::Summer Solstice celebration and action,locations TBA


::16th and Race Streets ::Breakfast
“Food Relief not Corporate Subsidies!” We invite everyone to join us for breakfast outside of
GlaxoSmithKline’s National Headquarters.We will expose GlaxoSmithKline for:
* Fraudulently accepting thousands of dollars donated for the tsunami relief effort,without pro-
viding the survivors with the vaccines they were promised.
* Preventing seniors from access to affordable medicines through Canadian pharmacies.
* Suing the South African government for supplying affordable medicine to people surviving
with AIDS.
* Distorting the results of scientific research for the sake of profits.
* Testing on animals and knowingly producing toxic drugs.
We will share a FREE Breakfast!

::Participatory Street Theater Marches
Our Actions will continue with a participatory street theater march with three separate themes.
The three marches will weave through the city,giving voice to demands for healthcare,commu-
nity based agriculture,and peace,justice and dignity for all.The three different marches will then
merge together at Love Park.
* for Healthcare for All ::depart from GlaxoSmithKline Headquarters,16th and Race Sts.
* for Environmental Justice and Sustainable Agriculture ::depart from “Environmental
Protection Agency” (EPA) Regional Headquarters,1650 Arch St.
* against Bioweapons and War ::depart from Washington Square,6th and Locust Sts.
Each march has a different color theme:Healthcare—>Blue,Agriculture—>Green,Bioweapons
& War-–>Red.Please wear or decorate yourselves and your props with the color of your march.
::Rally at LOVE Park (15th and JFK)
As the Marches combine,we will rally and show our strength in diversity,colorfulness and unity.
With this strength we will march as a united group towards the convention center where the
BIO Convention is taking place!



::Creative Actions confronting BIO,and exposing other biotech and pharmaceutical
hotspots in downtown Philly,and outreach for...

::Converge again at LOVE Park!
While BIO holds their “gala reception” Tuesday evening,June 21st at the Philadelphia Art
Museum ( WE will hold a festive rally at LOVE
Park,and then reclaim the streets with powerful street theater demonstrating life-affirming alter-
natives to their BIOdevastation...
Bring your own performance,props,music,noise and art!
Action Spokescouncils will happen in Philadelphia,June 17th,19th and 20th in
The E.thical Society and June 18th at a location TBA.
June 21st, 2005: The
Longest Day of Action
A Call to Action - Converge in Philadelphia!
by Mumia Abu Jamal
Adam Eidinger
May 24, 2005
Organic Consumers Association Reacts to Monsanto’s
Latest GMO Deception
Consumers have another reason to avoid foods laced
with genetically modified organisms (GMO). On May
23, European news outlets reported harmful health
impacts on lab rats that were fed Monsanto’s root worm
resistant corn (Mon 863), now grown and sold in the
US. Monsanto, the world’s largest producer of geneti-
cally modified corn, soybeans, canola and cotton,
appears to have disregarded their own research on the
harmful impacts of their GMO corn on rats. According
to the London based Independent which broke the story,
secret research carried out by Monsanto shows that rats
fed the modified corn had smaller kidneys and varia-
tions in the composition of their blood.
“This news couldn’t have come at a worse time for
Monsanto, which is already facing EU consumer rejec-
tion of their products due to concerns over the health
and environmental hazards of GMOs,” says Ronnie
Cummins, Executive Director of the Organic
Consumer’s Association.
“European labeling laws require GMO ingredients to be
listed, making it easy to avoid them, but American con-
sumers are unwitting guinea pigs, since no such label-
ing is required. The only way to be sure you are not eat-
ing GMO ingredients is to buy certified organic prod-
Monsanto’s latest deception stems from submitting only
a summary of a
1,139 page report on Mon 863 corn to the European
Food Safety Authority
(EFSA). The summary left out details on abnormalities
in rats that were fed the GMO corn, versus those that
were fed conventional corn. “We demand Monsanto
release the full report on the rat study which is being
withheld from the science and medical community
because it is considered to be so-called confidential
business information,” says
Cummins. “Monsanto should prioritize human health
rather than their profits.”
