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Brno, 19. 4. 2007

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The meeting of NATO experts in Brno

The 2nd Meeting of the NATO Biotechnology Team of Experts (ToE) is t
aking place on
24.4. in Brno. The primary objective of the meeting is evaluation of the results achieved
during the first year of the Team activity, as well as setting up a closer cooperation with
Czech biotechnology scientists.

The meeting is att
ended by specialists delegated into the NATO Biotechnology Team of
Experts by member states. The Biotechnology ToE is responsible for supporting the
technological oversight of the development of biotechnological materials or systems capable
of neutralizing

or diminishing the aftermath of chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear
attack (CBRN hazards), particularly in the protection and decontamination field. One of the
important objectives of the Brno meeting is collective preparation of a test that wou
demonstrate the utilization of the current biotechnological procedures and materials for
decontamination of surface exteriors of the combat aircrafts The creation of the group was
initiated by NATO Hazard Management Subgroup (HMSG) in February 2006. The

meeting of the Biology ToE took place in April 2006 in France, attended by 19 specialists
from 6 countries including Czech Republic.

A leader of the group was elected

Mr. Joseph J. DeFrank, a member of the bio
defense team
of the American Edgewo
od Chemical Biological Center Institute, an author of tens of
scientific publication, a co
author of several American patents, awarded many times for his
scientific activities. In his position, he is responsible for programmes of basic and applied

including the utilization of biological and biotechnological systems for
decontamination and demilitarization of chemical and biological weapons, as well as
liquidation of other chemical risks of military importance. His own research activities are
d on microbiology, enzymology and molecular biology. Joseph J. DeFrank is a member
of several military boards and scientific societies, e.g. Army Research Office Coordinating

Group for Biology, Army Biotechnology Working Group, American Association for the

Advancement of Science, American Chemical Society, American Society for Microbiology,
International Society for Environmental Biotechnology a Scientific Research Society for
Industrial Microbiology.

As a specialist, he has a long history of cooperation
with NATO. He was a member of several
workgroups and in 1994
2005, he was a leader of a group focused on biotechnological
decontamination. (NATO Project Group 31).

The Brno meeting of the Team of Experts is organized in cooperation with the Masaryk
sity, the Military Technical Institute of Protection and South
Moravian Innovation
Centre. The programme includes lectures given by specialists in the defense and
decontamination field, from France, Denmark, USA, Great Britain and Czech Republic. The
ng itself focuses mainly to news in the area of decontamination technologies, new
materials and products, and collective demonstrative tests.

During the meeting, there is planned an excursion to the laboratories of the University
Campus Bohunice, where a

biotechnology for yperite degradation and decontamination is
being developed. This development is a collective project of Masaryk University,Military
Technical Institute of Protection and a biotechnological spin
off company Enantis supported
by the South
Moravian Innovation Centre. The developed technology is protected by
international patent application.

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