CTSA Tool Shop Webinar Series

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Dec 8, 2013 (4 years and 5 months ago)


CTSA Tool Shop Webinar Series
Brief Description
SPARC (Services, Pricing, & Application for Research Center) is a web-based
research management system that provides a one-stop-shop for researchers
and their study teams to browse services and submit service requests to
research service providers with a focus on proposal pricing, billing compliance
and, budget development. Upgrades in process include clinical trials tracking
and invoicing and return on investment metrics.
Publications for SPARC
Glenn, J., & Sampson, R. (2011). Developing an institution-wide web-based
research request and preliminary budget development system . Research
Management Review, 18(2), 39-58. Retrieved from
Tool Type Web-based Research Management System
Tool Benefit Time Saver, Increased Visibility, Enhanced Compliance, Fosters Streamlining
Tool web-link if available sparc-demo.musc.edu
CTSA Institution using SPARC Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)
Human resource needs
Initial Implementation HR needs:
Figures below assume a 4-month implementation plan
• 1/2 FTE Ruby Programmer to do any additional customizations needed for
new site (Additional skills needed in programmer are CouchDB, MySQL)
• 1 FTE Project Manager/Subject Matter Expert to communicate with service
providers, manage rollout, serve as a domain expert, provide ongoing training,
• 1/4 System Administrator with Linux/Unix, Tomcat Skills
Ongoing Support Needs:
• 1/8-1 FTE Ruby Programmer . 1/8 if only keeping system going. Anything
additional is for enhancements.
• 1/4 Project Manager/Subject Matter Expert
• 1/16 System Administrator with Linux/Unix, Tomcat Skills
Describe any special
equipment, implementation or
support requirements for the
tool to be used at other CTSA
Hardware Specifications:
Application server 4 vcpu, 8gb memory, and 40gb disk space
Database server 2 vcpu, 4gb memory, and 80gb disk space
Alfresco server 2 vcpu, 6gb memory, and 120 gb disk space
Software Specifications:
Tomcat, Mysql, Couchdb, Couchdb-lucene, Shibboleth, Apache, Ruby, Alfresco
CTSA Institution Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)
Contact Person Julia Lane Glenn; Royce Sampson
glennj@musc.edu; sampsonr@musc.edu
SPARC (Services, Pricing & Applications for Research Center)
Implementation and Cost Information
Contact Information