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Nov 3, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


Cloud Guide

Practical Applications

Cloud comp
uting is a new technology that will change the way that computers
operate and also the way that we are using computers. It is a revolutionary technology since
introduces a new business model which changes the way that organizations purchasing and
using tec
hnology in general.

Cloud computing is the ability to use a new technology or an
information system without the need to purchase software, install and configure it to an
infrastructure and have people to maintain it and upgrading it. It is possible to pur
chase it as
a service on a “pay
grow” basis and pay only a monthly amount based on your

The main advantage of cloud computing is the provision of hardware and software
resources on demand. Basically, you can purchase the aforementioned resou
rces as a
service exactly the same way that you are paying electricity, water and telephone services.
You can use as many resources is necessary to do your work and at the end of the month or
year you pay for whatever you used.

CIO’s and IT managers of eve
ry organization are having two important priorities in the
following years starting from 2011, the optimization of business processes and cost
reductions. In order to fulfil these two priorities, they will need to focus on virtualization
and the strategic
development of new services that will be offered from the cloud or even
to move existing services to the cloud.

Currently there are several services that are offered from the cloud such as email,
unified communications, online backup and virtual cloud serv
ers. IBSAC Intelligent Business
Solutions Ltd is one of the first companies in Cyprus that is offering hosted email, online
backup cloud services and virtual cloud servers. Our services are clearly explained below:

Hosted email:

Email is one of the most im
portant means of communication
nowadays and we can offer this service on
demand through our hosted email

Using our service you can have as many as possible email accounts, with the
desired storage, weekly backup, email access from everywhere, all
your emails,
calendar and contacts synchronized with your mobile device (phone, iPad, etc) and
all these with a small yearly fee.

Online backup:

It is a very time consuming task for organizations that own a vast
amount of data. However, no matter the size

of the data, backup is a “must have”
since in case of failure you will be able to retrieve all of your data.

The advantages
are easy to monitor, versioning control, easy restore of individual files and no user
intervention required. Online backup is offer
ed on a yearly subscription based on the
size of your data.

Virtual cloud servers:

Instead of purchasing and maintain your own server locally,
you can purchase a virtual cloud server and pay monthly based on the resources that
you are using.

All of the af
orementioned services are offered from our company. For more information
please go to our website

or contact with a sales representative at +357 (25)
250 666.

Maria Michael

Sales Consultant

IBSAC Intell
igent Business Solutions Ltd