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Feb 20, 2013 (5 years and 2 months ago)



Omes and Omics

genomics, functional genomics, pharmacogenomics, oncogenomics, chemogenomics,
toxicogenomics, nutrigenomics, epigenomics, metagenomics, proteomics,
pharmacoproteomics, phosphoproteomics, synthetic genomics and proteo
genomic medicine, RNOmics, transcriptomics, metabolomics, interactomics,
methylomics, phenomics, viromics, algal, fungal, and bacterial omics, immunomics,
cellomics, organelle
omics, physiomics, cytomics, kinomics, glycomics, lipidomics,
s, plant
omics, transgenomics, integrative omics, other omes and omics

Biomarker and Molecular basis of diseases

Biomarkers in clinical, medical & pharmaceutical research,
disease biomarkers
, new
biomarkers, drugs exposure
, genetic effect,

lications, metabolic,
membrane, receptor and immunological disorders, biochemistry of differentiation
disorders, tissue damage and aging.

Molecular medicine

Gene therapy, molecular structural analysis, genetic epidemiology and molecular
and clinical pharm
acology, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human diseases,
human biology and path physiology, gene technology

Pharmacology and Pharmacodynamics

Pharmacometrics, Computational & statistical animal model, pharmacodynamic
data., anti
infective drugs, bi
opharmaceuticals, cancer pharmacology,
cardiovascular pharmacology, drug safety & toxicology, endocrine & metabolic
pharmacology, gastrointestinal pharmacology, genitourinary & renal pharmacology,
immunopharmacology & Inflammation, molecular & cellular mec
neuropharmacology, pharmacokinetics & drug metabolism, respiratory system
pharmacology, social impact of pharmacology
pharmacoepidemiology, pharmacometrics, and population pharmacology

Molecular cell biology

Molecular biology
of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells, cellular morphology and
function, genome organization, regulation of genetic expression, morphogenesis, and
somatic cell genetics, stem cells

Molecular physiology, psychology, and neuroscience

anisms of physiologi
cal control,
structure and function of cell membranes,
contractile systems, cellular organelles, and membrane ch
annels, transporters, and
integrated regulation of cellular function, mechanisms of signal transduction,
development, gene expression, ce
cell interactions, and the cell physiol
ogy of
physiological states,
clinical and clinical research at the cellular,
molecular, integrative, epidemiological, translational, clinical, imaging,
psychopharmacology, and treatment outcome levels


structure, function,

and development of the nervous system
molecular, cellular, systems and cognitive
neuroscience, as well as psychophysics, computational modeling and diseases of the
nervous system.

Applied Microbiology and Immunology

gradation & biodeterioration, biofertilizers & biopesticides, biopolymers &
biosurfactants, mushrooms, secondary metabolites (antibiotics, amino acids,
vitamins, organic acids, etc), anaerobic microbiology, mycology, microbial ecology
& biodiversity, compo
sting & vermicomposting, agricultural microbiology, food
microbiology, virology, immunology, antigen
antibody, Immunogenic techniques,
biomining, antibody engineering, T
cell therapies, therapies exploiting innate
vaccines, computational analysis.

Biophysics and Biochemistry

Structure & dynamics of biological macromolecules; membrane biophysics and ion
channels; cell biophysics &organisation; macromolecular assemblies; biophysical
methods & instrumentation; advance
d microscopics, system dynamics, biocatalysis,
enzymes & industrial enzymes, protein chemistry & engineering, protein targeting,
peptide mapping, biophysics, cellular & molecular biology, chemical biology,
computational chemistry, biochemical mechanisms, b

Structural biology

structural analysis of living material, molecular and supermolecular structure, light
microscopy including confocal microscopy, all types of electron microscopy, X
diffraction, nuclear magnetic resonance, scanning forc
e microscopy, scanning probe
microscopy, and tunneling microscopy, digital image processing, computational
insights into structure, structural organization of cells and tissues, their membranes,
compartments, organelles and supramolecular assemblies, to th
e structure and
conformation of proteins and nucleic acids from th
e molecular to the atomic level

