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Feb 20, 2013 (5 years and 2 months ago)


Proposal to Fill a Full Time Faculty Position

Faculty Position Being Proposed

Biology, Anatomy and Physiology

Proposal Being Made by (List Name(s) and Title(s)

Margaret Kauffman, Professor of Biology

ary description of the position

Candidate will

be responsible for teaching a combination of lectures and laboratories in anatomy and
physiology for pre
nursing, pre
health sciences and transfer
level students. Other teaching assignments
may include Human Anatomy and Phy
iology, Biology of Human Sexual
ity and Basic Human
Physiology. Depending on the qualifications of the applicant, courses in Microbiology or General Biology
may also be assigned. Assignments may include both day and evening instruction.

General rationale for filling this position:

e teaching load covering these courses has historically been taught by more than one full time faculty.
At present only one full time faculty teaches these courses and oversees a myriad of part time instructors.
This has limited the number of sections off
ered and led to inconsistent and inadequate coverage of these
courses. These courses have been impacted every semester for the past 15 years and there is a need to
offer more sections of at least the combined Human Anatomy and Physiology courses (103A and
B as
well as 104).

How does this

position relate to our college goals?

Goal 1: Improve student learning and achievement through innovative programs.

How will classes offered
by this position
meet student needs and goals?

The courses BIOL 103A and B

have been consistently impacted and have slowed students as they attempt
to apply to pre
health science programs that require these courses as a pre
requisite. In addition, some
health science programs use a formula based on student grades in the combine
d Human Anatomy and
Physiology courses to determine eligibility in successful entry into their programs.
High quality
instruction in these pre
requisite classes is key to

a student’s eligibility and

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ratio is 0.61 but this is somewhat misleading since a fair amount of load taught by the “FT
Biology Faculty” is actually taught in Biotechnology, a different department.

坨tt⁩猠t桥⁲ati漠潦 full tim攠e慣畬ty⁴漠摥o慲tm敮e⁆ 䕓?

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In addition to the unanswered need of adding more sections of the pre
requisite courses BIOL 103A
and B, I would like to propose this position cover a new course: Physiology. A number of students seek
entry into BIOL 103B on the basis

of having completed a Human Anatomy course at another institution.
All these students actually require is a Human Physiology course to complete their pre


program in jeopardy if a full time position is not filled? If so, please explain.


Any other rationale t
o support the position proposal

Historically two full time faculty were assigned to teach the various anatomy and physiology related
courses in the biology department. This second full time faculty was replaced by a faculty that teaches
microbiology and biotechnology courses. When the b
iotech program was launched within the umbrella of
the biology department many of the biology faculty taught these classes and now many of these faculty
have positions split between the biology department and the biotechnology department. Thus, head counts

of biology faculty that appear to show a stable number of full time faculty are misleading since many of
these faculty have split positions. If course load rather than a head count were examined there has been a
loss of full time faculty that teach exclu
sively in the biology department. At present, only one of the

full time faculty teach exclusively biology courses.

There is one other full time faculty me
mber who
started in biology
, Jeff Watanabe, but the majority of his load is now taught in Envir
onmental Studies.

A statement by the Dean of the division housing this position (required)

Biology, and especially Anatomy & Physiology, is important to so many of our students. Students t
these courses to fulfill GE, as preparation for a Health Care
ers major, or as transfer prep. We have not
been able to accommodate the number of students who need these courses and turn many away. The
complaint during each registration period of “Can’t you please open another section of A&P?” is
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ome things around, and it filled with a waitlist of students who still couldn’t get in.