This isn’t the first time GMO foods have been shown to
impact the health of rats. Ahighly-publicized UK study
on rats fed GMO potatoes in 1998 showed similar
harmful impacts. At the moment Mon 863 corn is not
approved for importation to Europe, but is under con-
sideration by EFSAfor approval. Two GMO ingredients
have been approved by the EFSAin the past year, while
over ten proposed GMO foods have not been approved
for importation during the same period.
“Since the Europeans lifted import bans on all GMO?s,
there has been increased scrutiny of GMO crops being
grown in the U.S.,” says Cummins. Most Americans
don’t know the untested and unlabeled GMO foods they
are eating are considered unsafe in Europe.”
Law enforcement officers (cops) come in many different guises.They
may be uniformed or plain clothes.They may be from local police
departments,state police,or from federal agencies like the FBI or
DEA.Our rights with all officers are the same regardless of what
they are wearing or where they are from.
We have a right to privacy and a right to be free from unreasonable
intrusion by law enforcement into our lives.If officers confront us,
we have the right to remain silent,the right to a lawyer,and the right
to be free from unreasonable searches,stops and arrests.Our best
choices to protect these rights depend on where we are when con-
fronted by officers.We may be in private spaces,public spaces,or
The most important things to remember are:
*You do not need to speak to cops.
*Be sure that you do not accidentally consent to any part of a search.
*If you are being questioned,asking for a lawyer will limit what
they can use against you.
*Always use your judgment.Consider factors such as:de- escala-
tion,protection of others and tactics.
*Remember that rights do not always equal reality.
When officers try talk to us:
*Do ask “Am I free to go?”
*Do not tell them anything else.
*Do not believe that what they say to you must be true.
*Do just walk away if they tell you that you are free to go (run-
ning at this point may give them a reason to pursue you)
Why:Talking with officers is risky.It is very easy to accidentally give
them information they need to stop or arrest us or someone else.
If we are not free to go:
*Do say “ I am going to remain silent,I would like to speak to a
*Do not tell them anything else,except possibly your name.
*Do remember that they are trained to catch people in lies and
inconsistencies.(This could hurt you or someone else later)
*Do not believe what they say.
Why:If you are not free to go,you are being detained.They are free
to ask us questions but we do not have to answer.Anything we say
to them may give them a reason to arrest us or may be used against
us or someone else.Asking for a lawyer should keep them from
using anything you say against you in court.It doesn’t matter if you
have a lawyer or actually want to see him or her.They may be nice or
very intimidating,and they may get very mad if we do not answer
their questions.However,it is always safest to remain silent and ask
for a lawyer.
If officers begin,or ask to search us:
*Do say “I do not consent to this search” (they may continue any-
*Do speak clearly so any witnesses can hear you say it.
*Do not try to physically stop them from searching you.
Why:If we are being detained,officers are allowed to frisk us.A
frisk is a pat down on the outside of our clothes to search for
weapons.Anything beyond a frisk is a search that requires either our
consent or additional factors (warrants,bulging pockets etc) We
should not consent to a search.This does not mean officers will
respect your wishes,but it may mean that any evidence found could
be kept out of a criminal proceeding against you.Trying to stop
them from searching you will probably lead to arrest and additional
If we are under arrest:
*Do say:“I am going to remain silent,I would like to speak to
a lawyer.”
*Do repeat this mantra to any cop who asks you questions after your
*Do not believe what they say.Cops are trained to lie.
*Do not talk to anyone other than your lawyer about the circum-
stances of arrest,even other prisoners,friends and family.
Why:If we cannot afford a lawyer the courts must appoint one.
Conversations with anyone who is not our lawyer or working for her
or him may be used against us or someone else.If booking questions
go beyond name,address and date of birth,ask for a lawyer to be
present.If you ask for a lawyer to be present,they should stop ques-
tioning you.They are allowed to lie to you and often do.Having a
reliable local address and ties to the community help us get little or
no bail at arraignment (it helps to have a person they can call who
can verify the name and address you give them).Remember that a
“not guilty” plea can be changed later but a “guilty” plea cannot.
If cops are at the door:
*Do ask if they have a warrant.
*Do not let them in without a warrant.
*Do say “I do not consent to a search.”
