Strategic Industries: Alcatel-Lucent Selected for First Ever Hosted LTE Public Safety Network in the U.S.

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Strategic Industries: Alcatel-Lucent Selected for First Ever Hosted LTE
Public Safety Network in the U.S.
Tuesday, October 11, 2011
The City of Charlotte, N.C., has seen the future of public safety communications, and that future is LTE
(Long Term Evolution). Based on the tremendous advantages offered by the mobile broadband
technology and our leading position in offering LTE public safety solutions, City of Charlotte officials have
awarded Alcatel-Lucent a contract for the first hosted core LTE public safety network in the United States
– where Alcatel-Lucent will host subscriber-paid service for first responders over an exclusive mobile

Charlotte quickly realized what mobile broadband could bring to public safety communications, enabling
quicker response times and better information sharing in emergency situations, which is why they chose
to become one of the very first cities in the U.S. and the world to officially deploy LTE,” said Lisa
Navarette, Alcatel-Lucent vice president of Strategic Industry Sales in the Americas. “This is a fantastic
opportunity as Charlotte gears up for the Democratic National Convention, where we will be front-and-
center with our public safety LTE broadband communications infrastructure.”
Under the contract, we will be responsible for deploying
an end-to-end LTE network in the dedicated Public Safety
700 MHz frequency spectrum for Charlotte. Key to the
winning bid strategy was a unique hosted core capability,
where we will own and operate the Evolved Packet Core
(EPC) — a high-capacity, all-IP core network designed to
support LTE — for Charlotte. Charlotte will then
purchase the wireless base stations and the back haul
infrastructure for the network.

Our hosted core model provides a cost-effective solution
that allows public safety agencies to deploy LTE services
while minimizing the complications of new technology
and long-term network management,” said Ken Wirth,
president of End-to-End Network Solutions for Alcatel-
Lucent. “This approach is being leveraged by the North
America Strategic Industries sales team to secure
additional contracts with agencies looking to deploy
wireless broadband for their first responders without
What is a “hosted core” and why does it
matter in Public Safety?
Public safety communications networks
present unique challenges because of the
way they have been built and managed in
the past. In most cases, public safety
networks are “private” networks, which
means that a single agency, such as a police
department or fire department, has built the
network for its own use and is responsible
for maintaining it and introducing new
technology, services and applications.
The main challenges of these private public
safety networks are interoperability and
capital outlays. Among the lessons learned
by public safety from September 11 was
Strategic Industries: Alcatel
Lucent Selected for First Ever Hosted LTE Public Safet
being burdened by the upfront cost of constructing and
maintaining an entire LTE network.”
Once deployed, the LTE network will increase the
capabilities for all first responders in Mecklenburg County
and will greatly improve the interoperability of existing
networks. This will allow first responders in the area to
communicate collaborate and operate with other local
and national law enforcement and emergency response
organizations. For example, firefighters might be able to
search city databases for the schematics of the building
involved in the incident and download them in seconds to
a laptop for quick tactical planning while they are en
route to the emergency scene. Another example is police
and other public safety forces using real-time, mobile
video surveillance, which was recently demonstrated on
the Mall in Washington, D.C. for the annual
Independence Day fireworks show
. The network will also
enable the use of tools such as mobile two-way video,
finger print and face recognition applications, and
enhanced medical interoperability between first
responders and hospitals.
This win is the culmination of the efforts of the North
America Strategic Industries sales team partnering with
the Public Safety End-to-End LTE team, that established
Alcatel-Lucent as a credible public safety partner during
the last eight months. The deal was won in direct
competition to Motorola (using Ericsson), which has been
the City of Charlotte's Public Safety Communications
provider for the better part of 20 years.

The Strategic Industries sales team and support staff
showed tremendous focus and persistence throughout
this entire process, standing up to each and every
challenge to knock them down or clear them out,” said
Chris Kelley, senior director of Public Sector Strategic
Industries in North America. “There was just simply no
way we were going to be denied this opportunity — and
that mindset seemed to infect the entire proposal team
as we went forward to successfully win this deal.”
The 4G LTE Public Safety Network in Charlotte will be funded primarily by the $16.7 million Broadband
Technology Opportunities Program grant which was awarded to Charlotte in August 2010 by the U.S.
Department of Commerce. The deployment of the network is expected to complete by July 2013.
Alcatel-Lucent is currently involved in many more opportunities in the U.S. Outside of the U.S., public
safety agencies in Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Malaysia and Singapore have expressed interest in
constructing LTE-
based public safety communications networks. The Strategic Industries group is actively
engaging with these agencies to become their trusted partners by explaining the advantages of using LTE
for public safety.
Congratulations to the North America Strategic Industries Sales, the End-to-End Network Solutions, the
Public Safety End-to-End LTE teams and supporting organizations from Finance, Lead to Order, and
others, for this win, especially: Luay Alnadi, Rohit Bhanot, Wim Brouwer, Anthony Chactoura, Chas
Chamberlain, Pete Dardaris, Tewfik Doumi, Tamara Dugas, Michael Hardiman, Gary Issermoyer, Dan
Johnson, Danny Jonathan, Chris Kelly, Kevin Krufky, Shue Kwan, Phil Lamarouex, Al Lipperini, Jita
Misra, Maria Palamara, Bruce Rowland, Bavesh Shingala, Carl Swan, Darrell Waters, Kevin Wendt,
Charles Whitman and Morgan Wright.
By Paul Erwin
, Americas Communications
that these many separate networks were
unable to communicate with each other
effectively, which hindered coordination
among the agencies involved. The result
was an effort to ensure that all of these
networks — whether they are federal, state
or local — can work with each other using a
single set of standards.
The drive to adopt a single set of technology
standards along with the advances in mobile
communications technologies, has pointed
to the need to deploy entire new
communications networks based on 4G.
However, given the financial strains placed
on government entities in recent years,
deploying an entirely new public safety
network is cost-prohibitive. This is why a
“hosted core” is an attractive choice for this
In the hosted core model, Alcatel-Lucent
deploys, operates and maintains the core of
the network for the public safety agency for
a fee. The public safety agency then
purchases and deploys the edge
components of the network, such as the
base stations and the backhaul. The
advantage for the agency is that it does not
have to pay to deploy and operate the entire
network, making it much more cost-
effective. The advantage for Alcatel-Lucent
is an additional revenue stream and once
the network core is in place, we can add
more public safety customers.
So, a hosted core solution is truly a win-win
for everyone!
Strategic Industries: Alcatel
Lucent Selected for First Ever Hosted LTE Public Safet

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Strategic Industries: Alcatel
Lucent Selected for First Ever Hosted LTE Public Safet