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Maurizio Pillitu
Technical Consultant EMEA at Alfresco
10 years of experience in the ICT industry,mostly related with Open Source technologies;covered different
positions:Software Developer/Designer/Architect,Sales Engineer,Technical Trainer,Project and TeamLeader.
Through experience and education,I try to push the Agile approach providing a smooth path for change to the
customer,incentivizing strong collaboration and managing carefully expectations of both parties.
Passionated about Application Lifecycle Management,I frequently advise teams on how to structure software
releases and deliveries in a automated and sustainable way.
Wide knowledge of J2EE technologies and related Open Source frameworks,especially around Enterprise
Content Management frameworks/products and large-scale web publishing platforms.
Always keen on contributing code and ideas to the Open Source communities
Teambehavior and dynamics (Certified ScrumMaster)
Application Lifecycle Management and build tools (Maven trainer)
ECM/CMS Open Source solutions (Alfresco Recognized Developer)
AlfrescoCertified Administrator
Alfresco License ALF000485 May 2012
Certified ScrumMaster
ScrumAlliance March 2008
AlfrescoCertified Engineer
Alfresco License ALF000485 July 2012
(Native or bilingual proficiency)
(Full professional proficiency)
(Professional working proficiency)
(Elementary proficiency)
Skills &Expertise
Agile Project Management
Open Source Development
Open Source Integration
Build Automation
Continuous Integration
Continuous Deployment
Open Source
JavaEnterprise Edition
Alfresco Recognized Developer,Enterprise Content Management,2011 - 2011
Sonatype Maven Training
Maven Trainer,Build Automation,2009 - 2009
Activities and Societies:3-days Sonatype Definitive Guide Training + Train the Trainer session with Tim
Certified ScrumMaster Training,Agile Methodologies,2008 - 2008
Activities and Societies:Additional Agile Estimating and Planning 2-days Training
Skills Matter
Spring Developer,Spring Framework,2008 - 2008
Universidad Politécnicade Valencia
Computer Science,Computer Science,2002 - 2004
Università degli Studi di RomaTre
Computer Science,1999 - 2002
Technical Consultant EMEA at Alfresco
April 2012 - Present(10 months)
1 recommendation available upon request
Self Employed at
December 2011 - March 2012 (4 months)
ALM,Puppet and Maven trainings and consultancies.
OSGi projects kickoff and architectures.
Distributed Infrastructure setup,configuration and maintenance.
Agile TeamLeader at Sourcesense
May 2009 - January 2012 (2 years 9 months)
Delivering Hippo 7 solutions,leading teams of roughly 6 members;handling the architecture,team
recruitment,training (together with Hippo training),teambuilding,Agile standup meetings,weekly
presentation to the customer and stakeholders,documentation and delivery of bundled packages to be
installed on different DTAP servers
22 recommendations available upon request
OpenSource Software Engineer for Gemeente Rotterdamas Consultant at Sourcesense
June 2011 - September 2011 (4 months)
Production readiness check and performance tuning for an Alfresco Share large scale instance,targeted to
deliver full data integration between municipalities of the Rotterdamarea.Main areas of intervention were
Enterprise Authentication integration and performance optimization of large queries.
HippoRijkshuisstijl Archetype at Sourcesense
September 2009 - September 2010 (1 year 1 month)
Due to the intensive Hippo/Rijkshuisstijl activities of the last year,I decided to contribute a project prototype
which includes an XHTML compliant with the Dutch governmental guidelines (Rijkshuisstijl
Webrichtlijnen),plus a mock dataset and a basic data structure implemented in Hippo CMS;the final result is
a Maven Archetype that provides a production-ready installation of a CMS and a website,ready to use,which
covers all the common use cases of an informative e-government website.
Agile Technical and TeamLeader for Agentschap Telecom at Sourcesense
March 2010 - June 2010 (4 months)
Delivery of two websites - and - backed by a
single instance of Hippo CMS.
Played the Technical and TeamLeader defining the project's technical design,selecting and skilling the
Team,defining a Release Plan with customer and stakeholders.
On the customer's side,I've handled their expectations and presented the status of the project every two weeks
to the stakeholders,collecting the feedback fromthemand reporting back to the Team.
In less than three months we managed to go live with both websites,we trained an editorial group of roughly
ten people and we delivered user and systemmanuals.
