What is your heart condition?

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Nov 29, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Ross Young

What is your heart condition?

What our heart is?

Centre of our thoughts and seat of feelings. Where our emotions come from and the non
rational part of us? The bible

the essence or centre of us that radiates out

Matt 5:8

17:10 Psalm 112:7 Proverbs 4:23.

Why the heart is important?

The centre of our being. Heb 4:12

God's word sharper than any two edged sword and
can separate 'soulish' things from spiritual things. The soul is immediate and self
centred. The spirit i
s future oriented on eternity and more 'God' focussed. So there is a
tension between our soul and spirit. Our thoughts feelings and actions are influenced by
the state of our heart. So if our heart isn't right we will entertain bad thoughts feelings
and ac
tions towards people

we can't love people if our heart isn't right.

We are called to show that we are Jesus' disciples by the way we love one another Matt

love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you.

How can we perform a health chec

List the things that might be a 'heart condition' in the following categories.

You and God know

What everyone knows (you and others)

Only God knows

Only other know

How to change our heart?

The medication

the concrete slab picture! Four planks to m
ake a frame. Pour the
concrete in and over time chemical reactions occur and the concrete 1. Speak kind words
to them 2. Pray for them 3. Speak well behind their back 4. Defend them This will create
a strong foundation on which God can build. God can do he
art transplants and make a
new heart in us Ez 6:20 I will give you a new heart and spirit

I will give you a heart of
flesh Ps51:10.

God is love

not just giving out love sometimes!

Community Groups

Can we come up with a definition of the 'Heart'? Do people have other ways they define
it or look at it?i

Remind people of the four 'habits' that Ross recommended for allowing God to 'reshape'
our hearts (like the way in which a concrete slab is formed).
Is there a biblical basis for

can people find verses that support these approaches (if you are leading then
take some with you such as Prov 15:1 re 'kind words'

A gentle answer deflects
anger,but harsh words make tempers flare etc.)

Have people
ever tried doing any of these as a remedy/medicine where their heart
wasn't right towards someone and what happened?....

1. Speaking kind words to them

2. Praying for them

3. Speaking well behind their back

4. Defending them

Homework for the group

Ross was speaking did anyone come to mind that they
find difficult to live or work with? If so, they may need to practice 1 or more of the 4
'habits' to love them better. So encourage them do this and look for positive
opportunities if they haven't had an
opportunity since Sunday and possibly even to
report back in a few weeks time on how their heart has changed (or not) or on the ways
that relationship has transformed (or not). Be warned that it can take practise over a
long time 'through gritted teeth' as

Ross put it!=