UMTS & LTE Analyzer

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Dec 10, 2013 (4 years and 5 months ago)


The UMTS & LTE Analyzer gives a complete overview
of the performance of the core part of your UMTS or
LTE network. It is the perfect tool for analysis of the
Quality of Service, trouble shooting, reporting, traffic
analysis and analysis of roaming activities.

The UMTS & LTE Analyzer can give you any details
about routing area update, PDP activation, traffic, RAB
assignment, roamers or failures in the network.

Key Features
• Can use data from IuPS, IuCS, Gn, Gp and Gi
interfaces or Sx /Xx LTE interfaces
• Complete analysis of routing area update
• Complete analysis of attach and PDP activation
• Analysis of traffic patterns per protocol
• Throughput rates per protocol
• RAB assignment
• Analysis of higher layer protocols
• Throughput per cell
• Detailed analysis of failures
• Easy access to protocol data
• Free combination of filters for home network, latest
network, RNC-ID, LAC/SAC, OPC, IP protocol and
IP addresses

Based on a CDR file generated with Call Analyzer the
UMTS & LTE Analyzer builds a database where all
subscribers can be traced to their home network and their
previous network.
With this database and the possibility for Call Analyzer
to measure delay times as well as calling times any report
or graph can be generated to show roaming activities or
to show exactly where in the network there are problems.
Any report or graph can be filtered either on the home
network, the latest network the subscriber was active in,
traffic type, RNC-ID, IP protocol or LAC/SAC for the
activities. This flexibility allows any analysis to be
performed. E.g. a filter can be set for home network
subscribers if reports are required for your own
subscriber, a filter can be set for one of your competitor's
network to allow you to see where you can take roamers

from that network, or you can use the LAC filters to
analyse problems or activities in a specific part of your
network. Naturally all these filters can be combined so
you can tailor your report to see exactly what you need.

Routing area updates

If you need information about where you get routing area
updates, which roamers that makes routing area update,
where routing are updates are delayed or fail you can get
any details of routing area updates in the many different
reports in the UMTS & LTE Analyzer.

Attach analysis

The attach analysis allow the user to verify where
attachments are made, where and why they fail and any
other details about attach activities in the network.

UMTS & LTE Analyzer

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PDP activation

The functions for analysis of PDP activation include a.o.
display per cell, per attempt, per APN, delay, per MS
home and many other useful reports.

Traffic Analysis

If you want to know where subscribers generate traffic,
what kind of traffic they generate the UMTS & LTE
Analyzer can give you all the details you need.

You can get display for total traffic, total traffic for the
different types of traffic, different type of traffic per cell,
traffic analysis for roamers etc. etc.

Naturally all filters for subscribers, cell, RNC, previous
network etc. can be applied for these reports as well just
like can see all traffic in both uplink and downlink


The UMTS & LTE Analyzer also includes detailed study
of throughput rates for different type of traffic.

Throughput can be analysed per, cell, per subscriber etc.