1 recommendation available upon request
Agile TeamLeader for aRijkshuisstijl-compliant e-government website at Sourcesense
May 2009 - February 2010 (10 months)
We developed,in collaboration with CapGemini,one of the first Rijkshuisstijl-compliant Hippo CMS
implementation for an informative e-government website;we managed to deliver the project (code,
infrastructure,documentation and a working website/cms implementation) in 2months time,creating a highly
skilled team,whose members I personally selected,skilled and led through the project.It was a very
formative experience for the whole teamand highly valued by the customer.
A focused team,standup meetings,cyclic and iterative development approach,weekly deliverable to the
customer and retrospective,burndown charts and kanban board was the recipe of what I consider the most
successful project I've been working so far.
TeamLeader at ICTU - program- as Consultant at Sourcesense
April 2008 - April 2009 (1 year 1 month)
Introducing Agile methodologies into the team;cooperate with the management in order to
- identify need/lack of knowledge within the team(s)
- flatten communicational herarchies and better define responsibility boundaries
- Forge agile teams for new projects rather than splitting current resources amongst different tasks
3 recommendations available upon request
OpenSource Software Engineer at Sourcesense
September 2007 - April 2009 (1 year 8 months)
Developing and coaching Open Source web-oriented solutions for e-government products.
5 recommendations available upon request
OpenSource Software Engineer for LogicaCMGas Consultant at Sourcesense
November 2007 - March 2008 (5 months)
Analyze,design and implement Document and Record Management for all Dutch Municipalities using
Alfresco Enterprise Edition 2.2
J2EE Developer at IstitutoPoligraficoZeccadelloStatoas Consultant for Sourcesense IT S.r.l.
May 2007 - July 2007 (3 months)
Mantainance and development of web-based GIS applications based on Open Source frameworks - Apache
Cocoon anf GeoServer (OpenGIS WMS/WFS server)
OpenSource Software Engineer at PontificiaUniversita'Lateranense as Consultant of Sourcesense IT
November 2005 - February 2007 (1 year 4 months)
Developing large scale Intranet/Extranet for the Ponteficia Universita'Lateranense building in Rome.
Worked together with/at the customer study and refine use cases and provide the most usable experience for
professors,students,backoffice employer and external visitors in an integrated platform.
Built completely with Open Source technologies - Spring/Hibernate/Apache Cocoon
2 recommendations available upon request
J2EE Developer at Joost as Consultant of Sourcesense IT S.r.l.
October 2006 - January 2007 (4 months)
Java development and design for Joost.Working on back-office Swing application for the interoperability of
different RDF-based data model descriptors.
OpenSource Software Engineer at Al Rajhi Bank (@KualaLumpur - Malaysia) as Consultant of
Sourcesense IT S.r.l.
October 2006 - January 2007 (4 months)
Building Internet/Intranet e-banking functionalities and providing Open Source Content Management
solutions and Website Frontend integration
OpenSource Software Engineer at Hippoas Consultant for Sourcesense IT S.r.l.
August 2006 - October 2006 (3 months) - Design,data domain model,architecture and development of a CMS-based
e-government website,using Open Source publishing frameworks.
OpenSource Software Engineer at Hippoas Consultant for Sourcesense IT S.r.l.
February 2006 - June 2006 (5 months)
Design and development of large-scale and high-load e-government websites,becked by CMS for data
provisioning,for Dutch Ministry of Finance ( and Ministry of Foreign Affairs
( project have been delivered using Open Source technologies.
J2EE Developer at at TelecomItaliaas Consultant for Pronetics S.r.l.
June 2005 - October 2005 (5 months)
Ported part of TelecomItalia SSHR systemon mobile platforms using Open technologies;integration with
the existent SAP back-end layer.
J2EE Developer at BNL as Consultant for Pronetics S.r.l.
February 2004 - October 2005 (1 year 9 months)
Large scale Corporate Business e-banking website - more than 80 banking functionalities - based on Open
Source solutions.Deep understanding of Interbank Corporate Banking standards (the Italian CBI)
J2EE Developer at Kataweb Freelance
November 2003 - February 2004 (4 months)
Developed Kataweb components for DAFNE Tourisminformation project funded by the European
Commission,collaborating with Sun Microsystems and HerzumSoftware.
DAFNE aims to bring to a commercial/industrial stage an already existing network of tourisminformation
(called F.E.T.I.S.H.),which links several service providers,integrating a critical mass of European
information systems and services.
J2EE Developer at TelecomItaliaas Consultant for Pronetics S.r.l.
