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Aug 13, 2019 (4 months and 3 days ago)


Mr. Minocher Patel is leading Motivational speaker in India for Students. His electrifying and engaging sessions filled with humor and insightful stories makes all his session a true asset to young brains. Mr. Patel has got a knack of getting the best out of every student even in tremendous pressure situations. Mr. Patel is also India’s leading Leadership and Image Coach for CEO’s, Senior Executives, Politicians and Professionals from the entertainment industry. For more details call us on +91 8055208323, or if you require any additional information, please visit our website:

Some of the Most Crucial Message from Bhagawad Gita that can teach
you a lot

From the set of posts which can bring out'classes for the youth from Bhagwad Gita'. Converging these
classes on the manners; you live your daily life - will bring'Spiritual & Material Magic' inside. Sure -- you
will enjoy; because the examples and descriptions are modern. Despite the fact that you read -- you will
observe answers for your ‘living well issues'.
My job as
Motivational speakers in India
makes me to journey across and fulfill many superbly young
folks in Corporate Sector / Academic institutes of repute / even smaller towns in India. As I interact with
this particular set; I discover that the most significant and also the common most challenge ahead of the
youth now is ‘Learning the Art of quitting the dissipation of the Energy'. They live as though --'Life have
been an EMERGENCY'; permitting their energies for dissipated in useless memories of yesteryear,
regrets of their failures, the envisioned sorrows of their future or at the delight of the current. Their
whole energies look focused on ‘frenzied actions'.
You have to be thinking about how all this is linked to this concept of Bhagawad Gita which can help
today's youth.
Consider how most men and women plan their weekends. Most folks e.g. will create their travel
programs to areas of holiday; without even recognizing that there will be a mad rush of people at these
places of tourist attractions; placing in jeopardy their ‘thoughts of pleasure in a holiday' -- an illustration
of frenzied preparation which will cause dissipation of energy. The irony is that they understand it -- but
nevertheless they'll get it done.
If you aren't conscious of how you're squandering your energy, then here are 4 harmful techniques may
open your mind!
Feeling excited and dissipated' is now turning into a DNA thing together with all the Facebook
generation. A couple of decades ago we utilized
Motivational spekares in mumbai
for memories. We
click on images for FB Remarks and Likes. What a myopic approach to strategy holidays / get togethers /
re-unions with buddies / weekend celebrations. With no'Celebration from mind',''parties outside' will
probably be vacuous, tangential & overly short-lived. Excitement & Happiness are distinct. Regrettably
most things we do produces'Excitement'.
When you mend your complete power to your'job'/ in your'chosen route'; a fantastic pleasure starts
appearing and firming up on your mind. This happiness can be known only once you experience it. Last
17 years; I've attempted to madly concentrate in my'Core function'; and trust me 'life looks much
simpler today; compared to once I was not.' Excitements become made daily; nevertheless fizzle quicker
because of the altered custom of'looking at the bigger picture'.
The caliber of activity is contingent on the ideals which inspire & guide an individual. Someone who has
no ideals feels drained in his job. This exhaustion is a result of the pressure and the strain that we
encourage, by craving for joy in sense things and eternal expectation of these fruits of our activities. An
instance in point is that our obsession with all net notably Facebook and WhatsApp.