If they have a warrant:
*Do step outside and close the door behind you.
*Do not lock the door behind you.
*Do say “I do not consent to a search”
*Do speak clearly so that others can hear you.
Note:If you actually interfere with them entering,you will probably
not be able to stop them from entering and probably will be arrested.
However,you can never be sure that a warrant is in fact valid.It is
safest to repeat that you do not consent to a search and allow them
to enter on their own.If they can say that they believed you were
stalling in order to destroy evidence,it gives them more power to
Why:Unless there is an emergency,cops need either a valid warrant
or our consent to search or arrest us in our homes,offices or other
places where we have a “reasonable expectation of privacy”.A war-
rant must have a description of the items sought or the person to be
arrested,a description of the area to be searched (including address
and part of the house to be searched),a date,and a judge’s signature.
If a warrant is missing these things or it is based on flimsy or false
facts,it may not be a valid warrant.Any time cops are in our home,
anything they see can be used against us.If an arrest takes place
inside a building,they may use the opportunity to conduct a search.
They may need different warrants or your consent to search different
spaces in your house.If in doubt,don’t consent and say so.
While in an automobile:
If ordered by cops,the driver of a vehicle must stop,show identifi-
cation,and answer routine questions (name,date of birth,and
address).Cops may order the driver or passengers out of the vehicle
and may frisk them to check for weapons.
Cops do not need a warrant to search your car,but they must have a
reason to think that a car contains illegal things.(If they can see it or
smell it,they can search) They may not need a warrant to look in the
trunk or glove box,but they do need one to look through containers
in cars such as bags,backpacks,and purses (unless you are under
arrest).Anything cops see out in plain view in a car may give them a
reason to arrest us or may be used against us later.If a vehicle is
impounded,cops may look through everything left in the car includ-
ing bags and containers.When in doubt don’t consent.
from the People’s Law
Collective NYC
Police Confrontations at Protests


Ignore the Rats and Eat


(215) 563-8574
1) Glaxo Smith Kline:: Sponsoring experi-
ments using Hispanic and black children as
guinea pigs in research trials designed to test
the ‘toxicity’ of AIDS medications is just one
of the scandals that Phally-based (16th and
Race) Glaxo is embroiled in. Carried out at
Incarnation Children’s
Centre, a New York care
home that specialises in
treating HIV sufferers and is
run by Catholic charities,
one test involved giving
children as young as four a
high-dosage cocktail of
seven drugs at one time.. In
1997 an experiment co-spon-
sored by Glaxo used chil-
dren from Incarnation to
‘obtain tolerance, safety and
pharmacokinetic’ data for
Herpes drugs. In a more
recent experiment, the chil-
dren were used to test AZT.
Athird experiment spon-
sored by Glaxo and US drug firm Pfizer inves-
tigated the ‘long-term safety’ of anti-bacterial
drugs on three-month-old babies. Glaxo is also
implicated in denying affordable drugs to sen-
ior citizens and AIDS survivors, torturing ani-
mals, and producing toxic drugs.
2) Merck:: Employs 10,000 people in Philly
suburbs of West Point, Upper Gwynedd, Blue
Bell, Wayne and Horsham. Guilty of Vioxx
scandal: Produced and aggressively marketed
this popular painkiller which induced heart
attacks or strokes in over 90,000 people,
killing more than 30,000. Sponsors exhibit at
Franklin Institute, Philly’s landmark science
museum (222 N 20th St): “The Giant Walk-
Through Heart: AHealthy Interactive
Experience.” (See also Mumia Abu-Jamal’s
column, page 2)
3) Dow Chemical:: In Philadelphia’s
Holmesburg Prison in 1960s and 70s, Dow
conducted medical experiments on hundreds of
inmates, most black men, without their
informed consent, testing dioxin, radiation and
psychotropic drugs. (Read Allen Hornblum’s
1998 expose Acres of Skin.) “Dow Chemical
has been polluting property and poisoning peo-
ple for nearly a century, locally and globally –
trespassing on workers, consumers, communi-
ties, and innocent bystanders – on wildlife and
wild places, on the global biota and the global
genome.” (from Trespass Against Us: Dow
Chemical and the Toxic Century by Jack
Doyle). Owns Union Carbide, responsible for
1984 Bhopal disaster in India. Bought ag-
chemical division of Philly-based Rohm &
Haas in 2001. Dow/Mycogen is Dow
Chemical’s GE crop division. In 1998, Dow
formed a new company, Advanced Agri-Traits,
to coordinate strategic alliances for the biotech
industry. Dow/Mycogen makes insect-resistant
Bt crops and jointly developed herbicide toler-
ant crops with Rhone Poulenc (now Bayer).
