Interactive Systems Design

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Interactive Systems Design

Mobile Interactive System

Learning Outcomes

You will be able to:

Design the interfaces and interaction
design of mobile designs for specific

Discuss issues related to the design and
evaluation of mobile interactive systems

Explain the role of context in mobile

Learning Outcomes

You will be able to:

Discuss issues related to multimodal

Explain and critique a range of different
kinds of usability evaluation methods for
evaluating mobile usability

Evaluate mobile devices by selecting and
using appropriate usability evaluation


The changing situation the system is
deployed in

Physical context

Technological context

Social context

Why is context more important when
evaluating a mobile system?

Navigation System

Can you evaluate an in
car navigation system
in a lab?

I did a diary study in a real situation (holiday)

noting critical incidents

I then used cognitive walkthrough based on
scenarios generated from the study to give
analytical power / explanatory power

so its more than just anecdotal

looking for causes (see human error discussion)

In what ways did context arise as important?

What is good / bad about the methodology?

Mobile Evaluation Methods

What matters most that you get right in
mobile designs?

What do you need to evaluate?

Are user experience goals of greater
importance for personal, mobile computing?

Are personal goals?

Does context make any difference to how you

Why is context hard for evaluation methods to
deal with?

Critiquing Methods

Critique an evaluation method of your
choice for mobile systems evaluation.

What will it do well?

What will it do poorly

what issues will it miss?

Can usability evaluation methods deal with

To what extent can they deal with multi

Audio Clouds

Use 3D sound output, gestural input

Read Output, Feb 2005, page 6 on
Brewster’s work

What is meant by an audio display?

What are earcons and tactons?

How do you evaluate such systems?

Audio Clouds

How do you evaluate devices based on
a novel system?

In a lab?

Using expert usability methods (who has
expertise if it has never been done

Further reading (for example)

Marentakis, G. and Brewster, S. A. (2004) A Study on Gestural Interaction
with a 3D Audio Display, Mobile HCI.

Evaluation of Mobile and
Multimodal Systems

What is the best usability evaluation method?

Can usability evaluation methods deal with
multimodal interfaces?

Would they detect, for example, situations where
the interface requires we do sense and process
several things at once

Think of a usability evaluation method and
critique it with respect to the above.

What issues arise in trying to evaluate
mobile systems over desk
top systems?

Which evaluation methods are
appropriate for mobile evaluation and

How do evaluation methods need to be
modified to deal with mobile

Next Week’s Reading

On Usability of Medical Devices


H. Thimbleby. Ignorance of Interaction Programming Is Killing People.
ACM Interactions, September+October, 2008, pp 52


H. Thimbleby. User
centered Methods are Insufficient for Safety Critical
Systems. USAB'07

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