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How to set up Change Assistant for updates


How to Setup Change Assistant for Updates

How to Setup the EMF

What is EMF?

Change Assistant is actually only one piece of the Environment Management Framework (EMF).

EMF consists of one Environment

Management Hub (EMHUB), Environment Management Agent(s)
EMAgent, Change Assistant (CA) and Update Gateway.

What is the Environment Management Hub?

The EMHUB is a central repository of information. It stores the information gathered from the various
s of your PeopleSoft environment including installed products and information about all updates and
fixes that have already been applied to the system. This is where Change Assistant gets its information.

What is an Environment Management Agent?

An EMAgen
t is a process that crawls (scans the hard drive) for known PeopleSoft patterns for
manageable components. The EMAgent publishes management information to the EMHUB. The
EMAgent also sends a heartbeat (pulse) and checks for messages and nistructions from t

EMAgent(s) need to be run on all most all servers.

In PeopleSoft we talk of five servers: Application Server, Batch Server (Process Scheduler), Database
Server, File Server and Web Server. You may have these on separate computers; have them all o
n one
computer or another combination. You may also have multiple Application, Batch, File and Web servers.

Each computer that is used as a server, except for the database server, needs to have an EMAgent
running on it. If one computer is used as multiple
server roles (ie Application/Batch server) it only needs
one agent running on it regardless of how many PeopleSoft Environments are installed on it.

What is Change Assistant?

Change Assistant is a tool that enables you to assemble and organize the steps n
ecessary to apply
patches and fixes for your PeopleTools maintenance updates. Change Assistant also helps automate the
application of change packages to ensure your systems have the latest maintenance software.

What is the Update Gateway?

The Update Gatew
ay is a web interface to a wizard that allows you to select updates and fixes.

How Does It Work?

In order to perform reliable and accurate updates, Change Assistant works with the other components of
the Environment Management Framework to gather necessa
ry environment information and then uploads
it to the Update Gateway. With the environment data available,

the Update Gateway

can determine what
updates apply to your specific environment.

When you access the Update Gateway, you can obtain a list of all u
napplied updates for a given
application environment including all prerequisites. You can then download a set of change packages
associated with the update IDs and install the patches and fixes with minimal effort.

When upgrading software, Change Assistan
t can guide you through the entire application and
PeopleTools upgrade process. In many cases, where manual intervention is not needed, Change
Assistant will automate the upgrade process.

How do I Setup the EMF?

Change Assistant is actually the last compo
nent that you need to setup.

The first step is to identify your environments. EMF uses a 32 digit hexadecimal number to identify
environments. While this is adequate for computers, we would prefer a more descriptive way of identifying
our various environm

Log into your PeopleSoft environment through your web browser. Use the following navigation:

> Utilities
> Administration
> PeopleTools Options

There are 3 fields on this page that help identify your environment: Environment Long Name,

Environment Short Name and System Type. Fill these fields out with meaningful information that will help
you identify this environment from your other environments, then click on Save

The next step is to set up the EMHUB. You have probably already set t
his up whether you know it or not.
The EMHUB is installed when you installed PIA on your web server.

If you installed PIA in a single server configuration, the EMHUB is started whenever you start PIA. It also
is run on the same http port as your PIA. If fo
r example your PIA url is:

your huburl is

If you installed PIA in a multiple server configuration, the EMHUB has been installed but does not start
automatically when you start PIA and does not share the same http port. You would start the EMHUB the
same way you start PIA. PIA is
started with the command "startManagedWebLogic PIA" while the
EMHUB is start with

"startManagedWebLogic PSEMHUB". By default, prior to PeopleTools 8.49, the http
port for EMHUB is 8001. In 8.49 and above the default port is 8081.

Note: The 8.49 version of

PeopleBooks incorrectly states that the port is still 8001.

Make sure the hub is up and running before you start your EMAgents.

The next step is to set up the EMAgent(s). You have already configured them when you installed the
PeopleTools CDs. When you
installed the CDs you would have been presented with a dialogue box:

The Environment Hub machine name should have been your web server's machine name and the
Environment Hub port number should have been the http port number discussed previously.

If you l
eft this dialogue box at the defaults or put in incorrect values, you can correct them now. These
values are stored as the huburl in the file located in

All EMAgents should have the exact sam
e huburl.

While checking this file, you will also want to update either the windowsdrivestocrawl or unixdrivestocrawl
line. The windowsdrivestocrawl should be the local (non
mapped network drive) drive letter that contains
your PSHOME(s). The unixdrivestoc
rawl should point to the parent directory of your PSHOME(s).

The final step in the setup process is to set up Change Assistant.

To begin make sure that your system environment variable, PATH, has
bin as the first t
wo entries.

Change Assistant (PeopleTools release 8.46) can connect to the Update Gateway through authenticated
proxy server. To do this, open Change Assistant. Select Tools, Options, Web Services and enter the
relevant proxy server information:

Assistant Options, Web Services screen

If your proxy server does not require authentication, select Anonymous Proxy.

If you use a proxy server
that requires Windows domain authentication (for example, Microsoft ISA Server), select Microsoft Proxy
Server a
nd enter the Windows Domain name.

When you are uploading environments or downloading updates with Change Assistant, if proxy server
authentication is required, the system prompts you for the Proxy User Name and Proxy Password.

What ports must be open in
my firewall?

Change Assistant connects to the Update Gateway to upload information regarding your environment and
to download updates and change packages.

Your firewall must allow Change Assistant to communicate
to and update.peoplesoft
.com through the HTTP (80) and HTTPS (443)

Change Assistant does not require the FTP port to be opened on your firewall.

What Update Gateway username and password should I use?

Use the one you normally use to log in to Metalink3 or My Oracle Suppo

How do I configure the DrivesToCrawl and hubURL parameters in Change Assistant?

To configure the parameters:

1. Open Change Assistant. Select Tools, Options.

2. Select Change Assistant tab, click

Apply Application Update as the Change Assistant Mode.

3. Select the Environment Management tab.

4. Enter the Server Host. This is the name of your web server where the EMHUB is installed.

5. Enter the Server Port. This is the EMHUB port number discussed earlier.

6. Enter the DrivesToCrawl parameter in the Dr
ives To Crawl textbox. This path must include the path to
your SQL client applications. Be careful to use the forward slash ('/') character instead of the back slash
"). For multiple directories, use a '|' character as separator.


EMAGENT, javaw.exe



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