4) Bayer:: Bayer
CropScience, a unit of the
German company Bayer AG,
became a leading GE crop
producer with its purchase
of Aventis in 2001. When
US environmentalists dis-
covered that an unapproved
Aventis GE corn called
StarLink had illegally con-
taminated the food supply,
hundreds of products in supermarkets across
the country were recalled. The costs of com-
pensating farmers, grain buyers, food compa-
nies and consumers from StarLink losses were
estimated at nearly $1 billion, and made the
company ripe for the
Bayer takeover. With
the Aventis buy-out,
Bayer becomes the
world’s number two
pesticide maker. Bayer
now sells Aventis’
majorbiotech crops
under the brand name
Liberty Link (corn, soy-
beans and canola).
Liberty Link crops are
engineered to tolerate
high doses of the com-
pany’s toxic herbicide
called Liberty (glufosi-
5) Dupont:: Already the world’s largest chem-
ical company, DuPont bought Pioneer Hi-Bred,
making it world’s largest seed company too.
Pioneer controls 42 percent of US corn seed
market and 16 percent of soybean seed market.
One of the leading producers of GE insect
resistant “Bt” crops, Pioneer has collaborated
with Dow on a new Bt corn variety. Pioneer
owns dozens of seed production and over 100
research facilities worldwide. DuPont’s biotech
strategy focuses on “second generation” crops:
most of these crops have yet to come to mar-
ket, and will feature food industry “output
traits” rather than farm-driven “input traits.”
For example, Roundup Ready crops are mar-
keted for purported benefits to farmers, just as
other farm inputs (pesticides). DuPont will
instead focus on crops with traits such as
“more nutritional” soybeans - purportedly to
benefit consumers.
6) FMC:: Based in Philadelphia (1735 Market
St), FMC Corporation is one of the world’s
largest pesticide manufacturers and the sole
producer of furadan, a pesticide commonly
used in agriculture that is highly toxic to birds,
mammals, and aquatic species. According to
the EPA’s incident database, furadan is the pes-
ticide associated with the greatest number of
bird kills - 1 to 2 million per year in the 1980s
- in the US. Poor balance, muscle weakness,
paralysis, uncoordinated muscle groups, mem-
ory loss, disorientation, visual control difficul-
ties, cognitive deficits, speech and auditory
deficits, fatigue, dizziness, and sensory loss are
some of the effects that furadan induces in
humans. While the granular form of furadan
was banned in the 1990s, its liquid form was
not, and the EPAcontinues to
grant over 80% of “emergency exemption”
requests for its use. FMC aggressively markets
furadan as “eco-friendly” to farmers in Third
World countries like India. FMC also produces
other toxic herbicides and insecticides such as
sulfentrazone, clomazone, bifenthrin, and car-
Philadelphia,June 6th
The group I am with just chased one of
America’s most powerful politicians and his
frightened security detail through the back door
of a towering corporate headquarters:it is 6
pm and there is still work to be done.Over
pizza and soda the group holds its Monday
night meeting and discusses important work
needed in the next week to keep pressure on
the frightened governor and to defend millions
of people in Central America from drug com-
pany sponsored legislation that will deprive
them of the right to medicines that can save
their lives.Welcome to ACT UP.
ACT UP Philadelphia is an 18 year old,all vol-
unteer direct action group that uses actions like
this along with political savvy and coalition
building to win victories for marginalized com-
munities here in Philadelphia and across the
globe.ACT UP,which
stands for AIDS
Coalition to Unleash
Power,was founded in
1987 at the height of
America’s AIDS crisis,
along with many
chapters in places like
San Francisco,
Chicago and Austin.
