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Nov 18, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Brendan Cleere


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the promoting of brands using the Internet, mobile and other
interactive channels.

It includes banner advertising, search engine optimization, pay per click,
email, fax, blogging, podcasting,

video streams, and instant messaging. Although the internet
plays a major role it must not be confused with internet marketing. Digital marketing is a
strategy of its own which combines push and pull marketing campaigns.


some advantages
to digital marketing:


ith the current economic climate

spend on marketing has become
tight and managers want results from their spend. With traditional marketing brand awareness
was very difficult to measure. Digital marketing lets one see ex
actly how many clicks an
advertisement has received and gives managers exact figures.


with digital marketing one can view the response to a campaign or
message and tweak it to get the desires response. This cannot be done with traditional
ting, at least not with out a lot of expenditure.

Reaches to target

digital marketing is precise when reaching its target market.
This is
very economical as you are only using your spend to target the desired audience.


Unlike television and pri
nt advertising digital marketing is permanently
there if required. The address is online and can be typed or searched at any time.


If one can create positive experiences social networks and sites allow
communities to interact and spread the good w

Let’s face it times are difficult, but
digital marketing continues to demonstrate impressive


as some other media channels are gasping there last. Agencies with broader skill
bases and innovative ideas are prospering and are doing well. Now we
’ve all got over the
Global Credit Crunch Crisis Shock and we’re faced with ‘budget squeezing’, ‘spend freezing’
and ‘funding hickups’. But hang on; it’s not a total economic disaster for agencies. Integrated
and digital agencies remain upbeat and some are

doing well. Digital remains a growth area,
and is propping up the market. According to the IAB online advertising spend,
has increased
22% year
year to reach £1.7 billion in the first half of 2008
.” (Brightenup, 2008)

The following are some of the most

popular types of digital marketing used today:

Banner Advertising

A banner is an electronic billboard. As you surf your way through the
Internet, banners are everywhere. Banner advertisement is one of the most commonly used
forms of advertising on the

mail Advertisement

Email is emerging as a cost effective marketing channel with a better
and quicker response rate than other advertisement channels. Marketers develop or purchase
a list of email addresses, use them as a customer database, a
nd then send advertisements to
customers via email. The most common usage is to send advertisement material to potential

URL Advertising

the major advantage of using URL advertising is that it is free. Any
company can submit its URL to a search
engine to be listed.

Viral Marketing

refers to word of mouth marketing that has been used for generations, but
whose speed and reach are multiplied many fold by the Internet. It is one of the new models
being used to build brand awareness at a minimal

cost. It has long been a

strategy of
online advertisers pushing youth oriented products. By releasing a few thousand copies,
vendors can reach many more thousands.

Search Engine Optimization

Internet search engines such as Google and Yahoo
order the
results of a users search according to complex proprietary formulas, and the position of the
link to a companies website on a search results page is outsi
de the control of the company.


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