April 2002 - September 2002 (6 months)
Developed H323/J2EE based video-community for TelecomItalia
Maven AlfrescoSDK
April 2008 to Present
Members:Maurizio Pillitu,Gabriele Columbro,Carlo Sciolla
Standard Application Lifecycle Management is a key enabler both for large complex Enterprise projects and
for the success of an Open Source Community at large.The Maven Alfresco SDK (formerly Maven Alfresco
Archetypes,Maven Alfresco Lifecycle) is an attempt to build a standard,open source,Apache Maven
powered SDK for the leading open source ECMframework,Alfresco.
Maurizio Pillitu
Technical Consultant EMEA at Alfresco
34 people have recommended Maurizio
"Maurizio's recipe is made of the following ingredients:open minded,friendly,imaginative,clever,ready to
help,solution oriented,talented,innovative and with good focus on details.The result is great value,a
catalyst for any team.It is a real pleasure to work with him..."
 Jose Carrasco,Consultant,Alfresco Software ltd.,worked directly with Maurizio at Alfresco
"Maurizio is both technically adaptive and professionally engaging;he can triage the business needs behind
technical challenges and guide the business toward effectively leveraging new technology.Maurizio's grasp
and willingness to share information around software development and open source is inspiring.He has also
an open mind and it is always interesting to discuss with him.Avery nice colleague,and a great
 Luca Bonesini,Sales Manager,Sourcesense,worked with Maurizio at Sourcesense
"Combine talent,leadership,professionality and a unique kind of enthusiasm:that's Maurizio,an amazing IT
professional that made his passion as his job!He has the rare combination of technological knowledge with
social skills,that makes himyour team's leader of dreams!I personally give him5 stars and I hope our
professional paths will cross again!"
 Simone Tripodi,Senior ICT System Architect,Sourcesense,worked directly with Maurizio at
"Maurizio is an energetic and highly motivating teamplayer,balanced with good pragmatism,excellent
understanding of problems and technologies and a wide knowledge of the Java and open source communities,
with an interesting mix of systemadministration skills.While we where in different areas,we had frequent
interactions as he is very helpful and resourceful,and he always managed to impress me with excellent timing
and sharp solutions.He's one of the precious kinds of people who care to push projects forward with his own
energy and competence while supporting and leading the team."
 Sanne Grinovero,Software Craftsman,Sourcesense,worked with Maurizio at Sourcesense
"Maurizio combines technical excellence with good project management skills and a solid understanding of
complex business requirements.His boundless enthusiasmand strong work ethic means that he sets a high
standard,and he is an asset leading any team.His personality and character also make hima pleasure to work
 Andrew Savory,Founder and Owner,Sourcesense UK,managed Maurizio indirectly at Sourcesense
"I worked with Maurizio for many years at Sourcesense and found himto be one of the most technically
savvy and up-to-date developers I ever met.He puts a lot of passion in his work and has accumulated lots of
experience in dealing with small and large projects.Maurizio is a great advocate for Open Source and its
adoption in the enterprise."
 Ugo Cei,Senior Consultant,Sourcesense,worked with Maurizio at Sourcesense
"In the year I worked with Maurizio he has shown to be one of the most and upbeat and energetic of people.
He has an very nice go-do-it attitude to work that infected the rest of the team.He is capable and passionate
about IT,but without loosing the ability to listen or consider alternative arguments."
 Marijn Vriens,Senior Software Engineer,Sourcesense,worked directly with Maurizio at Sourcesense
"Mau is an outstanding teamleader who is able to bring much power and energy to the teamallowing people
to keep focusing on the business and have fun at the same time.If I had to tell two things describing the most
valuable skills he can bring to a teamthey would be:enthusiasmand JFDI practice."
 Tommaso Teofili,Software Engineer,Sourcesense,worked with Maurizio at Sourcesense
"Maurizio has a charge of positive energy that gives a great added value to the team.It's really a pleasure
working with himboth during work and during leisure time.He is a very talented guy skilled on open source,
web content management and ALM.I worked with hima few times,I would definitely like to work more
 Piergiorgio Lucidi,Open Source ECMSpecialist,Sourcesense,worked directly with Maurizio at
"The first time I met Maurizio was long time ago in the Apache Cocoon Mailing list,his tips were really
useful.Some years later we worked togheter in The Netherlands,during this period I appreciated his wide
skills on open source technologies and his excellent skills as Agile TeamLeader.It's a pleasure work with
Maurizio,thanks to his enthusiasmfor software development."