Today ACT UP
Philadelphia is one of
only three remaining
chapters,along with
New York and Paris.
With their allies,ACT
UP Philadelphia trans-
formed political dia-
logue in the late 1980s
and early 90s,forcing a nation to end its silence
on a new disease and winning acceptance for
LGBTQ as a legitimate minority with their own
needs and rights in America’s medical and pub-
lic health community.“When my lover died in
1988,people said there would never be any
treatment for AIDS,” said Jose De Marco,“that
it was too difficult a disease,that nobody cared
whether fags like me lived or died.We proved
them wrong on all counts.”
By 1997,with ACT UP at the forefront,the US
AIDS movement changed AIDS from a death
sentence to a manageable disease and created an
entire public health system dedicated to serving
the queer community.“When I was first diag-
nosed as HIV positive,my homophobic doctor
wouldn’t even talk with me about how I con-
tracted the virus,” says De Marco.“Well,with
ACT UP’s help,I got a new doctor,and a whole
new clinic full of professionals who weren’t
afraid of me for who I am.”
After changing the way medicine was practiced
in the wealthiest of nations,ACT UP realized it
was facing even greater challenges:big PhRMA
and corporate America’s assertion that health
care is a right that the global soutn cannot
afford.“In 1998 at the International AIDS con-
ference in Geneva,representatives from the US
government and PhRMA,Pharmaceutical
Research and Manufacturers Association,were
walking around saying things like,“We are not
going to be able to do anything for Africa,it just
isn’t cost-effective,” and,“Even if we could,
people in Africa can’t tell time,” says ACT UP’s
Asia Russell.“And we were like,‘You’re just
going to let 500 million people die? That is
morally unacceptable.” Thus began ACT UP
Philadelphia’s Campaign for Essential
1998 was also the year that the US government,
under pressure from PhRMA,threatened gov-
ernments in the Global South,beginning with
the government of South Africa,with massive
trade sanctions for investigating the use of
generic medicines to combat their burgeoning
AIDS crises.“Glaxo Smith Kline wanted South
African slum dwellers,living on less than a dol-
lar a day,to pay more than ten thousand dollars
a year for its HIV combination therapy,” says
Russell,“each pill costs less than one-tenth of
one cent to produce - they didn’t
care how many people died so long
as they protected their profit mar-
Today ACT UP is working on three
major campaigns:the Campaign to
Save Medicaid - a program which
provides the bulk of AIDS servic-
es for low income Americans living
with HIV/AIDS and is threatened
because of budget cuts;the
Campaign to Stop CAFTA (Central
American Free Trade Agreement)
which if passed will deny millions
of people in Central America the
right to low cost essential medica-
tions for HIVand other diseases;
and the Campaign to End AIDS - a
nationwide movement,to remobi-
lize the American AIDS movement in the face
of today’s conservative Christian aggression.
Over the years ACT UP’s demographics have
changed along with those of the disease.“We
are no longer a bunch of gay white men sitting
in a room planning a banner drop,” says De
Marco.“New members of ACT UP are more
likely to be straight,African-American,and
female then ever before.They bring their own
stories,energy,and input to the group.” “Today’s
ACT UP is a melting pot of powerful activists,
says ACT UP member Waheedah Shabazz El,
“The day I was diagnosed with HIV,I never
thought I would be getting arrested with a
mohawk-sporting-anarchist from West
Philadelphia,heck I didn’t even know what an
anarchist was! But being part of ACT UP has
shown me that people from all walks of life can
come thogether and accomplish amazing things.
ACT UP Philadelphia is proud to support the
BioDemocracy counter-conference.Keep an
eye out for the ACT UP banner and speakers
like De Marco during many of the panels and
ACT UP Philadelphia meets every Monday
night at St.Lukes on Thirteenth St.between
Locust and Pine.Says De Marco,“We always
need new members - we have a lot of exciting
work to do.”