Computational biology

Mathematical modeling and simulation, distributed and parallel biological
computing, designing biological databases, pattern matching a
nd pattern detection,
dinking disparate databases and data, new tools for computational biology, relational
and object
oriented database technology for bioinformatics, biological expert system
design and use, reasoning by analogy, hypothesis formation, and

testing by machine,
management of biological databases

Bioinformatics and Systems biology

Reverse engineering of biological circuits, data mining methods for genomics &
proteomics, signal processing theory & techniques for systems biology, modeling and
imulation of biological networks, nanotechnology in genomics and proteomics,
sequence analysis, information theoretic approaches to genomics and proteomics,
microarray image and data analysis, noise models in high
throughput technologies,
integration of he
terogeneous data, bioinformatics; algorithms; data disconsolation,
modeling and systems biology: kinetics
based models and constraints
based models

Plant and Agri

Crop improvement (resistance to stress, disease, pests), nutraceuticals, fores
biotechnology, gene
containment strategies
iotechnology (cellular,
chromosomal, enzymatic, genetic, and fermentation engineering) of plants, animals,
and relevant microorganisms (including nitrogen fixing bacteria and pathogens), and
ed bioch
emistry and structural analysis

Animal biotechnology

Identification and manipulation of genes and their products, stressing applications in
domesticated, animals, cell and molecular biology, immunogenetics, transgenic
animals, and microbiology

vironmental biotechnology

Bioremediation, bemoaning, phytoremediation, monitoring, aerobic and anaerobic
digestion, biotransformation, biofiltration, biosorption of heavy metals, effluent
treatment, environmental bioengineering, solid waste management, was
te water
treatment, environmental chemistry, environmental biology, ecology, environmental
health and toxicology, geosciences


Nanomaterials for use in drug delivery or as therapeutics, nanomaterials for us
e in
industrial biotechnology,

sensors, nanosystems for imaging molecules and cells
technologies for biology and medicine
, m

and nano

, s
probe microscopy in biology and medicine
, n
mechanics, biological
microelectromechanical systems (Bio
, s
assembly of biological molecules
tructure and dynamics of surfaces and thin films of biological and synthetic
, q
uantitation of molecular interactions
, t
echnologies for detection and
analysis of
individual biological molecules, c
hemical sensitiv
ity on a nanometre
, h
igh throughput biological assays and their
miniaturization, a
rrays of
biological molecules
, n
ovel materials for biomedical applications
, b
iocompatibility of
, m
olecular engineering

engineering and bio

nzyme systems and their applications, including enzyme reactors, purification, and
applied aspects of protein engineering, animal
cell biotechnology, including media
development, applied aspects of cellular physiology, metabolism, and energetic,
is and applied enzymology, including enzyme reactors, protein engineering,
and nanobiotechnology, biothermodynamics, biofuels, including biomass and
renewable resource engineering, miomaterials, including delivery systems and
materials for tissue engineeri
ng, bioprocess engineering, including kinetics and
modeling of biological systems, transport phenomena in bioreactors, bioreactor
design, monitoring, and control, biosensors and instrumentation, computational and
systems biology, including bioinformatics a
nd genomic/proteomic studies,
environmental biotechnology, including biofilms, algal systems, and bioremediation,

fundamental and applied aspects of food biotechnology, metabolic and cellular
engineering, plant
cell biotechnology, spectroscopic and other a
nalytical techniques
for biotechnological applications, synthetic biology, tissue engineering, stem
bioengineering, regenerative medicine, gene therapy and delivery systems

Drug discovery

Target discovery, rational drug design, combinatorial and para
llel synthesis,
medicinal chemistry, key compound classes, natural products, high
screening, novel therapeutic approaches to disease states, micro arrays,
bioinformatics and chemo informatics, absorption, distribution, metabolism and

(ADME), pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, pharmacology, drug
delivery, biopharmaceuticals, vaccines,
clinical trial evaluation, regulatory issues

