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Video Transcript

Remote Sensing Vehicle Tracking

Technology demonstration

August 2011

ision of
skiing a

Mt Buller]

Voice of John Huber, CEO Mt Buller & Mt Stirling Alpine Resort Management Board

Well in describing Mt Buller we are the closest majo
r resort to Melbourne and we

out of that

benefit with a lot of daytime and day visitors. We have


largest visitation of any alpine resort in
Victoria as well, having over 440,000 visitors come every year.

[Vision of skiing a

Mt Buller]

part of th
at we really got to make sure we have the quickest and easiest and simplest way for
those visitors to access their holiday whether it be summer or winter, certainly in winter time when
we have the volume it’s about getting them into the snow holiday as soo
n as possible.

[Vision of skiing at Mt Buller]

[Robert Reed, CEO FE Technologies]

The advantages for Mt Buller for the new system are really around traffic flow. So the key thing Mt
Buller wanting to achieve
get people up the mountain as qu
ickly as possible
, whether
it be individuals, families or buses

John Huber]

Ultimately it’s about making it simpler and faster for you to get up on the mountain and enjoy your
snow holiday through the use of the innovative technology and working with ou
r partners at FE
Technologies and

of Business and Innovation, we are working on being able to roll
out a system that allows people to buy their tickets off line, do it at the time they choose in the
comfort of their own home. Pick up those t
ickets for access when they come through Mansfield or
other locations

pull them out of a kiosk at a conveniently located location

proceed up


to stop and purchase tickets

once they get here. Then we see flow
on effe
cts that once they arrive here those tickets because of the technology can be read and allow
us to actually help direct traffic and direct parking associated with where those cars need to go. So
we see it as real benefit to our customers

here quicker, getting
here easier and letting them enjoy their holiday sooner.

[Vision of vehicle entering ticket gate, getting ticket and driving up the mountain]

Voice Over]

Visitors who haven’t purchased their pass online or at a kios
k can still purchase them at the ticket
gate at the bottom of the mountain.

The pass is automatically read at the entry and exit points of the mountain and collects valuable
data about traffic flow in and out of the resort.

Readers also assist in traffic

management in the parking areas.

The pass also allows the resort to automate parking infringement management activities.


Robert Reed, CEO FE Technologies]

[Vision of Monash
team at work]

The future of the technology is all around moving from the use

of a silicon chip and attaching that
to the antenna which makes up the passive RFID tag to a fully printed RFID tag where the chips are
actually printed onto the tag.

With th
is project what we are doing is working with Monash University to help us develo
p up that
technology, so Monash are working on developing up a unique reader to read this chipless RFID tag
and our role is to develop up the printing process so that this can be done in a commercial form.

So that’s what we are very excited about and obvi
ously that sort of technology can be used not only
at Mt Buller but in very many, many commercial applications.

[Mt Buller & Mt Stirling logo

FE Technology logo

& Monash University logo

Victoria Government logo]

ision fades to black]