ACT UP Philadelphia Tells Drug Companies:
You work for ME”
Hotlines/ Emergencies:
*Philadelphia Lesbian and Gay Task Force on
Violence and Discrimination (215) 772-2005
*Women Organized Against Rape (WOAR) (215)
*Women Against Abuse (215) 386-7777
*Bilingual (English and Spanish) Domestic
Violence Hotline (215) 739-9999
*Planned Parenthood (STD/HIVTesting and
Abortion/ Morning After Pill Services) 1144
Locust St. (215) 351-5550
*Transgender Health Action Coalition- (215) 732-1207
*ACT- (drug abuse and addiction information and treatment)
(215) 236-0100
*William Way Community Center- (a center supporting the trans,
gay, lesbian,bi communities, offers a variety of programs and support
services) 1315 Spruce St. (215) 732-2220
Museums/ Libraries:
*Philadelphia Museum of Art-Home of the Rocky
steps located at 26
and Ben Franklin Parkway-
free admission on Sundays
*African American Museum of Philadelphia- fea-
ture exhibits as well as long-term displays and his-
tories 701 Arch St. (there is an admission cost)
*UPenn Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology-
free Sundays, small collections from all over the
world including Ancient Egypt, Hopi and other
Native American Nations, Polynesia, Middle East,
Mayans, Aztecs, etc. located at 34
St and Spruce St
right before the South St bridge
*Mutter Museum- (19 S. 22
St) If you want to
check out an amazing collective of things in jars, as
well as some of the first condoms, the
largest colon, and more this is the place
for you.
*Free Library of Philadelphia- (1901
Vine St) (215)-686-5322
*Clark Park (Between 43
and 45
and between
Baltimore Ave. and Walton Ave.) includes playground,
green space, and the dog bowl for the four legged to
make friends
*Fairmount Park (Benjamin Franklin Parkway) Even larger then cen-
tral park in NYC...great place for bike rides and pic-
nics, also home of a Japanese teahouse, horses, and
*Bartram’s Gardens- (54
St. and Lindbergh blvd)
near the oil cans, houses among many things an herb
garden, wetlands area, wildflower meadow, butterfly
and hummingbird garden, and winding river trail-a
great place to watch the clouds.
Radical Spaces/Book Stores:
*Wooden Shoe Books- (508 S. 5
St, a block south
of South St.) (215) 413-0999 the local anarchist
bookstore and info shop with an assortment of books,
zines, pamphlets, t-shirts, videos, Zapatista coffee, and more. Also
full of flyers and free information
*IWWNational Offices- (on Baltimore Ave. between
and 46
) home of the Industrial Workers of the
World, lots of interesting resources and reading
materials, call before you visit: (215) 763-1274
*Robin’s Bookstore- (108 S. 13
St) a great inde-
pendent bookstore downtown with interesting book
readings and events. Phone: (215) 735-9500
*LAVA(Lancaster Avenue Autonomous Zone)-
(4134 Lancaster Ave) housing many of the conver-
gence events, a collective space housing Radio Volta,
Philly IMC, Act Up, a radical library, and more. Also the
home of the defenestrator, a local Philly based radical paper that
helped pull this thing together despite temperamental computers.
*A-Space- (4722 Baltimore Ave.) a collective space for speakers, dis-
cussions, exhibits art, and is home of Books through Bars.
*FireHouse Bicycles- (50
and Baltimore, upstairs in the FireHouse
Market) a worker owned collective bike shop, some of the best folks
Cheap Eats/ Good Food:
*FireHouse Market- (50
St. and Baltimore Ave) Home of Satellite
Cafe serving organic and fair-trade teas and coffees as well as an
assortment of vegan and non vegan bake goods, grilled cheese sand-
wiches, bagels, and smoothies, also home of James is grill that for
you nonvegan types makes a damn good egg and cheese sandwich
for a damn good price, also has good home fries and french-fries.
(Don’t forget to visit collectively run FireHouse bikes upstairs if you
need helpwith your bike)
*Choy Wong- (50
and Baltimore, on the south west corner) greasy
Chinese food that can make most of its dishes with tofu, small $3 and
large $ and greasy
*Maaka Market- (between 42
and 43
on Walnut Ave) open 24
hours for falafel, hummus, etc. sandwiches, and a great Middle
Eastern market
*Fu Wah- (on 47
St about half a block south of Baltimore Ave)
good tofu hoagie and market with vegan ice cream, bulk tofu, etc.
*Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant- (Corner of 45
and Locust)
Ethiopian cuisine with vegan and veggie options
*Blue Nile- (Baltimore Ave. Between 45
and 46
) good fava beans
*Allegro’s Pizza- (corner of Spruce and 40
St) has a good vegan
tomato pie, also serves beer.
*Lucky’s- (located on Baltimore Ave. between 47
and 48
) cheap
and greasy Chinese food can make pretty much anything with tofu.
*Esscene Market- (718 S. 4
St. right off South St.) expensive buffet
but all veggie, almost all vegan and macrobiotic food, and all organ-
ic, also has pre-made sandwiches and vegan bake goods.
*New Harmony – (135 N. 9
St. in China Town)- all vegan Chinese
restaurant, pricey but well worth it try the Kingdom shrimp..mmm.
*Singapore- (1029 Race St. China Town)- all vegan Chinese restau-
rant, again pricey but well worth it, perfect place for big groups
because there is an upstairs with a karaoke machine.
*Kaffa Krossing- (On Chestnut between 45
and 44
) organic teas
and coffee also serves Ethiopian food and a delicious Raw tuna salad
that is vegan and amazing, cost about $6, a splurge but filling,
healthy, delicious.
*Vientaine Cafe- (4728 Baltimore Ave.) pricey but delicious Thai
food...the green curry soup is amazing and the chocolate banana
spring rolls are delicious, vegan and veggie options.
*White Dog Cafe- (3420 Sansom St) a tad on the pricey side with
vegan, veggie options and bar, one of the BioDemocracy Sponsors.
*Produce trucks- located throughout the city have cheap fruits and
vegetables to buy and peanuts usually, there is one on 48
Pine and Spruce, one on Chester Ave. between 49
and 50
, and on
between Walnut and Chestnut.
and Locust) located above Abyssinia, a collectively run
bar with different music night featuring blue grass, blues, jazz, etc.,
decent beer selection and a city wide special: can of pabst and shot of
jim bean for $3
*Dahlak-(on Baltimore Ave. Between 47
and 48
just a few store
fronts west of Lucky’s) also an Ethiopian restaurant, but serves as a
bar in back with $3 rebels.
*Fergies- (1214 Samson St) a good downtown bar.





*LAVA- 4134 Lancaster Ave. (trolley # 10 from
Center City)
*Friends Center- 15
and Cherry Sts. (on Cherry)
*Ethical Society- 19
and South Rittenhouse Sq.



Philly’s Pissed and Philly Stands Up, two local
groups who work against sexual assault in radical
communities, will be staffing an emergency hotline
during the BioDemocracy convergence June 16th-
June 21st. This hotline is for “Safe Space” related
concerns.ASafe Space is an environment free
from all forms of discrimination. Physical violence,
sexual violence and harassing language are not tol-
erated in a Safe Space.
Some reasons you might call this hotline include:
* You are in recovery and there are users in your
housing for the convergence.
* You are having problems with childcare.
* You were sexually assaulted.
There will be female, genderqueer, and male people
available to respond to your needs. The hotline will
be open 24 hours a day.
Please do not call for directions to an action or
because you are looking for last minute housing.
This is a hotline for needs related to preventing
or effectively dealing with discrimination. You
can reach us at:
(267) 978-1411.
(215) 563-8574




Contact the BioDemocracy Mobilization at: or 877-806-2871.
Visit our websites for more details and daily
updates: *
The BioDemocracy Mobilization is sponsored
by Philadelphia RAGE (Resistance Against
Genetic Engineering), the Institute for Social
Ecology, SOS Foods, White Dog Foundation,
Mobilization for Global Justice, Under the
Pavement Collective, Student Environmental
Action Coaliton, Organic Consumers
Association, Whole Foods, the Center for Food
Safety, and many more.
Special Thanks to the Cornerstone
Foundation, Defenestrator Collective, Philly’s
Pissed and Philly Stands Up, the A-Space, the
Beehive Collective for manyt of the graphics in
this guide, Women’s International League for
Peace and Freedom, the National Lawyers
Guild, Up Against the Law Collective, and the