La musique generative

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La musique generative


Using this historical example, the methodology of generative art can be
appropriately described as the rigorous application of predefined principles of
action for the intentional exclusion of, or substitution for, individ
ual aesthetical
decisions that sets in motion the generation of new artistic content out of material
provided for that purpose.

Music Generation through Cellular Automata

E. Bilotta, P. Pantano and V. Talarico


nary Systems Group

Centro Interdipartimentale della Comunicazione

University of Calabria

Rende, CS


Cellular automata (CA), like every other dynamical system, can be used to generate
music. In fact, starting from any initial state and applying to

them simple transition rules,
such models are able to produce numerical sequences that can be successively associated
to typically musical physical parameters. This approach is interesting because,
maintaining fixed the set of rules and varying the initia
l data, many different, though
correlated, numerical sequences can be originated (this recalls the genotype
dualism). Later on a musification (rendering) process can tie one or more physical
parameters typical of music to various mathematical fun
ctions: as soon as the generative
algorithm produces a numerical sequence this process modifies the physical parameter
thus composing a sequence of sounds whose characteristic varies during the course of

ArTbitrariness in Music

Artemis Moroni


Information Technology Institute

Interactive Computer Graphics Lab


Fernando Von Zuben

State University of Campinas

Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Jônatas Manzol

State University of Campinas

Interdisciplinary Nucleus of Sound Communication


The problem of computer generation of musical material has received extensive attention
and a subclass of the field of algorit
hmic composition includes those applications which
use the computer as something in between an instrument, in which a user "plays" through
the application's interface, and a compositional aid, which a user experiments with in
order to generate stimulating
and varying musical material.


What is Generative music

History of ….generative music


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