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Oct 31, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)



Syaldan Adilat Hakim
Binus University, Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

Hendry Fajar Yoseviano
Binus University, Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

Dhita Nur Qamara Hasry
Binus University, Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia


The background of this paper is three-wheeler which is a brand that originally
came from India that has been transformed into an icon attached to public transportation
in Jakarta. The purpose of the study, is to build three-dimensional game using the
Unity3D the action genre that can be run on the Android operating system and as a
means to introduce a three-dimensional game made in Indonesia. Methods of research
done by identifying the needs of the system through the definition of the system,
determine the hardware and software to be used, conduct a survey terhada running
system, determine which platform to use, and distribute questionnaires. Further
consideration of the design to make comparisons similar applications, the identification
of information needs, determine the functions and design features of UML. Then carried
out the implementation by making the programming that comes with the last unit testing
and overall evaluation done by their original purpose. The result of this thesis is an
application of three-dimensional game with Android-based action genre. The inference
is to produce three-dimensional game with action genre that can be run on the Android
system with Indonesian cultural elements that can be introduced.

Keyword : Application, Game, Unity3D, Android

1. Introduction
Transport in the capital city of Jakarta has various types of public transport.
Charged from small to big charged with its own uniqueness. In general, transport is
needed by the community to facilitate the purposes of a day - today. With transport we
can go to your destination quickly and easily. One type of transportation that is typical
with bajaj capital.
Bajaj is a means of transportation originally came from India. Now bajaj is very
typical for people of Jakarta to form a three-wheeled vehicle, an orange color, and sound
noisy. Bajaj is often a problem on the streets of the capital, with a voice that is often
noisy and polluting fumes are also not equipped with a tool - a tool of the government's
mandatory standards such as turn signal. But now bajaj has been very entrenched for the
capital Jakarta, with the advantages - advantages that bajaj has so far remained in the
capital. Many factors cause people prefer bajaj than public transport such as public
transportation, bus, taxi, or taxi. The price is very friendly to bags and cargo could be
more than one person or could carry enough groceries are several factors that make
people prefer to ride three-wheeler from the other shuttles.
Accordingly, author of the game fans also want to put the idea in which the
transport bajai be a game. A simple game that will make the author is using Unity3D
Engine. The initial idea of this game is as a means of entertainment.
The author hopes of making this game can help the players more game to add
knowledge about the game and give some idea about ways to make a game with Unity
2. General Guidelines
The scope will be discussed in the manufacture of this thesis are:
1. Application-tech game 3(three) dimensions.
2. Application with the genre action game.
3. Making an application using Unity3D.
4. Character modeling using a 3Ds Max.
5. Making an application game titled The Bajaj which includes:
a. Scripting.
b. Preparation of gameplay.
c. Making objects that include characters and static object.
d. Making terrain and mission.
6. Platform
This application is designed to run on the Android operating system.
3. Conclusion
The conclusion that can be given based on the result of the analysis, design, and
implementation of the game The Bajaj is as follows :
a. Generate a game called The Bajaj which has action genre and the game uses
technology of 3 (three) dimensions is implemented on the adventure of a
system of character models, terrain models, object models, the sky, and the
animation game.
b. Produce games that utilize technology as a game engine Unity3D 3.3 in the
making of The Bajaj game that govern how the whole system running game.
The author also uses the Unity 3D 3.3 For a script editor that can modify the
texture of the arena game, character and texture.
c. The Bajaj game can be run on the Android operating system 2.2 (Froyo) and
The Bajaj Script Editor can be run by Windows and Mac operating systems
have supported the Android SDK.
d. There is a bonus map and bonus objects that make this game interesting to play.
e. Game 8 The Bajaj applying the golden rule, so players can easily and quickly
understand the play.
f. In this game there is a storyline that adds to the draw of the game The Bajaj.

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