 Alessandro Vincelli,Technical Leader,Developer,ICTU,worked directly with Maurizio at Sourcesense
"Maurizio is a highly skilled and insightful tech lead,whomI had the pleasure of working with all too little
during his tenure at Sourcesense NL.A passionate and energetic software professional,he adds enthusiasm
and a real positivismto software teams,and I have no hesitation in recommending himunreservedly."
 Nigel Runnels-Moss,Principal Consultant,Sourcesense,managed Maurizio indirectly at Sourcesense
"I knew Maurizio when he worked for us as subcontractor as Apache Cocoon specialist.He is definitely a
hard worked and a reliable and likable person.After a while,we got a chance and hired him,which proved to
be a very wise decision."
 Giovanni Pirola,was Maurizio's client
"I only had the pleasure to work with Maurizio remotely,but despite of that I really felt comfortable to work
with him.The reasons?Here's a brief list:He is strong focused on what he does,and at the same time he can
handle different tasks on different projects without loosing his focus on each of those;He is competent and
skilled in both development and management;He is a good speaker,and he can handle difficult relations with
a problematic customer;He is a person you can trust because of his commitment;Hanging out with himwill
fill your day with funny moments:) Strongly recommended!"
 Alessandro Novarini,System Integrator and Developer,Sourcesense,worked with Maurizio at
"Maurizio is a guy you will always want in your teamor better lead your teams.He is really good in team
leading,in software engineering and is ready to help you in an incredibly friendly but highly professional
way.In every project I hope to have himas project leader."
 Emanuele Lombardi,Software Engineer,Sourcesense,worked directly with Maurizio at Sourcesense
"Maurizio was my colleague and teamleader on many projects.He is a man of many qualities.Apart fromhis
extensive knowledge and understanding in diverse frameworks and methodologies,what always stands out
for me is how easy it is for himto convert some task that seems quite difficult into steps that are easy to take.
He taught me many skills I use today."
 Paul Bakker,Software Engineer,iPROFS,worked directly with Maurizio at Sourcesense
"I had the privilege of working with Maurizio on the project.As I remember,
Maurizio is a passionate teamleader with great knowledge of IT technologies,Agile development,SCRUM,
software testing and test automation.Nowadays he's specializing in ALMand considering his broad
knowledge of systemdevelopment life cycle,I'mconfident he'll be a great ALMspecialist.Proactive,loyal,
intelligent with a great sense of humour,thats Maurizio.I enjoyed working with himand would highly
recommend himto anyone looking for a great,pragmatic and creative teamleader!"
 Randolph Rijke#Per 01-02-2013 beschikbaar#,Testcoordinator
[],ICTU,worked directly with Maurizio at Sourcesense
"Maurizio is a very talented,innovative and hard working professional.He is very personable,his enthusiasm
is contagious.His energy is evident in all aspects of his work."
 Mario Lanzillotta,Director,SourceSense,managed Maurizio indirectly at Sourcesense
"Maurizio is a very enthusiastic,integer and highly skilled software engineer.Not only he knows how to
develop software according to agile he also understands the way the business works and thinks.Pre-sales,
business &technical analyses,teammanager and in depth software development,for Maurizio a walk in the
park.I would love to work with himagain in the future."
 Noel Wilson,Managing Director,Sourcesense Netherlands,managed Maurizio at Sourcesense
"Maurizio is a pleasure with which to work.Always positive and intelligent and an excellent developer.
Bright in inspiring the client,knowledgeable about Scrumand with a passion for Open Source.He combines
this with the understanding of business goals,which makes hima real good fit for any team."
 Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer,was Maurizio's client
"Maurizio is an energetic developer who can quickly set up a solid basis for a project.He has good
knowledge about several frameworks and build tools.He's a serious professional when necessary,but you can
also have a good laugh with Maurizio."
 Jasha Joachimsthal,(Senior) Java web developer,Hippo,worked directly with Maurizio at Sourcesense
"Maurizio ha sempre svolto le attività assegnategli con passione e professionalità in tutti i luoghi di lavoro,
(casa madre e c/o clienti) riscuotendo sempre elogi sul suo operato.Eccellente sia nel lavoro di gruppo che
 Alessandra Baroni,Financial control &HR,SOURCESENSE IT,worked with Maurizio at Sourcesense
"Maurizio is a very smart guy.He has great skills on enterprise technologies and as I worked with himI have
appreciated he's a passionate opensource and agile supporter"
 Daniele Montagni,Developer,pro-netics,worked with Maurizio at Sourcesense
"Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable developer/architect capable of learning new technologies very fast.
Was great to work with,and hope we'll work together in the future again."
