A Study Of Electromagnetic Fields

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Nov 16, 2013 (5 years and 9 months ago)


A Study Of Electromagnetic Fields

y Patty

we defined electromagnetic fields (EMF) and looked into some basic information
out what they are and how they a

the human body and brain. We learned that the possible
biological and psychological effects of E
MF might call in
to question

the observations of
in a structure and those
who come to investigate.

It has been noted that more w
omen than men claim to experience hauntings in homes and
offices. One common explanation is very sexist
women are just more “imaginative.” But what if
women are simply more susceptible to EMF fields? Or what if there is a cumulative effect and
women are m
ore often in the home and office than their male counterparts

and they, therefore,
absorb more EMF


in turn

makes them experience more

Obviously, there are more questions than answers in this field, but I believe that by identifying
the questions

a p
erson can at least begin
looking for

So whe
re do we go from here? T
hose little meters that

d so much for
were never designed
for ghost hunting. They were designed for service technicians to use to look f
or stray electrical
fields in wiring that

they could
correct. I can
not find any information about who first thought up
the idea of plugging them into ghost hunting, but they have become a staple.


we are told that low EMF readings are to

be ignored. (By low

I mean below
4mG.) We are also instructed that only EMF readings within the 4
8 mG range indicate the
presence of a spirit. But why? I think that conventional wisdom should be thrown away. There is
no evidence that paranormal activity
can occur only in the 4
8 mG range. Certainly

if you are
picking up a 2mG reading in an old cemetery in the woods

you should consider that significant.
f there are no power lines over
head a
nd no rational
explanation you can find,
start snapping


By the same token, if you are picking up a


mG reading in a cemetery and can find no
explanation, you should consider that significant. One example of strange readings that I have
always wondered about occurred at a very active site called the Je
an Bonnet Tavern

in Bedford,
. We began picking up readings varying between 10 and 20 mG.

We found no external source for this reading
, either in the room or
the ceiling of the room below.
The reading was obtained in a bedroom with very little electrical equipme
nt in it. The reading
was highest under the bed in that room. We even entertained the notion that there might be
wiring running under the area, but the owner informed us th
at he had just replaced a floor
in the spot where it was highest and there was

nothing but insulation in that spot.

We wrote
he reading

off because it was much too high

right? Now I am not so sure. Perhaps
we should have been taking photographs under that bed. The room was known to be haunted

and at one point
, a woman used
an EMF m
eter in that room to outline what a
peared to be a
human body that

had fallen onto the floor.

Let me e
xplain that last statement
. We had a couple come to the group

and the woman, Bobbi,
was learning how to use the EMF meter properly. She noticed tha
t it was spiking consistently in
what appeared to be a pattern. She convinced her husband, Lee, to l

down on the floor in the
middle of that EMF field. Then she would move a hand or foot or adjust his body to conform to
EMF spikes
. When she

was done, it looked like a man falling backward from the window.

She repeated this procedure several times through the night and got the exact same positions. (I

because I was a skeptic and took photographs to compare the positioning.)

So if there ar
e no minimum or maximum standards for EMF
what does that mean? I have b
thinking that

it means
we should be able to seed an area with EMF and possibly cause
phenomena to happen. There is some indication that it could work.

Dr. Urda wrote a ser
ies of articles
about rock ki

and he cited an example of an old pub in
in which

a small, slow current of electricity was fed into the rock walls of the sealed
building. The results included a sudden influx of the traditional haun
ting activity of the site.
(This included voices speaking in an ancient language and a clock striking the hour even though
it was broken and had not struck
for years.)

Now we can’t electrically charge the walls of every site we go to or feed curre
nt into the ground
of every cemetery just to see what surfaces

no pun intended. But we could possibly feed

directly into the air. We
have to determine if the electricity must be positive or negat
ions. If i
t is negative
, then possibly

something as simple as an electrical ion air filtering system
could be used. However, we
also have to determine if magnetics must also come into play in this
process. (Anyone interested in pursuing this research should contact me. I would love to con
a double blind set of experiments to see if this will work and how successful it could be.)

We have

all heard that
entities drain

batteries and I have certainly had some experience of that.

one site

we had the ghost of a teenage boy who commi
tted suicide ask us for “more batt

please.” This happened while an

investigator was complaining that her batteries were dead again.
(She had replaced them approximately 20 minutes earlier.)

We have all either experienced

or know someone who has exper

energy drains when
on sites. Some people will leave
and complain of feeling very tired,
like symptoms or
so physically exhausted that the
y will sleep fo
r hours
. Perhaps these people are being
drained of electromagnetic energy s
o that
entities can manifest.

My oldest son seems to have the ability to see and experience a haunting with great depth

much to his dismay. (He’s not into ghost hunting like his mother is.) He has experienced such
drains on several sites, but it becam
e most prominent at a place called the Hurry Sundown
, when

after a few hours of wandering the site
, h
e slept nearly nonstop for 24 hours
. He complained of
fatigue for days

and we noticed a sever

drop in his electrical energy. (Hi

ability to produce
static el

had been reduced.)


an extraordinary theory
. What if we should consider a drop in EMF readings a
s an
indicator of activity, too?

We know that something lowers
the temperature si
gnificantly at

a site
prior to a visual

sighting. Tradit
ion is filled with such stories:

“I suddenly felt very cold

and then
I looked up. The man was standing in the doorway looking at me

and I could see through him,”
is a classic line.

We have all hea
rd those stories. I believe

this indic
ates that
entity has pulled
(heat) ener
gy from the at
to manifest. What if

is also tapping i
nto the EMF of an a
to manifest?

Dr. Barry Taff reported
an extraordinary haunting in his book,

The Entity,

and he noted that
activity in the house increased
, his Geiger c
ounter would go from normal readings to none
at all. He theorized that the entity was using the natu
ral en
ergy of the house
to manifest.

The purpose this article is not to off
er solid information, but rather to make the reader question
everything. We are still in the dark ages in this research

and so no observation, no theory, no
is impossibl
e. We must note every
then look for patterns. We must not fall
the same stale patterns that plague conventional science.

The literature of research is littered with stories of researchers who were ridiculed and driven
from their work by the scientific establishment
Only later
, usually after the researchers

did their

“crackpot” theories become accepted science.

I am not speaking out against science

because every field has those who hold
to old ideas as if
they are gospel. Did we not onc
e ridicule those who believed the earth was round, or who said
we’d walk on the moon, or that people coul
d talk through the miles by
use of electrical currents
on little wires?

If man was meant to fly,
God would have given h
im wings

was once
nal wisdom, too.

I am hoping
people will open doors and expand their borders of research. I believe that it is not
only possible

but probable

that in the future

a device could be designed that would feed energy
into the air of a haunted site s
o that an

ty can manifest if it chooses
. However, we will never
take the element of human will out of the manifestation process. Simply think, consider, dream
and question everything on each investigation. Questions abound in this field.

I have alw
ays questioned what orbs are. Perhaps they are simply flashes of EMF captured on

and if so, does that mean that th
ey are not ghosts? Who knows?

If you have questions or comment

please send them in. I am hoping to spark a debate with this
article th
at will help us all to understand this field better.