With An SEO Press Release, First 250 Words The Charm

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Nov 18, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


With An SEO Press Release, First 250 Words The Charm

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An SEO Press Release is essential for
achieving high rankings. With over 2,000 press
releases submitted daily, it is important for your company’s submission to stand out in

crowd. In fact, the first 250 words in an SEO Press Release can prove to be the
success or failure of the entire document.

In a Press Release, crafting your company’s message is just as important as Search
Engine Optimization techniques. Weaving SEO and
good Press Release writing skills

not only high rankings in the search engines but also that your article will
be read and found worthy. Incorporate
these writing tips to help improve the quality of
your SEO Press Release:

Don’t forget your

first audience: While press releases are ultimately a form
of marketing, press releases are first and foremost written for journalists
and editors. Journalists use press releases to help them find news worthy
items to write about. Remember the basic 4 W
’s of news writing who,
what, where,

Inverted pyramid method is best: In addition to the 4 W’s, make sure you
incorporate the basic journalistic format of the inverted pyramid. What this
means is that you want to make the document top heavy, wi
th the most
important information in the first paragraph of the SEO Press Release,
then use the following paragraphs to support the first paragraph.

First line should say it all:
The first line of your press release should
summarize the entire document. T
hen the next two sentences should
explain the first in greater detail
. This will grab your reader’s attention and
hold it


SEO Press Release will incorporate important Search Engine
Optimization strategies with these key journalistic writing

elements. The main strategy
that takes years to perfect is keyword optimization. Finding essential keywords to use
in a Press Release and using them correctly is what will help you gain search engine
ranking. The main keyword has to be in the title, bu
t the title also needs to make sense
and grab the reader’s attention. Then the keyword needs to be sprinkled lovingly
throughout the text with a dash or two of related keywords thrown in. This needs to be
done smoothly and still be not only informative b
ut newsworthy.

You need to include hotlinks, anchor text and bold the critical related words in the text.
Related links are also beneficial when included in the press release. These techniques
should all be applied within the first 250 words in order to

maximize the optimization.
For although a press release can be up to three pages long, most readers will only read
the first 250 before their attention starts to fade.

Effective SEO Press Release techniques combine press release writing elements and

strategies. Using journalistic format, effective keyword techniques and optimizing
the first 250 words will help make your press release
loved by journalists, readers and
search engines alike. These techniques are very difficult to learn and take time to
perfect so be patient and keep writing in order to see results.