Make Your Site An iPhone App

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Dec 10, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Make Your Site An iPhone App

Adam Duvander

Nov 19, 2008

You can get most of the benefits of an iPhone application without writing a single line of Objective C. An o
source project called

lets your wrap your website in iPhone App goodness. And you can even charge
for your creation.

Even more exciting than being able to easily create an app is getting access to some nati
ve iPhone APIs.
Currently PhoneGap supports JavaScript access to the user’s location and the device accelerometer. Camera and
vibration are still in the works.

There’s talk of being able to use a web form to create your app by submitting only the URL of yo
ur website.
Currently, it’s a little more work, but easier than creating an app from scratch. You’ll still need to download the
SDK and write your app in Apple’s XCode. The PhoneGap wiki has a
hello world tutorial

that should get you

One really cool aspect of the PhoneGap project is that it also supports Android and Blackberry. A write
approach to mobile development is within grasp of the ordinar
y web developer.

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