Introduction to Unity3d

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Oct 31, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


Introduction to Unity3d

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Interactive Media and Game Design

What is Unity3D?

2d and 3d interactive engine

build for multi
platform (started as Mac
only) including Web and mobile

product target beyond games to simulations,
training, interactive art creations

from standard games to NASA planetary
simulations from real data

low cost

free version available

Description of Unity

requires JS
like scripting, called
UnityScript, for nearly everything (some
Win developers prefer C#)

assumes external asset creation (Maya for

can be described as a game
state editor in
which assets are made “actionable” through
parameter settings and scripting

Creating 3d assets

creating a
in Maya

texture maps in Maya

, part2,

complex character rig

face modeling

singing head model

time motion capture

Maya training center

the 3d world view

Unity (like all similar engines) is an editor

Unity has a run
time viewer (like Game
Salad) to preview all operations

Unity imports a wide variety of assets and
allows the designer to place these in a 3d
world view (also 2d), give the assets
attributes (physics, collisions, etc. etc) and
move under real
time control

Getting Started…

“Bootcamp” intro explained in detail here:

“Getting Started with Unity”

Unity asset store

Getting started… this site also leads you through a

tabla rasa tutorial…