 Ard Schrijvers,Programmer,Hippo Webworks,was with another company when working with Maurizio
at Sourcesense
"Maurizio was a pleasure to work with,a fast thinker with a good sense of humor.He displayed a high level
of technical knowledge without losing touch with non-technical teammembers on the client side.Maurizio
has been a key driving force in our project:fromscratch to launch,within three months time,two Hippo CMS
based governmental websites were delivered.Without the Agile skills of Maurizio and his teamwe wouldn't
have been able to get the job done in time."
 Jascha Tuinier,was Maurizio's client
"As soon as Maurizio shows on your radar,prep for some severe action.The particular quivering sound of his
silver mavenized trumpet will shiver any sysop in charge of operational network security,enforces Darth
Vader to yield to His authority and inspire the Development Teamfor years to come.Operating like a subtle
troll,he will distract attention by getting any development environment compromised by sloppy credentials
whilst deploying the latest weaponry fromthe J2EE-ALMrealmto streamline release management of your
entire project.If and wether to categorize the Puppetmaster as an encounter with the Divine Origin of Java or
the Definite Judas of Code shall be classified until at least the end of the current 32-bit epoch.Coming from
the Archtraitor of Unix,that is to be considered a compliment!"
 I.Smits,Consultant,ICTU,managed Maurizio indirectly at Sourcesense
"Maurizio his knowledge and experience helpt us in the development of the website en CMS for drive and enthusiasmabout Agile development inspired the team.He was able
to optimize the quality of the developmentteam,and with that the quality of the results.He can be pragmatic
and quick when needed,also knows when to take time for long run thinking.He was a pleasure and great fun
to work with!"
 Ria Volkers,Project Manager Antwoord voor Bedrijven,ICTU,managed Maurizio at Sourcesense
"I think Maurizio is one of the best software engineers I've had the pleasure of working with.He's quick,
finds creative solutions to difficult (business) requirements and is an expert developer in many different open
source projects."
 Sheila Alting van Geusau,Business Architect,ICTU,was with another company when working with
Maurizio at Sourcesense NL
"Maurizio delivers 100%commitment to everything he does.In the few projects we worked on together he
was first both to question and provide a solution.Professional in his approach,charming in his manner with a
great sense of fun,he is also supportive of his colleagues and a great team-player.He was a real asset at
Sourcesense,I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him."
 David Castle,Business Development Manager,Sourcesense,worked with Maurizio at Sourcesense
"It's a pleasure to work with Maurizio because he makes business but without to forget he is a person.He is
highly skilled in enterprise environments and troubleshooting,and a very valid teacher;the peculiarity?A
solution is not the same of a good solution!"
 Francesco Masci,Architect,Vatican City State,was with another company when working with Maurizio
at Sourcesense
"It's a pleasure work with Maurizio,he is a Application Lifecycle Management expert and with his work,he
can deliver a bump during the start of a project.Highly reccomended."
 Massimiliano Dessì,Software Architect and Senior Software Engineering,Sourcesense/Pronetics,worked
with Maurizio at Sourcesense
"I had the pleasure to work with Maurizio during the short time we were both in SourceSense.I had a
problemand another colleague said Maurizio was the right person for me,he was absolutely right.Together
we solved the problemquickly,accurately and having fun.Shortly:very skilled,personable and helpfull.A
great colleague either when you are in trouble and during daily work."
 Matteo Grolla,Product Expert,Sourcesense,worked with Maurizio at Sourcesense
"Simply brilliant in every thing he does,Maurizio is an outstanding resource in IT applications,able to
resolve critical problems in the last few minutes you have."
 Lorenzo Repichini,WebRatio 5.0 Analyst &Developer,Eustema S.p.A.,was with another company when
working with Maurizio at Sourcesense
"Maurizio is a fellow and productive co-worker.His ability to adapt to needs and problems of day by day
development,as well as to overview different technologies,has proven to be an invaluable resource.He also
proven to be methodical and rational in problemsolving while at the same time having the right amount of
 Simone Gianni,Consultant,Pronetics s.r.l.,was with another company when working with Maurizio at
Pontificia Universita'Lateranense as Consultant of Sourcesense IT S.r.l.
"Maurizio is one of the most skilled and open-minded developer in the IT industry,always up to date.His
teamworking vocation and his aptitude to solve problems make himan essential co-worker for any project
you have to face."
 Massimo Guidi,Computer Software and Internet Consultant,TheBug,worked with Maurizio at Pontificia
Universita'Lateranense as Consultant of Sourcesense IT S.r.l.
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