High throughput screening and Imaging techniques

lant biotechnology, Marine biotechnology, Modern bio
technology, Leather
biotechnology, Agronomy, Systems biotechnology, High
Throughput and microarray
technologies, Synthetic biology and metabolic engineering, Translational
biotechnology, Methods and advances, Biosafety, Biotech ethics, Biopharmaceutics

anslational therapeutics and Clinical trials

Clinical therapeutics and risk management, clinical studies in all therapeutic areas,
outcomes, safety, and programs for the effective, safe, and sustained use of medicine
nature, action, efficacy, and evaluati
on of therapeutics, translational, predictive and
personalized medicine, new therapeutic modalities incl
uding gene and cell therapies,

human investigation and clinical trials

Molecular evolution and speciation

Structure and function of proteins, nucleic
acids and other macromolecules
, s
and function of multi
component complexes
DNA repli
cation, repair and
recombination, c
hromatin structure and remodeling
, t
RNA processing
, r
egulation of transcription and translation
, f
ctions of noncoding RNAs
rotein folding, processing and degradation
, s
orting and trafficking of proteins and
, s
ignal transduction and intracellular signaling
, m
embrane processes
, c
surface proteins and cell
cell interactions
, m
olecular basis of di

Climatology and Space biology

gricultural and forestry climatology, bioclimatology, climate data quality and
instrumentation, environmental climatology, hydroclimatology, human dimensions of
climate risk and socioeconomic impact assessments, and
limate services

Cosmic prebiotic chemistry, planetary evolution , search for planetary systems and
habitable zones, origins, evolution and distribution of life, extremophile biology and
experimental simulation of extraterrestrial environme
nts, life Detection in our solar

system and beyond, technologies and space missions for astrobiology, and planetary
protection, human expansion, ecosystems beyond Earth and terraforming, intelligent
life and societal aspects of astrobiology

Renewable ene
rgy resources and recycling

Biofuel, biomass & bioenergy, microbial fuel cells, Renewable energy sources,
feedstock utilization, agronomy, Bioprocessing & value added products/byproducts,
crop improvement, nutraceuticals, forest biotech
Photovoltaic techn
conversion, solar thermal applications, wind energy technology, materials science
technology, energy conservation in buildings, climatology and meteorology
(geothermal, wave and tide, ocean thermal energies, mini hydro power and hydrogen
production t
echnology), socio
economic and energy management

Intellectual Property Rights

, p
atent news
, c
opyright and trademark news
, k
ey patents
, and other issues

Life science market economics

Medical devices and market potential, agricultural and food pro
duction, consumption
and trade, rural development, and resource use and conservation, multiple roles of
agriculture, trade and development, industrial organisation of the food sector,
institutional dynamics, consumer behaviour, sustainable resource use, bi
agricultural, agri
environmental and rural policy.

Entrepreneurship and Commercialization

New venture creation
, o
pportunity recognition
, m
arketing of innovative technologies
strategic dimensions of growth, the entrepreneur as manager of a growin
g company,
financing company growth, internationalization and growth, the acquisitions process
of a growing company, teaching entrepreneurship, strategic alliances, new forms of
organization, women and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial behaviour in large
rganizations, entrepreneurship in developing countries, making allies in business,
ethics, the entrepreneur and the company

Technology transfer

anagement practices and strategies toward technology transfer,
environment that affects these practi
ces and strategies including public policy
developments, regulatory and legal issues, and global trends.

Basic Botany, Zoology, and Physiology

lant biology (structure, function, development, diversity, genetics, evolution,

ecology and ecop
hysiology; conservation biology and biodiversity;
forest biology and management; cell and molecular biology; paleobotany;
reproductive biology and genetics; mycology and pathology; and structure and
phytogeography for plants,
cyanobacteria, alga
e, fungi, and lichens

natomy, behaviour, ecology, physiology, genomics, developmental biology,
systematics and genetics, including phylogenetics
integrative approach to the study
of animal form, function, development and evolution, neurobiology, functio
morphology, evolution and development, ecologica
l physiology, and cell biology
new physiolo
gical principles or mechanisms
at the molecular
or cell

single cells, tissues or organs and on systems physiology
experimental study of the brain and interdisciplinary fields, cellular neuroscience,
mathematical analysis of brain function, computational neuroscience, biophysics of
brain imaging and cognitive psychology