New ISO RFID standard will help trace products

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Nov 27, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


New ISO RFID standard will help trace products
in the supply chain

For reasons of safety and reliability, the importance of being
able to trace products throughout the suppl
y chain has
strongly increased in recent years. The new ISO 17367:2009
standard will help manufacturers and distributors to track
products and to manage their traceability thanks to
standardized RF tags.

Traceability is defined as the tracking and tracing
of product
and information related to it at each stage of a chain of
production, processing, distribution, and selling. The
development of radio frequency identification (RFID),
including peripheral devices and their applications, is
indispensable for incr
easing the safety and reliability of
products for consumers.

ISO 17367:2009,
Supply chain applications of RFID

Product tagging

defines the basic features of RFID for use
in the supply chain when applied to product tagging. In
particular it makes recomme
ndations for:

Encoded identification of the product

Additional information about the product for inclusion on the
RFID tag

Semantics and data syntax

The data protocol to be used to interface with business
applications and the RFID system

The air inter
face standards between the RFID interrogator
and RFID tag.

Craig K. Harmon, Chair of TC 122/WG 10 comments: "ISO
17367:2009 will provide higher level security of products
worldwide using RFID technology. It will enable easy and
efficient exchange of commod
ities in international trade and
logistics. "

ISO 17367:2009 is applicable to a wide range of industries
and it has been elaborated in order to ensure compatibility at
the physical, command and data levels with four other
International Standards under the
general title: S
upply chain
applications of

. International Standards within this suite
are interoperable and non

ISO 17363:2007,
Supply chain applications of RFID

Freight containers

ISO 17364:2009,
Supply chain applications of RFID

eturnable transport items (RTIs)

ISO 17365:2009,
Supply chain applications of RFID

Transport units

ISO 17366:2009,
Supply chain applications of RFID

Product packaging

These International Standards define the technical aspects
and data hierarchy of i
nformation required in each layer of the
supply chain. ISO technical committee ISO/TC 122/WG 10,
, in collaboration with ISO/TC 104,


series of standards.

TC 122/WG 10 has undertaken a revision of this suite of
ndards to provide better clarity to the encoded methods to
be utilized and support for sensor technology.

ISO 17367,
Supply chain applications of RFID

is available from ISO national member institutes (see
complete list

with contact details). It may also be obtained
directly from the ISO Central Secretariat, price 142 Swiss
francs, through the
ISO Store

or by contacting the Marketing,
Communication & Information department (see right